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Vickey Vette Interviewed

Porn Valley- Jason Sechrest,, had Vicky Vette as a guest on his KSEX show last Friday night. Vette said she had just shot a scene for Seymore Butts. “I did an awesome anal scene.” Pressed for details, Vette said it was with Kurt Lockwood. Jason wanted to hear more. “You know the big Kurt Lockwood scandal.” Vette said she had been hearing bits and pieces. It was then that Jason reported how Tyler Faith went on her KSEX show about how she used to fuck Lockwood up the ass. Vette was of the opinion that what people do in their private lives is their own business. “Who cares?” Vette then said Lockwood had the “cutest ass”. Jason agreed saying that Lockwood has the most gorgeous ass in the world.

“If you ever saw his little butt hole up close you would just drool,” said Vette. “It’s so pink and perfect. I had the pleasure of kissing it.” Jason wanted to know how it tasted. “Sweet as honey,” was Vette’s reply. Asked if she would strap one on and fuck Lockwood up the ass, Vette said she asked him. “He said you’d have to pay me. I said how much.” Vette clarified to say that she asked the question relative to her cam show. Jason proposed a deal where they’d go share-sies to get Lockwood ass footage for both their sites.

Jason noted the length of Vette’s fingernails and made comment about it. Vette said that was one of Lockwood’s concerns. Asked if she got fucked hard in the ass by Lockwood, Vette said very hard. “Did he put his hands around your throat?” Jason also asked, noting that he was taught at a young age how to have anal sex properly.

It was also noted that Vette’s going to embark on feature dancing. “I’ve already committed myself,” she said. Jason noted that Vette got some kind of deal that includes publicity, learning how to feature dance; bookings which would include in-store appearances and having her house cleaned. “I can’t believe it,” said Sechrest. “And she’s doing it for less that what I’m charging. Go. It’s all yours. Take her.”

The subject shifted to drinking with Sechrest noting that Vette has been sober for a number of years. Vette said she’s been sober longer than she drank. “Because you woke up in a pool of vomit one day and said I’m getting sober,” Sechrest commented. Vette told him he had an elegant way of putting it. “There was some story you had that was bad and you needed to get help,” he said. Vette said she was drunk four days. “It was St. Patrick’s Day,” she recalled. “Of course I hadn’t eaten and I went out and stayed drunk for four days. My poor first husband had the police out looking for me, my parents, etc.” Jason couldn’t imagine being drunk for that length of time and Vette said it was common for her. On this occasion, Vette said she woke up drunk in some strange part of town not knowing where she was and realized she had to do something. Vette then assumed 18 years of sobriety and became a porn star.

Asked if she watched gay porn, Vette said she does and thinks that it’s hot. “But I don’t follow it closely enough.” Vette said some guys Jason introduced her to were nice. “You’re little friend Angel [Benton] is adorable.” Sechrest explained that Angel is known for being a Britney Spears impersonator. “You wouldn’t know he was 30 years old,” Vette laughed. According to Sechrest, Angel was still a virgin. “A sad situation and it’s getting more absurd.” Sechrest said he couldn’t imagine having sex with him because he even talked like Britney Spears.

Vette also mentioned that she would be at Erotica L.A., at the Pure Play booth then appear on the Dr. Susan Block show a week after that. Vette was also talking about a Night Calls stint that she did, observing that 80% of the listeners were truckers. Jason said he discovered that as well. “But all of the truckers were gay-friendly. That was very odd.” Not that he has anything against truckers, Jason said his ultimate man would be someone like Mr. Marcus. “That’s more of my style. Can you imagine Mr. Marcus driving a truck?”

It was also noted that Vette just launched a website, Vette explained the idea is hot 30 and 40 year-old women having their way with unsuspecting young men. “Like 18 and up.” Jason says he’s tried someone under that age. Jason noticed that Austyn Kincaid’s husband, Nick, was on the site. Vette’s official website, is devoted to killer cam shows, she stated. Jason heard that Vette’s was the number one most watched of cam shows on the Camz Network. Asked how she got to that point, Vette said she has fun. “It’s very spontaneous.” On his own site, Jason said he had four hours of video and 354 photos of Vette. “That’s a lot of content on you. I’ve really milked the Vicky Vette connection.”

Mention was also made of Nicole Sheridan and Voodoo, with Vette saying she had been at their house the day before. Jason heard they had the house built from the ground up. “They saved every fucking penny they’ve earned from the second they got in the industry.” Jason said Nicole Sheridan has a lot of oral gangbang parties and that he once asked Franco Del Toro [Voodoo’s brother] would he ever do a scene with Nicole and Voodoo.

According to Jason, Sheridan has stated that she’d never do one that she’d feel weird about it. For the future, Vette said she was going to shoot both Nina Hartley and Tyler Knight. “They’re both totally crazy about each other.” Sechrest said Hartley is a gay man in a woman’s body. “When I saw her last she was singing number from Liza Minnelli show tunes. She’s so gay. There’s few gay men out there that are as gay as Nina Hartley.”


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