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Obscenity-Wear is the latest craze for many throughout the world, even non-affiliated with the adult biz. Hot babes are wearing shirts that say, “Love Boobs” and ass huggers that read things like “Slut” or “Bad Ass.” At KSEX, we’ve come up with T-Shirts that mimic a slogan I say on the air very frequently, “Have A Nice Vagina.”
I actually don’t consider that to be offensive, if anything, just a bit bizarre.

I purposely wear the shirt around town, not just for the KSEX promotion, but to see the reactions I get from onlookers.

Yesterday, flying back from Internext, I had my shirt proudly wrapped around my upper body as I checked in at the airport, boarded a few planes back to LA and while picking up my luggage at LAX.

The reactions to it are hysterical. Nearly half the people who read it either laugh to themselves, snicker with their friends or shoot me a smile, acknowledging the humor in the shirt. At the ticket counter in the terminal at Fort Lauderdale yesterday, a group of conservative looking women in their 40s not only laughed amongst themselves, but started saying it out loud to one another. “Have a nice vagina” “No, you have a nice vagina.”

Then there are those who look on me as satin himself. Shooting me a glare that I am a very bad man for wearing such a thing. There is an obvious difference in customer service when wearing these style shirts as well.

While boarding one of my flights yesterday, the flight attendant, a 60 year old lookin’ librarian type was all smiles to a few people in front of me. Saying things like “Thank you for choosing our airline,” and “have a nice flight.” When I approached her and she read my shirt I said, “Hi there” as peppy as possible. She became very quiet, put a frown on her face and in a low, monotone voice said, “hello.”

That makes me laugh. People will completely change their opinions of you based on a simple article of clothing. For all she knew, I could have been a successful businessman, good and loving husband and father, volunteer at the church, anything. But when she saw my shirt, I was the scum of the earth to her.

One couple made an incomprehensible comment as I walked by later that evening. Me, never being afraid of confrontation asked, “What did you say?”

The lady said, “It’s disgusting and just wrong.” I asked, “what’s disgusting, your vagina?”

I stood over them as they sat. I awaited an answer or a fist fight. The husband cowered in his seat, the woman huffed and puffed and I walked away laughing to myself.

While heading down the aisle to the rest room during the flight, a father and what appeared to be a 12 or 13 year old daughter gasped at my shirt. When I came out of the john, the man was standing in the galley, by himself and said to me, “How can you wear such a shirt?” I asked him, “what’s wrong with the shirt?”

The man continued, “I have my daughter here, how do I explain that to her?” “How do you explain what?” I asked and continued, “if my shirt said ‘Have A Nice Elbow’ would there be a problem?”

The man acknowledged that there wouldn’t be. “So what’s the difference, I would hope your daughter knows what a vagina is at her age,” I asked and furthered my rant, “people are always running from innocent references, just because of a word that describes the female genital area is printed on it. The vagina is a god given, beautiful thing. If the shirt said, ‘have a nice cunt,’ I’d understand. It doesn’t, get over it.”

I walked away.

I would like to invite you the reader to experience the fun of wearing a Have A Nice Vagina shirt from Order yours here.

Watch the reactions you get, and don’t be afraid to ask for people’s opinions on it. You’ll be quite amused by the narrow minded, sexually phobic community we all really live in.

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