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Vivid Girl Lacie Hart on KSEX

Porn Valley- Lacie Hart was on KSEX’s The Wanker Show Wednesday night and Wankus couldn’t get over how cute she is.

“And you’re in this business- what’s wrong with you?” Hart laughed at that saying she was still trying to figure that out herself. Hart, who will be appearing at Rouge Thursday, Friday and Saturday, is with LA Direct models. She was asked if she just started to feature dance. Hart’s been doing it for awhile.

“My first feature dance was a foursome dance at Rouge,” added Hart who noted that this time out at Rouge she’s doing a single-girl feature.

“I came from dancing,” explained Hart who got her start at Brick Major’s club Exposed in Canoga Park. Hart then met someone who was being repped by Derek at LA Direct.

“He [Jack Venice] was a security guard at Exposed,” said Hart. “He asked me if I ever thought about porn and I told him to fuck off.” But within two weeks Hart went to see Derek and described him as the scariest person she ever met.

“I actually wanted to cry when I left his office,” Hart stated. Wankus said you couldn’t call it a small dick complex because Derek definitely has the pipe.

“He wasn’t even mean,” said Hart. “I was, fuck, you are so scary.” Wankus told her he was lucky to have met Derek first and not some “Steve Seidman-type.”

“Some big fat- come here- aaaaaaaaaaaaagh, suck my dick, I’ll get you work. Derek doesn’t do that shit.” Hart said she was in the I don’t want to do this or do that mode, but Derek was very understanding. According to Hart, she didn’t want to do anal or facials or anything.

“He finally convinced me to do some stuff,” she said, noting that now she does anal for Vivid. Hart signed her Vivid contract the end of January and is available through LA Direct for still photos and softcore.

Asked what got her to change her mind, Hart said that was the only way to shut up Derek because he was getting annoying.

“I was fine, fuck you, leave me alone.” Before she got into the business, Hart would have sex with boy friends but never outside that parameter. Wankus suspected she might have had a one night stand here or there. Asked if she had a steady boyfriend, Hart hesitated to answer but said she doesn’t have sex outside of porn because it’s overwhelming.

“I thought you said you liked sex,” Wankus commented.

“I do,” said Hart. “But I don’t like flaking on people because I’m, like, sorry my pussy’s too sore because I fucked off camera.”

Hart was asked what she was like in high school.

“I was the jock,” she commented. “I played soccer- I was the senior class president. I was in student government.”

Hart was 14 when she first had sex. It was her first boyfriend and she was with him for three years after that. Her first time sucking cock was also with the same guy, she said. Asked if her family and friends know that she’s in the business, Hart said yes.

“Those motherfuckers [assuming she was talking about her friends] found out like three weeks into the business with no movies out,” said Hart. “They really had to be searching because the only place you could find me was on LA Direct.” Hart also mentioned that she used to live in Santa Barbara near City College because her best friend lived there. Wankus pointed out that people in Santa Barbara are real assholes.

“They’re snotty but peace lover kind of guys,” he said. “They’re stuck up sandal-wearing motherfuckers.” Hart found that the kids going to school there were pretty cool, otherwise you wanted to shoot people.

Hart’s mother called when she first learned Hart was in the business.

“Whenever she finds out something that’s bad she goes, you have something to tell me?” Hart said. “I go, no. I don’t think so.” Hart’s mother then asked if she was lying. That’s when Hart copped to it.

“Then she freaked out,” said Hart. After that, her mother told her she wasn’t allowed to talk to her sister any more. In two weeks she calmed down, however. Hart’s also into girls but would never date one, according to her.

“I would go insane probably.”

Early on, Hart, who grew up in San Luis Obispo, remembers having a couple of threesomes with her boyfriend as birthday presents.

“That was fun but I never had, full-on, just me and another girl.” Hart was 17 when she had her first threesome.

“It was New Year’s eve,” Hart recalled. “I really don’t drink- ever, because I don’t like the taste of alcohol. When I wake up the next morning I feel like shit. I don’t drink that often. I’m a lightweight- after two drinks I’m wasted.” But on this occasion, Hart was completely hammered and was at a friend’s party.

“My girlfriend loves to get wasted,” Hart continued. “She’s hammered, I’m hammered, my boyfriend’s hammered. She’s, like, I really want to have sex. She’s not like a slut but she likes to have sex so she’s easily convinced to do stuff.” Hart also noted how all the girls at the party were making out with her boyfriend. Asked if she was okay with that, Hart said they were all her friends, why not. Outlining the scenario of what happened, Hart said her boyfriend then walked upstairs to the room and she was following him.

“I walked in- he was on the bed,” Hart went on to say. “He said let’s have sex. I was, like, I don’t want to. But she does, he said. And she walked in.” Hart said she jumped in and fooled around with the girl as well. Hart described herself as a make out slut, so she had kissed the girl beforehand.

“And she had played soccer with me so I had seen her naked a bunch of times- she has natural, huge boobs and they’re great.” This time, Hart played with her tits. Although they didn’t eat one another, Hart fingered the girl. The first time Hart ever ate a girl was on screen, but she couldn’t remember either the name of the movie or the company it was for.

“I’m going to take back that smart girl commented I made earlier,” laughed Wankus.

Hart remembered that the scene was with Holly Wellin and Joey Ray.

“That was my third scene and I was a little intimidated by Holly,” Hart recalls. “She’s like fuckin’ crazy- there’s spit everywhere. She’s like choking herself.” Hart said she watched the scene afterwards to observe that she looked really scared on camera because Wellin looked like she was hurting herself with tears running down her face. Wankus asked if it was weird being in a scene with Ray who was probably thinking about someone else.

“Joey was probably fantasizing about another guy,” mused Wankus. “Joey’s a really nice guy- he’s a cool guy. But he’s known for playing on the other side of the fence.” Hart said she didn’t know that until a week later.

“When you go out on a booking there’s two words you can always look for to know if the person you’re working with has same sex tendencies,” said Wankus. “That’s male-talent.”

Wankus ventured to say that maybe 70% of the male talent have done gay stuff on film or bisexual partying.

Hart said she had no reservations about going down on Wellin; and, afterwards, Holly asked her how long she’d been in the business because she seemed pretty poised. Asked if she could relax during a scene and get off for real, Hart said there were times when she did get off.

“But if it’s a difficult scene or the positions are difficult or I’m not getting along with somebody on the set, then no,” Hart replied.

Hart also mentioned the fact that she’s a complete voyeur and likes watching other scenes being shot on set. Asked if she likes to watch guys masturbate, Hart says she does.


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