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Vince Vouyer Interviewed-final

Porn Valley- With Cytherea and Plus One attending to the fact that one of their dogs was seriously injured in a freak mishap, Harry Weiss had the KSEX couches all to himself Thursday night. But Weiss made ample opportunity of the occasion with two solid interviews that included one with Cassie Courtland earlier in the 5 o’clock hour; and in the second hour of broadcasting, Vince Vouyer.

In announcing Vouyer, Weiss noted that the director and company owner was making a very rare appearance.

“This guy isn’t known for doing a lot of interviews,” said Weiss. “I don’t think he’s ever been to KSEX.”

Because of that, Weiss mentioned the fact that Vouyer got lost on his way over to the station in Burbank.

“This guy is one of the most prolific porn industry talent/directors/producers- he’s got his own company that just launched but you don’t get to see him in this kind of atmosphere, Weiss went on to say.

Weiss noted that although Courtland doesn’t do anal, she has one of the finest asses in the business. Vouyer, who’d be getting a handjob from Courtland later in the show instantly agreed.

“I’m getting a rise in my Levis,” Vouyer said, checking out Courtland. Later on, Weiss urged Vouyer to unzip so Courtland could do a foreskin check.

“Vince knows ass,” said Weiss beforehand, urging Courtland to take her pants off. Vouyer, apparently meeting Courtland for the first time, wondered why she’s never been on one of his sets. Vouyer mentioned that he’s been in the business going on 15 years. But Vouyer was also inclined to say that he hardly performs any more except for maybe some POV projects.

“But as far as getting in front of the camera with somebody, no,” he said. Weiss noted that Vouyer used to do a lot of features.

“I did a lot of things when I was just Vince the actor back in the day,” agreed Vouyer who started in the business in 1994.

“I did straight acting/performing for seven years,” Vouyer smiled. “I’m acting like I’m having sex with a lot of girls- that’s what I did for seven years. Then I started venturing over into directing for certain companies. I kept doing that for awhile and started liking that a lot more. I turned into the business guy that I am today. Then I stepped into the producing arena and owning product arena. And now I’ve just opened my own manufacturing/distribution house. That’s called Vouyer Media.”

In that venture, Vouyer has teamed up with Steve Orenstein, the owner of Wicked Pictures.

Vouyer asked Courtland if she’s ever been on a Wicked set and Courtland said the last time she was on KSEX, she came from a Michael Raven set. As a performe,r Weiss remembered Vince getting into a little trouble overseas.

“Oh yeah- back in ’98 I was on my first trip to Budapest,” Vouyer remembered. Weiss thought Vince was maybe one of the first of American male talent going over there.

“Not really,” said Vince who went over at the time with Anabolic Video.

“I went out one night and got into a scuffle with a few lads,” Vouyer continued. Weiss pointed out that while Vince may not be the biggest or tallest guy, experience will show that you don’t necessarily have to be the biggest dog in the fight.

“You just have to have the most fight in you.”

Vouyer explained that he and a friend were out partying it up the first night they were in Budapest.

“We went to a few clubs and got a little buzz going,” he continued. “It was actually a very eventful night now that I’m thinking about it.” According to Vouyer, there was an incident before the main incident in a bar.

“I was talking to a few girls who speak really good English- the next thing you know, I was standing next to the bar and there was a guy who also spoke and he started telling the girls in English to stay away from me and I was no good for them. I heard him. I grabbed him by the shirt and threw him against the wall. Dude, what the fuck are you doing. Then the bouncers came and kind of broke that up. So I was already a little hot from what happened there for no apparent reason.”

Vouyer and his friend then went to another club.

“We partied all night,” he continued. “Had a blast, left, walking down the street- come around the corner, some dude jumps out and started to mug me. I imagine he was trying to mug me for no other reason, he just came out of nowhere. He swung at me. I ducked out of it and he just took off. I went and chased him. I jumped on him and started wailing on his face. Next thing, he pulled a knife out. My friend saw the knife before I did. He pushed me off of him to get away from being stabbed. Then he [Vouyer’s friend] went and kicked him in the face while he was still on the ground. “Then we both backed off and the guy was all staggered, but he pulled the knife. So we just said let’s get the hell out of here. We took off. Next thing you know we’re being chased by a car- him and two buddies. So we got cornered and they got me pretty good. I ran two blocks. I was out of breath. I was winded, I was already fighting. And I just jumped on the ground with my leather jacket in front of me in a fetal position. Luckily I did because they stabbed me in the back, not in the front.”

Vouyer said he was stabbed four times in the back and the next thing he knew, he woke up on a stretcher. Meanwhile Vouyer’s friend got stabbed twice.

“Shit happens,” said Weiss. “But, fortunately, chicks dig scars.”

“Now I’m not afraid of knives,” Vouyer agreed then asked Courtland if scars turn her on.

“Sure,” she said.

Regarding Vouyer Media, Vince said the company was up and running.

“Last week we did a review for make Me Creamy,” said Weiss under the impression it was the first release.

“It’s the second one,” Vouyer corrected him, thus ending the debate.

“Gauntlet was the first one.”

Weiss said he loved Vouyer’s packaging, meaning the DVD. But the point he was also making was that the shrink wrap was intact.

“I do not watch the movie,” said Weiss who specializes in reviews sight unseen. But as far as the packaging’s concerned, Vouyer also said he was on a mission to make a much better DVD case. I think they can all be improved.” Vouyer also noted that he was shooting in Hi-Def 16/9. Maya is one of the girls in the feature, and Weiss said he had seen her in action.

“She’s very new- but she’s a good little fuck slut,” Weiss pointed out.

“A very pretty face,” added Vouyer. “And very enthusiastic,” Weiss added to that. Vouyer was also of the opinion that Chelsea Rae who’s also in the movie is very underrated.

“I haven’t seen too much talk about her or hype about her,” he said. “But that girl’s got everything.” Asked about Nalli, Vouyer said she barely made it through the movie. Vouyer explained the somewhat involved concept of The Gauntlet.

“It’s based on- starring three girls- and the events of the day as they unfold, they may come across another girl in a scene. Basically The Gauntlet is they’re walking through a house with a lot of different rooms. There’s sexual acts going on in each of the rooms. They walk in- they participate. It could be anything. It could be a girl-girl scene; it could be five guys sitting there jerking off. They have no clue until they walk in and do it. It’s pretty interesting. Some girls are great at it. Some girls walk in and handle the whole thing. That girl Nalli you just mentioned? She swallowed seven loads in about a two hour time frame.”

According to Vouyer, Nalli did about four different acts in one day.

“But they don’t know what acts they’re going to do?” Weiss asked.

“Correct,” answered Vouyer.

“I have to know what they’re willing to do so I don’t put them in a spot where they’re not going to want to do it,” Vouyer continued. “I’ve got to know their extremes that they’re willing to try. She [Courtland] said she’s only been with two guys. So when she walks The Gauntlet in #2, which I’m sure she’ll be in, then maybe there will be five guys waiting behind door number one for her.”

“What am I going to do?” asked Courtland coyly.

“Suck all their dicks,” Vouyer suggested.

“So the farther she goes [along The Gauntlet] the more money she’s going to make?” Weiss asked.

“It’s not really set up that way,” Vouyer replied. “It’s set up as what are you willing to do?”

Weiss laughed, explaining that he was trying to make a game show out of it.

Vouyer said he only had so much planned for each girl but he hasn’t had one stop, as yet, saying she couldn’t go any further.

“Which means I need to add more people,” he said. “Somebody’s going to break one of these days.”

Weiss was developing concepts on the spot for him, but Vouyer said he didn’t want to give too much away about Volume 2.

Reading the cover, Weiss said there’s 20 loads swallowed in the movie.

“Among three girls,” Vouyer noted.

“Take me to The Gauntlet now, please!” wailed Courtland.

Including cum swapping, interracial, cream pies, anals and d.p.s, Vouyer said he’s got a bit of everything in there. Weiss was curious if there were any surprise interracial with the lights out. Vouyer said people walk in the room without that surprise.

“They can say no and turn around- there’s a chicken-out button,” Vouyer laughed. “It was a fun movie to make.”

Based on the fact there were new girls, proven guys in the cast and the fact that Vouyer directed it, Weiss was inclined to give the movie a 4 without having seen it.

“Make Me Cream was a solid 4- no question,” declared Weiss. “But if Vince directed it and he’s paying out of his pocket, he’s definitely getting his money’s worth. I’ll give it a solid 4.”


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