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Wallace Comments; London Objects

Earlier this week Nicole London made comments about her former webmaster Danny Wallace, here.

Danny Wallace writes back: Regarding the matter with Outback Productions and Nicole London. “She is full of shit”. Our agreement which was verbal and witnessed, was that she was going to pay me in advance for my work on Outback’s website. She initially asked if I could do it and I responded that yes I could do it but needed to upgrade my motherboard on my older computer, as I had fried a few of my pci and my agp slots and didn’t really have a large harddrive. I told her that I would probably end up getting a new computer instead of replacing the motherboard. She responded that she might be able help me get the computer so I could begin work on her website. At no time was there any mention or agreement that the computer would be the host or the server computer or that the computer was Outback’s and that I was keeping it for them to work on their site. I was only going to design and publish the website and that the money given to me was in advance of money that I would make from the site. She asked how much I needed for the computer, and to let her know. I gave her an amount and then she asked if I could have a receipt made up for what I needed. I sent her that receipt, and a check was cut 3 weeks later made out to Bestbuy and not to me, which I thought was rather strange, but now see why they did it. If a check had been made out to me, I still would have used it to get a new computer.

Now it’s hard to start a website, when the company you’re building the site for gives you “no content” to even start an under construction or coming soon page. I received one and only one pic from Outback, which is the same one used in their ad in AVN. I made numerous pages, building on nothing and sent them a few sample pages for their feedback. I sent instructions, but they were to dumb to open them all. The one’s they were able to open brought no feedback. I kept informing them that I was not the host or server, as they kept asking questions leading me to believe they thought I was. I even tried to find a server for them. I guess they thought that $1,700.00+ for a computer was going to get all this for them. I guess they thought I was going to stream videos from that same computer and have internet traffic access it at blazing speeds on a dsl line, what asses.

After going around and around with this, they decided to get another webmaster and started making demands on getting “their” computer back. I informed Outback and the two fucks that showed up to “take” the computer, that they were not getting it back, and that I would invoice them for my time. I informed them not to show up making demands or threats and kindly informed them myself to take it to court. That’s when the police officers took them away, because at that point they were just trying to provoke me to hit one or both of them so I could go to jail for stomping their faces in. Funny how it’s always someone else’s fault when they fuck up. I had a good relationship with them. But those fucks called and told the person that answered the phone that it was an emergency and that my mother was hurt, I don’t play that shit. I gave them a phone number to reach me on and the one time they call that’s the shit they pull. Playing games instead of just saying who it was. They gave me an excuse that they lost the number or something, that’s bullshit. They didn’t call because they fucked someone else over work wise, and was afraid to confront that person. That wasn’t my problem. Anyway I tried to resolve the matter with Nicole and was going to try to make some kind of agreement, until her Husband and Brother showed up playing games again. They assumed just because the police were there, I was going to let them walk in and take what ever they wanted. I don’t think so jackasses.

Anyway, the whole problem revolves around a misconception on their part, which I tried to explain over and over to them. She got a new webmaster who is probably set up with a host and/or server already only after her business partner informed her he was coming into town and was upset the site was not up. Again I informed her on numerous occasions that I was neither the host or the server and that as soon as she got one to let me know, so I could publish the pages I had. If the company that’s paying the money for the site won’t get a server when informed to do so and sends one fucking picture via email, whos’s at fault? You can design a page until you’re blue in the face, but if you have no content, what can you do? No one was trying to fuck them over, shit I dated Nicole and was still friends with her but I’m not going to take the blame because someone else is inept and unorganized. They want me to eat the time I’ve spent working on their site, which is not going to happen.

I don’t have problems with anyone else I’m working with on websites, as we have a constant communication, I know what they want, they have servers and/or hosts and last but not least, I have more than enough content from them. Thanks for your time.
Nicole London comments: Regarding Danny Wallace’s response, I would like to start off by saying Danny is a liar!!!! If Danny thought that a check being written to Best Buys and not to him was rather strange then when he picked up the check, he should have questioned it at that point. Also why would Outback want specs on a computer that was being purchased for someone else? We would not have cared!

Gene, I am actually amazed that you have gotten a response from Danny, considering one of his excuses was that he lost his cell phone and for two weeks did not get any of my messages nor did he respond to them.. (oh wait it was broken and then he lost it) I have to say that messages were left for Danny morning, noon, and night by several different members of Outback.

Also I wish that I knew then, what I know now. The computer that was purchased by Outback that Danny on many occasions told me was a host computer, I now know is nothing more then a home computer. Incapable of being a Host computer. I have learned from this and am grateful for that, and for having a web designer that cares about Outback Productions. So please Danny, if you feel that you need to send Outback an invoice please do so and please have it itemized, also forward all work that you performed, if it even exists.

As far as not wanting to call a number to contact Danny that is absurd. I as an owner of Outback Productions hire whom I feel fit to perform duties on the sets, and fire whom I deem unfit. If someone was never hired for a shoot, how did Outback “fuck someone over work wise”?

So Gene as I am bored with this I look forward to seeing Mr. Danny Wallace at 110 North Grand Ave, Los Angeles.


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