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Wankus Takes a Squirting Shower

(SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA) — Monday night on The Wanker Show didn’t take long to get freaky as Kylie Wilde visited the well known internet broadcast. CoHo Cindy Crawford was again missing in action, but Daisy filled in a did a spectacular job. The interview was fun, but the scene turned wild as Kylie got naked and professed her desire to squirt.
Gene Ross Recapped the Interview today on

After several attempts at having her on the show, Kylie Wilde showed up as Wankus’ guest last night. Wilde said her website isn’t officially up as yet but fans can still e-mail her through it. Wilde has about 35 movies out at present. “I met a girl in the business and she introduced me to her agent who’s now mine,” Wilde explained. “That’s how I pretty much got in it.” Wilde says she was always freaky and crazy. “I was the crazy girl.” Wilde’s first girl-girl experience came when she was 16 or 17. “It was my best friend,” she recalls. “I lived at my parent’s house and I had this huge walk-in closet in my bedroom. One night we got a little bit trashed and went into the closet. That’s where we had our first experience. We had a big mirror and put it on the floor so we could see everything. We had a huge double-headed dildo.” Wilde said she wasn’t sure whether she liked women or was into them to have sex with them. “I always thought they were beautiful and I liked looking at them. I would kiss girls and stuff. Just playing around. At a young age I was looking at girls.” Wankus urged Wilde to relate a blow-by-blow account of her first lesbian experience. “Was it uncomfortable at first or did you guys just dive in?”

“We didn’t kiss at all; we didn’t think about the kissing part,” Wilde recalls. “We went right for it. I started going down on her. She returned the favor. Then I pulled out a little toy and we just bent over.” Wilde said she has yet to find a girl who can rough house her like a guy. Wilde does girl-girl and just started doing boy-girl scenes. Wilde said she and her boyfriend came to a mutual decision on that issue. Though not swingers, Wilde said she has brought some friends home on occasion. Wilde doesn’t do anal on camera and doesn’t do it with her boyfriend off. “We’ve tried it but he’s not really into it,” she said. “I can’t trust him to do it. But he does have a good anal dick.” Wilde said she’s presently having fun as talent and hasn’t given thoughts beyond that. “I’ve been in the business going on two years. I haven’t decided exactly what I wanted to do.” Given the fact that her body holds up, Wilde said she’d definitely continue performing. Wilde said her mother knows that she’s in porn and is cool with it. “She thinks it’s cool, she’s a freak; and my father thinks I’m a model. But he doesn’t care. My parents aren’t even around here.” Wilde say she never caught her parents having sex, but Wankus said he caught his one time. “I still have that visual; it was so traumatic.” Wilde remembers a time she was little. She was in an in ground pool. “My mom and dad were at the other end. I went under water with my goggles on. I could see my mom blowing my dad at the other end.”

“Underwater!? She’s talented,” exclaimed Wankus. “That’s super talented. I tried to get a girl to blow me under water, once. She almost drowned.” Wankus asked if Wilde saw her father’s dick in her mother’s mouth. “Was it weird?” Wilde said she only saw it for a second. “I was like oh my God, I gotta go. I had to act like I didn’t see anything.” Because he was afraid of the dark, Wankus said sometimes he’d sleep on the floor of his parents’ bedroom. “Fuckin’ horny bastard that he is, my father decided it was time to bone. It wasn’t like under the covers boning. It was covers off, my mom on top! I woke up groggy seeing my mom butt naked sliding up and down my dad’s dick. I knew what they were doing but I still think about it,” he said. Wankus brought up the current controversy involving Roy Garcia, Wilde’s agent, and asked how the relationship was. “Roy always takes care of me,” said Wilde. “Roy’s cool like that.”

“He gets paid for booking, that’s how it works, right? Wankus asked. “He gets paid for booking,” Wilde concurred. “But I’ve known Roy for about two years and he’s been good to me.” Wankus wanted to know if there was a casting couch at Garcia’s place. Wilde seemed perplexed with the question. “In other words, suck my dick and I’ll get you work,” Wankus explained. “No, I don’t see it like that all,” Wilde answered. “I’ve heard people say that. I’ve heard it, too. But he’ll ask girls if they want to shoot for his website. But if they say no he’s not going to not get them work because they didn’t shoot. That’s just bullshit. We’re good friends.” Wilde said she was going to shoot for, one of Garcia’s sites. “He shoots POV of himself getting it on with the girls,” Wankus explained.

The show didn’t end there as Kylie confessed her amazing ability to squirt up to 8-10 feet if aroused enough. Wankus of course needed a demonstration but Kylie claimed her fingers alone, wouldn’t be enough.

“Can I borrow yours Wankus,” Wilde asked. A question Wankus seemed happy to receive. “Of course you can,” he said, “you can borrow any part of my body.”

Wilde instructed the show host to slide two fingers inside her and just pump away at her G-Spot. “I’m a guy, she would’ve been lucky if I found the clit,” Wankus said following the show, “but apparently I was doing something right, she drenched me!”

And soaking wet he was, as Kylie’s pussy exploded all over Wankus’ face, hands and jacket. He stood up looking like he just got off the log flume at the local amusement park.

“If Cindy doesn’t show up next week, you’re going to have your own show,” Wankus said.

Kylie responded, “I’m moving to LA soon and would love it!”

Seems like KSEX is running out of people to interview, they just keep hiring more and more beautiful talent as hosts…and fans are not complaining.



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