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Vivid Contract Girl Mercedez

Vivid contract girl Mercedez, a Miss Nude Universe, was on the Sports Swami show Friday afternoon. Swami asked if she was going to defend her title this year. Mercedez said she was done with competition and that the 2004 competition was held last week and won by Leslie Wells.
Asked how much her life has changed since she signed with Vivid, Mercedez said a lot. “It took on a whole life of itself. I have more p.r. things; more interviews. It’s kind of like going into mainstream acting. It’s nothing like I was doing before.” Mercedez said her fan base has really grown and that Driving Mercedez Wild is the best feature she’s shot so far. Swami wanted to know if there was pressure being a Vivid girl.

“Vivid will love you as long as you show up,” she laughed, “which seems to be a hard thing for Vivid girls which is to show up and be on time. As long as you do those two things they’ll sign you forever.” Mercedez notes that most girls in the past have been flaky. “As long as you go in and do your job, they’re happy with you. They do push you to do a lot of mainstream stuff- a lot of interviews and putting yourself out there. If you have the time for that, it’s great.”

Swami said he’s heard rumors that Mercedez was stuck up, arrogant and conceited. Mercedez doesn’t recall hearing those things being said of her. “I have a Yahoo fan baser that’s like over 2,000 people in three months. None of the people I’ve met have ever said I’m stuck up or snobby. I will go to a club and sit down with customers and have a drink and a conversation. I’ll never hide anything. If you ask me something I’ll tell you the truth about it. I’m not straightforward in a rude way, but I’m not fake. It’s very real. I’ve never changed from the day I started house dancing to this point.”

Vivid acknowledged that Vivid girls do have a bad reputation for being stuck up and aloof and has noticed on the chat boards that a lot of guys like to bash Vivid girls. The exceptions, she feels, include herself, Sunrise Adams and Savannah Sampson. “I think we’re more friendlier than the old Vivid girls. Jenna is very, very friendly. I see her hang out on sets with crew people. I think it’s different now. I think Vivid girls are kind of changing.”

Swami rang up some of Mercedez’ naked body titles including, Miss Nude North America and Miss Nude International Masters. “You’ve basically won almost every award there is in exotic dancing,” he pointed out. Mercedez explained that she was a feature entertainer and goes to strip clubs around the U.S. “I have someone who books me out there. I go out there and do shows. About a year ago I decided to start doing nude pageants. It consists of putting a show together, and the audience gets to judge. I think with the exception of one, I won them all. The one I didn’t win was like a Miss Texas.”

Mercedez said she’s won all the big titles including Miss Nude Universe, the Golden G-String, Miss Nude International, The Masters and Miss Nude North America. “And at the end of the year they gave me The Entertainer of the Year Award.” By that token, Mercedez considers herself a feature first, porn star second. “Featuring comes for me first. That’s what I love doing.” Swami wanted to know the difference between that and fitness modeling. Mercedez said fitness was a goal for her and that she was one of those people who’d pick up a magazine and complain that certain girls didn’t have muscle definition.

Someone told her that if he’s going to have that attitude she needs to do it herself. She got a trainer and hit it hard for about a year. “I sent my photos in and did four layouts and one cover. To get a cover of one of those magazines is very hard.” Swami asked about commercial endorsements, particularly shoes. Mercedez said she, Sunrise Adams and Jenna Jameson shared a billboard featuring such an ad on Sunset Blvd. but there were complaints that porn stars were selling to children. “That wasn’t it at all; but if they have any events we show up and wear our gear. It was really cool.”

Mercedez also said she’s part of a reality show that’s being shot to be aired first in Europe. “Then they’re either going to sell it to Fox or HBO. I think Showtime made a bid for it, but it’s going to be a real cool show following the Vivid girls around. You’ll get to see more of our lives and the way we are. I think once that show gets on TV and people start recognizing us on a first name basis, it’ll be great.” Mercedez also did a taping for the show Skin. “The one that I’m on comes on November 3rd. I’m really excited by that because it’s very, very mainstream.”

Asked if it was all worth it, Mercedez answered, “Right now Vivid girls are sort of on the line of mainstream stars. We get recognized sometimes as much as they do. It’s great to have that kind of constant, something going on either interviews, where everybody wants to interview you, or take your photo. It’s nice. It’s a great feeling. I don’t feel like I’m doing anything bad or wrong, so, yes, it’s definitely worth it.”

Mercedez said her family doesn’t want to know about it, but it’s not in their face, either. “When I grew up I didn’t even know what a strip club was until I was 18. And I didn’t know what porn was until someone brought one and showed it to me. Growing up I didn’t know what any of the stuff was. I don’t even think they have a porn shop where I’m from, Corpus Christi, Texas. It’s a very religious little city. As long as they don’t know about it, I don’t talk about it and they’re fine with it. As long as they know I’m safe and that I take care of myself, they’re very accepting.”

Mercedez explained her nationality in that her dad’s side is Mexican and old Aztec Indian. Her mom’s side is half-Mexican and half-Spanish. “If anybody asks me what I am, I just say Mexican.”



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