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Video Team Contract Girl Daisy Dating Owner of L.A. Lakers

Johnny Buss, general manager, of the L.A. Sparks was a guest on The Wanker Show Wednesday night. It was revealed that his father, Dr. Jerry Buss who owns the L.A. Lakers, is now dating Daisy, the contract girl from Video Team and former KSEX show host.

“I think he’s having a wonderful time,” Buss said of his father. Wankus asked if Daisy knew she was one of 26 and Buss wondered aloud how many of the 26 knew about her. Buss went on to describe Daisy as a very pleasant young woman, but Buss wouldn’t speculate on rumors that Daisy might be leaving the business. “I don’t know what her intentions are.” Buss was also quick to point out that Daisy isn’t the first porn girl his father has dated and that he has more fun going into his dad’s suite at the Staples Center than a party at Hefner’s. “It’s a lot more fun to watch the juggling.” Buss, however, said his father’s a very serious owner who knows his basketball.

On other subjects related to nothing in particular, Wankus asked about the Magic Johnson gay rumors. Buss said he knew nothing of it. “He did party a lot.” It was also mutually conceded that Magic fucked a lot, but Buss said he had never heard stories as to whether Johnson dribbled on the visitors end of the court.

“I never heard that until some of the crazy rumors came out after his [HIV] announcement.” Michelle Raven wanted to know if A.C. Green who played for the L.A. Lakers was really a virgin as he advertised. Buss said the only story he knew about Green is that Green, he and Wankus had apparently shared the same girl friend, Brandy and that Brandy often said she and Green never fooled around. “If Brandy couldn’t break him down, no one could,” Wankus said. “That’s how Johnny and I met. I was inside his girlfriend at the time.”

Another rumor was probed whether Shaq is hung or not. Buss said he’s never seen Shaq out of a towel to confirm or deny. Kylie Ireland was in the chat room and Wankus brought up the fact that Ireland once had sex with Michael Jordan. Buss said that didn’t surprise him having traveled around with the NBA and NHL. “Whatever sport is out there that everybody knows, I’ve traveled with it,” Buss said, indicating that there’s no question that some “very exciting” things go on. Buss said such activity was pretty much kept under wraps 10 or 20 years ago. “Now people are much more open about groupies being groupies and athletes being athletes on the road. Now you line up at the locker room door and, okay, you, you. you. Pick from the lineup.” Buss mentioned that the same thing prevails among women athletes who have their groupies. “It’s wonderful. I think it’s great.” But Buss was also quick to point out that there are married people who are very good on the road that don’t fool around. “Sometimes they get tarnished by that.”

Although Taylor Faith didn’t mention the Buffalo Bills’ Lawyer Milloy by name last week on his show, Wankus said it was fairly obvious from the bread crumbs she was leaving to the gingerbread house, that Faith had been fooling around with Milloy. Wankus also noted that the offensive line of the Denver Broncos including Jake Plummer were at Ginger Lynn’ party last week. “They were hugging her naked body and throwing dollars in the crowd.”

Asked if he’d have been pissed with the Sparks partying to 3 am with a big game on the line, Buss said yeas and no. “We’ve had our times,” he said. “You have to give and take. Sports is that kind of thing. If you don’t party, you don’t feel good about what you’re doing. You’re working too hard.” Buss remembered a time the Lakers were up all night gambling in Las Vegas because Los Angeles had been closed down due to the riots. “I know because I was up all night with them.” Buss said they had to play a game the next night which they lost.

Wankus said he’s got a friend who works at the Century Club who attests to the fact that bartenders make the drinks extra strong for visiting athletes- Charles Barkley in particular- with Barkley having an air ball game one night in particular as a result. Buss was quick to concede that something like that might happen. “If you’re not smart enough to understand that someone’s trying to get you drunk or somebody’s trying to keep you up late…”

Wankus asked about the WNBA. Buss said there was a player on another team he had an eye on but got frightened as the relationship progressed, sensing that there might be a conflict of interest. “I love working with women, It’s great to be around them.” Buss didn’t want to venture a guess on the percentage of lesbians in the league. “It’s not fair to guess in the first place. They’re there. It’s wonderful. It’s the most well-rounded, open situation. You can travel in the NBA, and whether there’s gay men or not in the NBA, you’ll never know.” Buss said gay sexuality is more accepted in the WNBA, though not totally.

Wankus brought up the drama involving one of the former Sparks players. “She allegedly raped and attacked someone.”

From the Gene files 8/13/2003: Former WNBA player Latasha Byears, who helped the Los Angeles Sparks to two league championships, is under investigation for allegedly sexually assaulting a former teammate.

Byears and three men who have no connection to the Sparks allegedly raped the victim at a party following a June 5 game against the Sacramento Monarchs at Staples Center.

There’s an investigation involving several male and female basketball players. Sheriff’s Deputy David Cervantes would only say a report was taken in the case.

The Sparks waived Byears on June 10, five days after the alleged incident. She did not play in a June 7 game against the Monarchs in Sacramento because she was dealing with a personal matter, team officials said at the time.

Sparks spokeswoman Kristal Shipp said the team has been contacted by authorities and is co-operating.

Byears, 30, was traded by Sacramento to the Sparks in 2000. She spent four years with the Monarchs but had troubles on and off the court.

She pleaded no contest to reckless driving in 2002 and was suspended for one game. Later that year she was suspended for two games after throwing a ball at Michelle Marciniak’s face during a game against the Seattle Storm.

Byears is no longer playing in the WNBA but ranks eighth all-time in field goal percentage (.514) and is among the top 10 rebounders in league history. She averaged 5.6 points and 4.2 rebounds this season.”

Regarding the Byears case, Buss said the Sparks aren’t exactly sure what happened. “There was situation investigated by the LAPD and we’re just waiting word whether it’s something we need to be concerned about or not.” Wankus said he had heard that Byears had slipped the other woman a date-rape drug at a party.


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