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Wankus Goes Nose to Nose with Talon at PSK

Porn Valley- Wankus was in a mood Wednesday night. Earlier at 5 pm, Wankus and Tyler Faith had sex on remote from their bedroom. Then on his 7pm show, Wankus mentioned that Faith had a check bounced on her by a company but wasn’t naming any names.

“I certainly hope they make good on it,” he said. However Wankus dropped a hint by noting that one of the players in the company is someone he’s mentioned before on a frequent basis.

Again without naming names, although Talon’s was pretty obvious in the story, Wankus said he had a run-in with TT Boy’s brother at Sardos. Wankus explained that he was tired but wouldn’t name anyone because it’s over and not necissary.

“And when I do [name names] my phone rings all night.”

Wankus, explaining that he had a bad day, said he was trying to get into a fight at PSK but couldn’t get in one to save his life. “I’m not even someone who likes to fight, I was just drunk and in a mood.” Although he got the opportunity when he saw Faith talking to Talon.

“All of a sudden this guy walks up to her and grabs her from behind by the arms and shakes her and kind of pushes her down- what the fuck is that?” Faith then told Wankus that everything was cool.

“What the fuck is cool about that?” Faith then told him who Talon was, that he was on her list of male performers to work with.

“It was somebody I never liked any way or at least his reputation–I just never met him,” said Wankus. “I didn’t like his reputation nor his brother’s or his uncle’s. And the whole HIV-thing and the Brazil shoots.” Wankus thought that Talon was being disrespectful to Faith.

“And I knew if he came over to me I would just fuckin’ swing at him. I wanted to hit somebody. I was angry.” Wankus then told Faith he hated “that motherfucker” and his whole family. “I don’t want him anywhere near me. Tell him don’t even come over to apologize. Nothing. Don’t even come near me. Of course he comes over. As he’s coming over to me, I’m, like, look motherfucker, I’m telling you right now. Don’t say a word. Just go the fuck away. I’m pissed and I’m ready to swing. He’s, like, dude, what the fuck’s your problem?”

Wankus told Talon just back the fuck off. And Talon asked why do you go on the radio and say I hate my brother. Wankus told Talon he never said any such thing. But Wankus did admit he goes on the radio and says he, himself, hates TT Boy.

“And I said I hate your uncle’s reputation, and I hate your whole fuckin’ family’s reputation- that’s what I said. I said it. You’d think that would start a fight. He goes, “oh, okay.” From there Wankus said it became stupid testosterone time.

“Nose to nose- I’m waiting for him to make a move. If he swings at me it would be beautiful. We’re getting into each other’s face. And everybody’s watching now.” Ten minutes later, the bouncers show up, according to Wankus.

“The bouncers come over and they grab him.” Talon protested that he didn’t do anything. Talon was told he was upsetting Wankus and had to go outside. Not content with that, Wankus pursued the fight in the parking lot.

“I wanted the satisfaction of cracking someone’s face open. I was in a strange, violent mood. I wanted to hit him.” Wankus described the scene as the Clint Eastwood movie Every Which Way But Loose.

“Everyone’s placing bets. But we’re fine, we’re just talking. But I’m in the stage where I’m trying to incite him.”

Except Talon tells him he doesn’t want to fight and explains that he and Faith were joking around, that’s how they play together. Wankus thought that shaking her and throwing her around wasn’t cool. Later Faith told him, yeah, it was true, they play strange like that.

“He and his brother are known for being overly rough on girls,” Wankus explained. “Like ridiculously rough. But Tyler says he never roughed her. She is a tough chick. Tyler would never allow that. But it did set me off.”

Wankus said he went back into karaoke but still had a bug up his ass. Then a guy confronted him about why he’s such an asshole to the girls at PSK. Wankus told him he only makes cracks about non-industry girls.

“This motherfucker is like I want my ten dollars back! There’s no porn stars here anyway.” Wankus said the room was crammed with porn stars. Wankus said he wanted to go at it with this guy, but the perp also walked away.

“Tequila makes me violent,” Wankus explained. It was a weird night, said Wankus, noting that Talon was now off Faith’s list and Tequila is off the acceptable drink list for Wankus.

“It was embarrassing for me,” Wankus said, “We ended the night cool, kind of shaking hands and letting it be. I got no issues anymore with the guy. I acted like an immature idiot. I’m not to big to admit it.”


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