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No Word on Malaysian Airlines Jet, But Steve Javors Mystery Has Been Solved. Sort of.

Hold the phone and stop the horses. A mystery has been solved.

When we ask questions, some of them get answered. Not all of them. Some still haven’t been, like the questions we asked about Alex Gonz working with hepatitis C for three years and Mr. Marcus infecting talent with syphilis. But that’s your industry leaders. What do you expect?

When we ask questions and they get answered it’s a neat thing. I like that. It shows people listen and they respond. If you go to AdultFYI, the top story the other day was Peter Warren, King of the AVN Retards; Where The Fuck Is Steve Javors?

Yesterday morning, I got a Facebook message from one of our old and dear friends. A true legend in the adult business. I’m not gonna reveal his name just in case he’s doesn’t want me to. He normally flies under the radar and I respect that. He’s not a porn performer. He doesn’t swing his man meat around. He’s just a good guy and a manager of people and stores. Just an all around awesome dude.

He informed us that Steve Javors was NOT at AVN anymore. That Steve Javors has not been at AVN for a few months. All of my intuition and speculation was correct. Steve Javors or “Stevie J” as people like to call him is gone. He’s outta there. He didn’t go down swinging in the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded. The Mighty Stevie has struck out.

That’s what happens when you’re a fucking loser like Stevie Javors. This is a guy who used to walk around AVN with such an attitude and such a smug look on his face that you just wanted to grab him by the ears and face fuck the smirk off of him. What a fuckin douche. I remember having a discussion with him at AVN that he and the magazine were on a downward spiral and wouldn’t be around much longer. He looked at me and said, “That’s what you’ve been saying since last year and we’re still here.” I told him, “Keep it up, asshole. You’re gonna be gone.”

I guess I was right. The fucking magazine is barely surviving and your ass is outta there. Punched out, motherfucker.

This is like Survivor. Who the fuck is left at AVN? There’s nobody there anymore. Who the fuck is there?

You got Peter Warren, King of the Retards. Mark Kernes is like the guy in Office Space who they just keep moving around until he winds up in the basement telling you not to touch his stapler. Mark Kernes is that idiot. Tony Lovett, God rest his soul, dead. Is Sharan Street still there? Theo Sapoutzis, walking around in a T-shirt and board shorts. He looks like Jonas Hill from Superbad.

I guess King of the Retards Peter Warren is running the entire show now. Basically, how well you take his cock and balls down your throat determines whether to not you get one of those stupid awards. Or if you hang out with Raul Cristian or any of the Manwin boys that are running that company.

AVN is now being run by complete incompetent idiots. If anybody can tell me who over there is running that magazine who has any clue about the porn business I’m all ears.

There’s your Steve Javors update. Now we just need to know where that little scumbag is. Who would hire that loser? Did he stay in the adult business? Or did he go in a completely different direction? You know The Hunt for Red October? We need to do The Hunt For Stupid Steve Javors.

You know what else I’m wondering? What happened to the AVN Awards on Showtime? Did they broadcast this year’s show yet? Or did that deal fall through? Here we are in March, but I haven’t heard of the AVN Awards being on Showtime yet. Can somebody help me out with that? If somebody could tell me, I’d like to know.

The Hunt For Stupid Steve Javors and The Hunt For AVN Awards on Showtime. There’s your assignment adult industry.

Get back to me.

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