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Wankus’ Adultcon Log

(LOS ANGELES, CA) — I had the opportunity to spend the day with Wankus on Sunday. How was I so fortunate you ask? Because I am Wankus you dumb fuck! 🙂 It was an interesting adventure and many good points to note. Below, enjoy my log (pervert)…I mean me day long happenings log:

12:30pm – Arrived at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, parking and loading situation wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be for a downtown LA event.

12:40pm – Get arm bracelet and go inside to set up. Adultcon founder, Renaud West is there, wearing his typical beige sports coat with black slacks and a phony smile, pretending all was well between him and I, even though we spent days before the convention arguing over things, non-convention related. Shit like, surprise visits at KSEX to collect money from guests for their booths and solicit others to buy booths. His lack of tact, lack of manners, his approach to dealing with people in the industry, alienating some of the KSEX staff…ya know, shit like that.

1:00pm – Equipment is all set up, my webmaster says to Renaud, “we need power.” Renaud responds, “you didn’t ask for power, I can’t do it. If I get it for you, it’ll cost you $100.00.” Webmaster calls me over, I find Renaud. [Hands open, palms up, arms extended] “We need power Renaud,” I said. “You didn’t ask for it, I can’t do it,” he responded. [Livid] “We’re a fucking radio station Renaud, what are we suppose to do, MIME our presence? Get me power now,” I said. He continues, “if I get you power I gotta pay for it.” I respond, “I don’t give a fuck, do it!”

1:05pm – Power in the booth arrives

1:15pm – People start filing in. Not fans, vendors. Convention was suppose to begin at 1pm, but all the booths were half empty at this time. Cleopatra was in the booth next to ours. She’s a cutie, very nice and will be on KSEX soon. She wanted us to make announcements for her on the top of every hour. I thought they would be small time, quick hits, but she actually wanted us to RUN a 10 minute contest. I told her she could use our microphone, but I’m not going to add extra work onto all shit I was doing that day.

1:30pm – Got lunch for the staff and had the 1st of what seems like 20 Vodka/Cokes.

1:40pm – Get second Vodka/Coke

1:45pm – KSEXradio’s Chef Jeff arrives, followed moments later by show hosts DJ and Nikka. Nikka runs downstairs, “they won’t let DJ in.”

1:50pm – I run upstairs and get him in, since he was on the list already.

The next couple of hours consisted of saying hello with a shit load of adult stars that have appeared on KSEX, people that are buddies or just walkin’ around and seeing what everyone had to offer.

LorrAINIAC and CuzFucker arrived [djs on KSEX as well], they won’t let Cuz in. Cuz was on the KSEX list but people were using the KSEX name to get in all day, so the assholes stopped allowing people to come in from KSEX unless they paid. Of course, the dumb fucks never cross checked the list because I provided them with the exact names of who will be attending from the staff of KSEX and they apparently ignored this. We paid the $, that wasn’t the point. One more Renaud mishap that he could care less about fixing.

Katie Morgan, her man, Felicia Fox and Tim Case arrive as well as Lisa Sparxxx, her man and some friends of the station who are also in the biz.

Bumped into AVN’s Tod Hunter. Damn good guy. I like him very much.

The event is pretty good. A good size crowd. Adultcon consistently brings in a good amount of fans. Never a complaint there from

Daisy [my girlfriend] tells me some jerk from Freedom DVD Distributors asked for a Free T-Shirt. As she was instructed to, she said “$20.00.” Apparently he asked who she was, when she told him, he said, “I never heard of you you fuckin’ skank.” And walked away.

My buddy Jeff the photographer arrives and we start walking around conducting interviews to be shown this week on KSEX.

We track down this fuck who was rude to Daisy and instead of high testosterone aggression, I decide to interview him. I’m very nice and ask him all about himself. He’s heard of me and loves KSEX, so he claims, and is very happy to tell us all about his company.

After he gets in all his promo and feels like he’s receiving a nice interview I ask, “so why don’t you tell us now why you called my girlfriend a skank, when she didn’t give you a t-shirt?’

He was speechless, ended up apologizing on camera and then came to the booth begging Daisy for forgiveness. Pretty funny.

My head was painted in a very odd fashion. Why? Who the hell knows?! Anyone that knows me, understands that I do odd things that don’t require explanation. I had a tribal look going and was calling myself Kunta Cunty all day.

Johnny Buss arrived with Kennedy [formerly of the Bunny Ranch].

Rachel Worth was selling disposable cameras. Not a bad idea actually. I’m sure she did well.

Alana Evans and Holly Hollywood were lookin’ adorable and having fun.

I met Fayner from and gave him a hard time for not giving KSEX enough press. He’s a nice chap and I mocked him a bit for having all his content refer to him getting laid by porn stars. Could be jealousy there I suppose.

Ran into Gene Ross and had a few laughs. He was very excited to see Tera Patrick’s face on an upcoming shows flyer we had on the booth desk. I told him we have verbal confirmation but the specifics are still thin right now. Details to come. He said he’d happily report it anyway [and has].

I interviewed AnnMarie and Kelly Erikson at the Metro booth. Of course, mid interview Gauge came over to yell at me for not interviewing her first. We’re going to have fun working together. She’s a little wise ass [Gauge] and I’m sure we’re going to be ribbing each other a lot. I prefer ultra ribbed, but we’ll see what she likes.

Highlight of the night: Tom Byron comes up to me. I didn’t recognize him because he lost a lot of weight and his hair was different.

“I just want to apologize to you for the way I treated you at the ASM Consumer Choice Awards two years ago,” he said.

I was in shock. I guess he’s either heard my show or heard about it from someone, but ever since I met him in Vegas, and he did treat me like shit, I’ve publicly hated his guts and told people how much of an asshole he is.

“One word,” he said, “Vodka!”

All is well, we made nice nice and I’m sure we can be friends now. I don’t hold grudges if someone’s cool about things.

April Storm introduced me to Flower who will be on my show Tuesday night with a bunch of other hotties. She’s a sweetheart. Mari Possa kept flirting with me. She doesn’t want me, but she knows I want her so she kept working it. Typical.

I heard Belladonna was grabbed by security and thrown out for showing tits, but Renaud chased them down the hall and had her sign paperwork swearing not to do it again, and she was allowed back in.

I interviewed Mary Carey and her grandmother who didn’t speak a word. More so, sat with her head down in the wheel chair. It was fun asking her grandmother if she did facials and shit, although I know it was a little rude. 😉

I put my foot in my mouth when I asked Mary if she was aware she grew a few inches, in all areas. Then made it worse by trying to get out of it, implying she was just a big girl. It was ugly for a minute. She’s back with her man “no neck” who proudly sported a security shirt and wheeled grandma around all day like every tough security guy does.

When he walked to the other side of the booth, Carey said, “I know I still owe you that blow job and I will…I’m just, as you can see, back with no neck.”

Flexx and Sierra were back at the booth having fun. Flexx was kind enough to buy a booth for and let us basically have it. Sierra looked sexy and was in a great mood. Flexx brought his blow up couch for everyone to sit in and I asked him if he now had no furniture in his house.

I interviewed Alexis Amore’ who promised to have that lunch with me soon, one that she was suppose to have a couple of weeks ago until Jill Kelly told her she couldn’t. Amore’ looked great and was a lot of fun talking to.

Filthy Frank met with me regarding some future projects. Alaura Eden met with me regarding her lack of attendance for her show on KSEX. She was very apologetic and cool and all is well with us.

Don Benn of ASM and Steve Seidman of ASN were there. Good guys both of them.

The night wound down, the fans were on their way out when Lolana and Tiger Lily said hello. “I want to be on Flexx’s show,” said Lolana.

Flexx walked over to us and he and I sang, in perfect harmony, “Lolana” to the tune of the Love Boat, “soon will be making a listener cum…Lolana, promises pussy for everyone….set your cocks for adventure, your minds on a new hottie!”

The singing must have been great…she’s coming on tonight.

We loaded the truck and left. Went over to a party Filthy Frank invited us to in Northridge. One that was supposed to be filled with hotties like Rebecca Love, Victoria Givens and more. Love didn’t make it but Givens was there for a little bit.

Ron Jeremy showed up with Alex Milano but spent his time flirting with 18 year old Kylie from Frank’s production company [she will appear on KSEX Thursday BTW]. He was working it so hard, Daisy jumped in and said, “you gonna just put the tip in, Ron?”

Jeremy laughed and said, “you know my game huh?”

“Everyone does” Daisy replied.

We said our goodbyes, went home and passed out…overall, it was a good time. It was great seeing many of you fans and industry folks, many of which not mentioned in here.

Thank you to the KSEX Staff for kicking ass in the booth yesterday!




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