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Was It Craig Valentine Who Set Autumn Skye Up with Eric The Killer Pimp?

Porn Valley- Knowing him from the old XPW wrestling days, I spoke to Brian of Giirlz Inc Wednesday afternoon.

Brian, now an agent in Florida, used to rep Autumn Skye, and Autumn in an interview this week, blasted both him and agent Mark Lasts. Brian thinks Skye is pretty much a compulsive liar, coming off sweet, but in reality, very lethal. Brian’s also of the opinion that Craig Valentine [pictured right] is Autumn’s latest Svengali.

Brian explains how he came to Florida and first opened up an agency called Tyler’s Talent with his ex girlfriend. Then it became Giirlz Inc. Brian also made it clear that he doesn’t ordinarily jump into he said, she saids.

“But this was just so wrong,” he states, explaining that Skye originally came to him from New Orleans.

“She was a very sweet girl and I never had problems with her – at first,” he continues. “I had gotten a phone call from her mother- two days after she got here. Her mother said, look, I just want you to know that she has two kids who she abandoned, and she has a husband who she left to come to Florida. This is what was told to me and I brought it up to Autumn. Autumn said, no, that’s not true. Time goes on and she’s doing shoots.”

According to Brian, Skye’s rendition of what happened to the electric bill was partially true. Skye says Brian never paid her back for a $600 bill she took care of.

“I thought my assistant paid the electric bill; she thought I paid it,” Brian explains. “And it just lapsed. It was accidental.” Brian says the electric guy came while he was out and Skye called him about it.

“I said would he take a credit card and she [Skye] said no you have to pay cash right now,” Brian continues. “I’m like can he wait 20 minutes because I was driving girls to shoots. She had some money, so between her and a few other people at the house, they came up with the money. I paid all of them back the following morning. Cody Kay who is a good friend of hers was there watching the whole thing happen.”

Brian makes the point that if he hadn’t paid Skye back she wouldn’t have continued to pay him commissions.

“Then when she left to go to California we were having a lot of problems with her,” Brian continues. “And a lot of it stemmed from Craig Valentine who was at my house trying to pick up all my girls.

“He had tried with Cody Kay. Cody Kay didn’t want to go out with him. He tried with another one of my girls, Christina who he succeeded with. And he tried with Autumn who he eventually succeeded with.”

As Autumn became more hard to deal with, Brian says he sent her to LA where she had major problems.

“And you can read what people were saying about her on the boards,” Brian continues. “She was walking out on shoots, not doing them. She had like six shoots and I got a phone call from Mark Lasts who was booking my girls at the time. And two of my girls who happened to be there called me to say she was a nut, she’s crazy and causing all kinds of trouble.

“Mark said he had to drop her, that he couldn’t work with her. I said I agree with you and I’m dropping her too. I called Autumn and said you can’t represent our company like this. There’s no way. I ended up dropping her and that was pretty much the extent of it.”

Brian says Skye’s story about his impounding her iPhone is also bullshit.

“It was a Metro PCS junk phone which she left at my house,” he explains. “I called her and said you owe me money. Why don’t I deduct the money that you owe me for the phone- which is not even in your name- and I’ll just deduct the money from the phone. And we’ll keep the number and phone because you’re not coming back to Florida anyway. She’s like, good idea. It was a junk phone and not an iPhone like she keeps saying.”

It was a couple days later that Skye called Brian again telling him she was going to Chicago.

“I asked her what are you going there for – even though I had a falling out with her, I still cared about her and wanted to make sure she was safe. She said I’m going with an agency and they’re going to book me for a week. I said, Autumn, I’ve never heard of an agency in Chicago and where would they have enough shoots for you? Are you sure this isn’t an escorting agency? She goes, no, no, no. Craig told me this is a good agency. He’s the one who set it up. No, I’m going. I go, Autumn, be very, very careful.”

“So it was Craig Valentine who set up the Chicago deal?” I ask Brian again to be sure.

“That’s what she told me when she called me,” he replies. “I even told her don’t go because a couple of my girls came back from Chicago and said it was a pimp in Chicago and that he threatened them. But she went ahead. She said Craig told me this was a good shoot and I trust Craig and Craig said these people are real, he knows who they are, so I’m going. I said if you have any problems call me. But that was it. I didn’t hear from her again.”

Brian says Skye eventually called him five days ago and was, again, very sweet.

“But all I can tell you is she couldn’t have made up these stories she told you any quicker than what she did,” Brian warns. “She’s been involved in all kinds of crap and it was bad news.”

Brian claims that while Autumn stayed at his house he was trying his best to make it all work.

“But she was one of those girls that there’s just no way- look at what happened in Vegas,” he points out. “All hell broke lose in Vegas from what I understand. I can tell you numerous lies she told me. And I’ve heard from another girl that, yes, those two kids were hers. She had told me no they weren’t, and she has a huge, C-section scar. But she said her child had died.”

Brian goes on to describe himself as a no-nonsense booking agent who doesn’t want his girls dating producers.

“I don’t want this stress,” he says. “Nothing positive ever comes of it. Ever. Eventually the producer’s going to get tired of her and she’s going to get tired of the producer. Who’s going to be stuck in the middle? And I told her that from the beginning. But she went out and dated Craig Valentine. Craig Valentine got into her head.”

Brian explains another instance of Valentine attempting the seduction of one his girls, Cody Kay.

“He was trying to get with her,” says Brian. “That was sort of the stem of this whole thing. He was trying to get with her, and she didn’t want anything to do with him. And he was just going from girl to girl, literally, trying to get into anybody’s pants.

“I was trying to be as friendly as I could with Craig. He still owes three of my girls money from shoots which he is not paying and we’re trying to get. But the bottom line is I was trying to be as friendly as I possibly could with Craig. I allowed him to come to the house. We went out to dinner with him a lot because he was going through a divorce with Summer.

“I thought it was a nice thing to do even though everybody had told me he’s going to fuck you. I just gave him the benefit of the doubt and that’s what happened.

“The bottom line is that he had this huge falling out with Chrissy Vonner and I ended up dropping her pretty much because of this whole thing. Craig started sleeping with Chrissy. He started sleeping with Autumn and started running their careers and it became an absolute clusterfuck. And Craig is now pissed off at Cody because Cody won’t sleep with him. That’s really the bottom line.”

Although he hadn’t been TO the AEE, Brian said he heard that Skye allegedly stole Mark Lasts’ credit card and his computer.

“I know Craig texted Cody today and said did you hear what happened at the AVN? And Cody’s, like, nice of you to fuck up whatever. I don’t even know. This is an unfortunate situation that Craig created and this little girl [Skye] lied her ass off because of it.”

After he dropped Skye from his agency roster, Brian says he’s being painted as the anti-Christ and claims Skye’s making things up as she goes along.


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