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Wankus and Brian Full of Shit?

Porn Valley- If ever they make a Sardos’ highlight reel you can now add Janine’s name to the list of dead bodies, broken noses and the Shay Sweet-Cindy Crawford catfight. Janine’s name got dragged into the news this week courtesy an attempt by Cytherea, to have her picture taken with the legendary porn performer. Now it all depends which version of that story you want to buy.

I spoke to Janine’s long time buddy April Storm [pictured second from right] this morning. Storm is the publicist for Pure Play and has been friends with Janine for ten years. Storm was there Tuesday night at Sardos and sees a totally different portrait than the one finger-painted by Wankus and Cytherea’s man, Brian on their KSEX shows this week.

According to Storm, Janine hit the road at 8:30 that morning. Janine was traveling from Oregon to L.A. to do a promo shoot for Digital and was driving her new RV. Janine was going to meet Storm and it was Storm’s suggestion to attend PSK. Janine agreed although she thought she might look like crap. Storm assured her that it was cool and totally casual. “It’s just the porn industry- we’ll all hang out,” Storm told her. Janine was on the road all that time said Storm and hadn’t eaten. Storm told her, okay, we can grab a bite at Sardos, not to worry. When Janine arrived, Storm wanted to introduce her to Flower Tucci and some of the other girls who were still there.

“She was so tired,” says Storm, noting that Janine also wanted to get a drink and to chill. “I told her don’t worry about it- I’ve got a table and no one will bug you.”

Storm gives the impression that as soon as they walked in the door to sit down, Wankus and Brian were all over them like tax forms on Mike Tyson. “Wankus and Brian are standing in front of us with cameras,” Storm relates. “I hadn’t even taken my purse off my shoulder yet. We’re sitting down and they’re holding cameras to our face. Brian is moving his hand- like move out of the way. He doesn’t say a word to me. He’s like just get out of the way. I look at him, like, what? What do you mean? He’s like, move. Cytherea comes crawling behind my back and pushes between me and Janine and sits down. Janine is, like, whoaaa, hold on a second. Nothing was asked. Nobody said can we take a picture. Cytherea didn’t say can we take a picture, I’m about to leave. She didn’t say anything. Then Brian started- she wants a picture with Janine. I’m like, guys, give her a second. She just got here. Just give us a second. There’s no problem, just give us a second! And Cytherea just got in, squeezed the picture and Janine’s looking at me, that’s not cool. I promised her she wouldn’t be bugged, that it’s a cool crowd. Because Janine doesn’t really go out that much.

“And Wankus is, like, c’mon, c’mon, we’re going to take a quick picture,” Storm continues. Storm also wants to make it clear that she loves Wankus and that she’s not saying anything bad except to say that she thought it was rude the way the whole thing came off. “They didn’t ask, they didn’t even talk to us. They were, like, she [Cytherea] wants a picture, let’s do it right now. So she takes a picture, and Janine is, like, I’m going to get a drink and slid out of the booth. She went to the bar to get a drink and Brian’s, like, that’s it, we’re wailing on her on Wankus’ show because she’s a fuckin’ cunt. I was like don’t call my friend a cunt. You guys were very rude the way you approached her. That was not cool. Give the girl ten minutes to wind down so she can relax a little bit and then she’ll be glad to take a picture.”

Storm hastened to point out that Janine took pictures all night. “She took pictures with anybody who asked,” said Storm. “It was just rude the way they approached her.” Storm said she then snapped at Brian because she’s very protective. “She’s my best friend. I said don’t call her a cunt and he said we’re going to wail on her. I’m, like, you better not say anything about her because she didn’t do anything- you did. Then he walked away and comes back I’m very sorry, April. You know we love you. He gives me a hug and a kiss. He’s like, I’m really, really sorry, I was just upset because she wanted a picture. I said all you had to do was ask nicely. Then Cytherea comes back in and goes, I’m sorry for Brian. She kissed my cheek and left. But we had a good time. Janine was posing for pictures all night long. She was friendly to everybody.”


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