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Vertigo Ho-Ho

Porn Valley- Sascha wasn’t dipping into the egg nog, but that didn’t stop Vertigo from shooting its version of a Christmas porno at Remmet Studios on Thursday.

Sascha owns the studio and every day, according to his bar tab, is a holiday. In fact Finch, the PM, was musing about how Sascha pulled a German version of a cock block on him this week at Porn Star Karaoke.

Finch was making some fancy moves on a couple of liquor company models when Sascha tells the women he and Finch are gay lovers. The women give Finch the hairy eyeball and walk away. Sascha obviously thinks this is funny but director Michael Adam has to agree that Sascha and Finch make a very cute couple. Almost as much as gonorrhea and Lexi Love who had been scheduled to be in this Christmas movie. Adam then politely asks Finch if he’s getting his butt crack hair lasered for Sascha’s benefit.

Other than that, testosterone was running over the brim of the Christmas carafe at Remmet. Lee Stone just ripped through Alicia Angel in their scene as Stone generally does, blending hardcore sex with Jiu Jitsu.

“What do you want for Christmas?” Stone as Santa Claus asks her.

“A nice hard cock,” Angel answers

“You’ll shoot your eye out,” Stone replies in a classic line borrowed from A Christmas Story. Unfortunately the exchange never makes it in the actual shoot.

And then there’s Jessi Summers, who’s working with Alex Sanders. Summers gives every reason to believe that she could be a Best New Starlet next year. Of course a lot can happen between now and then. A lot can happen between now and tomorrow as Tom Zupko learned. Zupko wrapped up his Hustler movie at the studio on Monday. Tuesday he was being rushed to the hospital by Nicki Hunter for a suspected heart attack. It wasn’t, fortunately, and Zupko’s recuperating.

For her part, Angel is looking very slim and trim. Finch, in a BTS moment, asks if she works out all the time. Angel says, yeah, if working out means getting fucked in the ass. When a scene calls for anals or a d.p., Angel generally gets the nod. She’s currently repped by Gold Star because Angel and L.A. Direct had a falling out. L.A. Direct’s got this thing. Like in the case of Anthony Hardwood. Hardwood was showing up late for shoots and L.A. Direct dropped him from the roster.

In Angel’s situation, she had a particular week where she did four d.p.’s and an anal. Her ass was hurting and her sphincter wanted some quality time. Apparently the agency didn’t see it the same way Angel did.

The story is told that when Angel first got into the business about four months ago L.A. Direct said her teeth were too crooked and that she was fat. Angel lost weight, got her teeth fixed and was in business from that moment. Jessie Summers, who has a beautiful smile as well, is also a persuasive argument why it’s important to keep all your teeth. With a flawless body to match, Summers, her hair in a French twist, is so pretty it hurts. And she’s gleaming while Adam explains what he wants her doing.

“This is serious,” Adam is telling her. Then again how serious can it be when her partner Sanders is wearing elf shoes and yellow tights. But Sanders could give a shit. He’s breaking his two-week anal draught Friday. Sanders has seen no sphincter for a fortnight. I ask him who he’s working with. Sanders says who cares at this point. It’s ass.

Adam warns Summers to stop laughing. Summers tells him to stop making her laugh.

“No giggles or I go over your place and step on your cat,” he tells her.

The woman does have a marvelous body, I’m thinking to myself.

“She’s so nice to look at,” Finch mutters.


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