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PORN VALLEY, CA – The problem with being someone who says what they feel is eventually you’re going to tick off so many people, what used to be amusing about others, then becomes personal. Especially when your personal opinion or accounts of actual events directly affect the views of the masses, notch at people’s credibility and on certain occasions, cost them work.

But who made the unwritten “Keep Your Mouth Shut” rule? Why do people feel they shouldn’t be held accountable for the things they say and do? I am. I am constantly criticized, chastised, threatened and sometimes abandoned by the things I say. And most of the things I say are just true diaries of a particular situation, once in a while with my own opinion added.

Jill Kelly had a problem with me because I publicly called her girls flakes. Excuse me for one moment, should I have said they were some of the most reliable girls in the biz, even after many of them scheduled, never showed up, never cancelled, never called later to apologize, nuttin’? And, as a company representative in the limelight, instead of kicking the asses of her girls, she publicly kicked mine. I’m sorry, but to me, that makes no fuckin’ sense. We’ve since made nice nice and the girls are coming back on KSEX, but they never should’ve stopped coming in the first place. We offered them a place to promote themselves and some of them acted irresponsibly. How is that our fault?

Digital Playground hates my guts. Why? A couple reasons but it mostly started when I told a true account of the dealings between KSEX and DP, while merging to air the Tera Show. We had that show on the air for two weeks and pulled it because the quality sucked and they never returned our calls or e-mails when we wanted to help them make it better. So we publicly told the story and I guess since we didn’t save face, they were bitter.

They [mostly Adella] were done with me then, which I still can’t understand, but they really got mad when Nic Andrews and Devon came on my show with so much attitude and got an earful from me for being late. They didn’t apologize, they were almost 45 minutes late and instead of feeling bad for missing half the show, they acted like it was my fault for giving them bad directions and were so full of themselves. I am not one to baby people like that and say, “awww…it’s okay, boopity boo boo boo.” You give me attitude, you get it right back. I don’t give a fuck who you are, Larry Flynt, President Bush, whoever.

Now don’t get me wrong, late porn stars is something we’re used to and it’s not that big of a deal, but between Nic and Devon’s rash approach and the fact that Devon thought she was Madonna during the interview, I had a tough time finding any nice things to say about them afterwards.

DP defended their star, as they should, but still should’ve showed another business a little respect with an apology, even privately would’ve been fine. Instead, they blame the loud mouth. The jerk off. Funny how their big Tera replacement is rumored to be on her way out the door, courtesy of management’s foot, while Tera does a show at KSEX.

Most recently, folks in the Stormy camp are pissed off. “How dare you say all those things about her on your show,” the e-mails are reading. How dare I say what? The truth? It’s like Kid Vegas, Leo and Billy Banks from karaoke. I said on a couple of occasions that they were outside, pissed off they had to wait. Guess what? They were. Why is that a harsh comment to make. It’s an account of what happened. An audio log, with an occasional opinion thrown in. Who cares?

My introduction to Stormy sucked. She acted stuck up. Is that who she is? I have no idea. That’s all the time I was allowed with her. If she sees me again, at another place, another time and the aura changes, I’ll gladly change my opinion of her. I did it with Tom Byron.

I met Tom, live on stage as I hosted the ASM Awards in Vegas a couple of years ago. On the microphone he made a few rude comments about me, kind of mocking me out. I love a witty banter and barrage of insults, so long as it’s in fun. In this case, he just sounded like a drunkin’ asshole and it rubbed me the wrong way. I recently was reacquainted with Tom. He made a point to come up to me and say, “Wankus, Tom Byron, I just want to apologize for that night on stage. I was drunk off my ass, I didn’t mean all that shit, I’m sorry.”

In my opinion the person with the balls, the company with the strength, the individual who can face their issues and acknowledge their part in a situation, is much stronger then those who just point the finger at the person who brings the issue out in the open.

It’s so easy to blame the loud mouth, but is the loud mouth the bad guy? Why do we need to keep secrets when someone in our industry acts like an idiot. Very often I’m told, “don’t talk badly about that person, he/she is a legend. You just don’t trash the people who have given so much to this business.”

I highly disagree. I believe you offer respect to those who have helped build this business, but you don’t hide from the truth or pressing matters, that although may not put the person in a good light, must be reported on.

It’s so easy for folks to categorize truthful reporting as gossip, just because it involves a big namer, who some think would never do such a thing. It’s so easy for people to just assume loud mouths like me make things up for entertainment value, only to be damaging assholes, who hurt people who work so hard in the business.

Do people really think I get off on wanting to hurt people. I know my close friends know that’s not me, but others have an opinion that I thrive on pain just because it makes good entertainment.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth. When the alleged Ron Jeremy raped Ginger Lynn scandal broke, Gene and I had the most comprehensive coverage, the most accounts, testimonials, details, accusations, responses, etc. The first story I wrote, the nearly 14 page one, was one of the most draining stories I had ever written. One side of me was disgusted by the thought that the allegations may be true, and here we are splashing everyone’s crap all over the web. Another side of me thought, “what if it isn’t true. This poor guy is being ripped through a shredder.”

People called me, “do you think it’s true…do you?” I would tell them, the same thing I said in a follow up editorial about the subject. “Chances are, none of us will ever know if it was or not. This is a ‘He Said/She Said’ situation. I know Ginger and love her very much. She’s talented, she’s fun and she’s still adorable. I’ve met Ron on a few occasions and he’s very nice. How does that qualify me, or anyone for that matter to declare one side is guilty or not guilty? It doesn’t. Those two are the only ones who know the truth.”

I don’t want to re-cap the last six months or so of news stories. I definitely get a small charge of adrenaline when some juicy dirt takes center stage, with what I do either on KSEX or for AdultFYI, that’s how I keep fans happy. Gettin’ the dirt. But if the dirt happens to turn off of someone you don’t like and begin to fly on someone you do…maybe even you, again, am I the bad guy?

How about making people accountable for their actions in public? If you’re a personality in this business, it is your responsibility to act in a way that you feel best portrays you to your fans. Even though this isn’t mainstream, you’re still viewed in a higher regard to many fans. You’re a celebrity of sorts. For some of you, you’re bigger celebrities in your own minds, but that makes this point even more relevant.

Behave yourself in public. If you are rude to someone, if you are falling on your face drunk, if you have been witnessed doing anything that the masses may view as ‘questionable’ you’re a target for the press and gossip sites. At that point…at that moment you fuck up, you’re gonna make the print. That blame at that time belongs to you, not people like me.

If you notice, I get a lot of negative print for saying how it is, during my show on KSEX. I’ll accept that. That’s my fun little on-air character, it’s bound to piss a few people off, all good. But you don’t see much print about me out and about, doing things that can be viewed as unacceptable to the masses.

Does that make me a saint? No. Does that mean I’ve never fucked up? No. Does that mean I won’t be targeted in the future if I do fuck up? No.

It only means that I do my best to represent myself in the public light, especially in front of media, in a fashion that I don’t mind being written about or reported on. I try to be fun, nice and respectful to those who are cool and the majority of the time, I get along with everyone.

I’m NOT the man, I’m NOT the dude with all the answers…I’m just someone calling it as I see it. If you don’t want to hear what I have to say about you, you have two choices. 1. Don’t listen. 2. Be responsible for your own actions and chances are, people like me won’t say a thing.


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