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“Watch out, Dr. Ruth, I’m coming” – update

Porn Valley- In a segment dedicated to outrageous vamping and very bad Marilyn Monroe impersonations, Catalina,, was on KSEX Monday night talking about the renewal of her Porn Star 101 series. Catalina had been doing a series of beauty, charm, poise and performing tips that had been airing on the station. But there were rumors that the series stopped because Catalina had run out of thoughts, but those were quickly dispelled by her appearance on the fabled couch.

Apparently there were a few other changes as well in Catalina’s personal makeup, one of those being the fact that she had lost weight, Wankus telling her how hot she looked, Wankus announcing that there’s brand new 101 footage now to help the adult community at large with sex and good grooming.

“Watch out, Dr. Ruth, I’m coming,” Catalina said, noting that her mission on earth is to turn her audience on. “I’m going to give you the time of your life.” Wankus informed his listeners that past Catalina tips can be found on the KSEX, home page. “You can click for free downloads and see it.”

In addition, Wankus had Catalina uttering a bunch of soundbites out of context, Wankus applauding Catalina’s boop-boop-de-boo renderings. “Phenomenal, phenomenal,” he’d clap his hands as Catalina would utter profundities, such as, “I’m going to teach you something, missy!” ; “I’m gonna get you, suckah,” or “What’s your position on stem cell research?”

It was also noted that Catalina was back with Max Hardcore. “You took a little break for awhile,” observed Wankus. Catalina said she needed to chill out. “I ended up coming back- we did some more advertising for him [] and we want to give everyone the best we can possibly give with the Max Hardcore logo.”

During her hiatus, Catalina shot a couple of scenes for Ron Sullivan. “I shot a couple of girl-girl interracial scenes,” she said. “I really like those black girls. They really turn me on.” Wankus voiced the suspicion that those were double racials because Catalina herself is Mexican. “I also have a liking with the Asian culture,” she added. Wankus suggested a tactfully titled series along those lines called Rice & Beans.

“That would definitely be a good one,” Catalina agreed. Wankus also heard that some house girls in places where she dances don’t like Catalina because she talks shit about them. “I can’t help that,” she said. “When my big mouth opens and when it comes out I say a lot of shit and I can’t help it.”

People rarely peg her for being a Mexican, Catalina went on to say, most of the times guessing Asian or some other exotic nationality. “But I’m just Catalina- I’m just me and I don’t mean to fight with anyone.” Catalina said she speaks pretty good Spanish and Wankus urged her to say something hot, Catalina saying something about her sucking Wankus’ cock so good. “Whenever you want.”

She’s also quit feature dancing, she said. “I stopped. I’m so over it.” Wankus complimented her pole work noting a time they danced together at a club in Beverly Hills. Though it sounded like she had no recollection of the event, Catalina said, “I actually go upside on the pole and slide right down there. I’m really, really confident on the pole.”

Wankus remembered meeting Catalina about four years ago. “At some shithole place in Sunland,” he said. “You were dancing with Diana DeVoe and Heather Lynn.” Catalina remembered those as being the days when she had no implants. “I was just a little B-cup.” Over the extent of her experience in the porn business, Catalina says she’s run into some very nice people.”

Someone in the chatroom mentioned that Catalina had been on the TV show, Blind Date. Catalina enjoyed every minute of it. “I was, like, hey, what’s up?” Catalina went on dates but didn’t fuck the guys, she said. Asked if they at least made out, Catalina responded, “Nothing- the guys didn’t want to do anything. They were into themselves.” Noting that it was some kind of Hollywood thing for self-absorption, Catalina, in retrospect, said she didn’t want to, anyway.

“They were alright,” Catalina said assessing the guys. “They weren’t college crew at all like party central, making you feel comfortable. You really had to break a lot of walls.” And Catalina said there were a lot of walls. “I couldn’t even begin to have a conversation. I couldn’t get through those walls.”

Wankus then mentioned to Catalina that come the 8 o’clock hour on the show, he and co-ho Rebecca Love were going to rape her. “That’s fine, I’d really like that,” Catalina responded in low monotone. “She was so convincing,” Love chuckled.

Wankus remembered a time when he’d hit on her and Catalina was, back off. “It was also the girlfriend-thing,” he suspected. “She didn’t want to fuck with anybody. I had a girlfriend.” Asked who was going to be the second banana in the second season of Porn Star 101, Catalina said there were a lot of girls including some Asian one. Catalina also mentioned another girl, Layla Rivera, who’s shooting for Max Hardcore and would be participating. Regarding Porn Star 101 inquiries, Catalina can also be contacted via [email protected]

Wankus brought up Desire Moore who was in the first series. “She did an enema and all that shit with you,” Wankus said, refreshing Catalina’s memory. “When she did the first season with you of Porn Star 101 she looked a little green. She wasn’t ready for porn yet. She wasn’t ready for prime time. She looked a little…ugly. Have you seen her recently? She’s fuckin’ gorgeous.” Catalina agreed, noting that Moore has a different look now that she’s been in the industry for awhile.

“Because she got makeup tips from Catalina,” Wankus ventured to say. He then went on the Extreme Associates website to download a trailer which features Catalina. It’s called Cock Hounds in which Catalina and other women portray canines having sex. Wankus said she did a fantastic job. “Some of the fucking and sucking is unbelievable.”

Wankus observed that as you enter the Extreme site that has something with girls puking into other girls’ mouths, “He stole that from Max and Catalina, by the way.” Also in the movie, apparently, is Katie Gold who also has a show on KSEX. Wankus also mentioned that Kami Andrews, Heather Gables and Tyla Wynn were in the movie and that in one sequence Catalina’s licking her barf out of a bowl. “Dogalina they call ya.” Wankus asked Catalina if she was feeding one of the girls a dog treat. “This is psycho. Crazy shit.” During their conversation, Catalina was rubbing her stubble. “Pulling out a crab or two,” Wankus laughed. “It’s all good. To which Catilina said she liked being completely shaved. Asked if she were excited, Catalina said she was so hot she couldn’t stand it. “I want to fuckin’ touch myself right now, I’m so hot.”

Wankus invited listeners to call with their sex and porn questions. One guy wondered how he could make a woman climax from oral sex. “You go down on a girl and you don’t stop,” Catalina replied. “You just don’t stop no matter how she’s fidgeting because she knows she wants that orgasm. Her emotions are all whacked out and she doesn’t know whether she’s mad at anyone or whether she should come out and say, no, I don’t want to have you go down on me. But she’s going to explode sooner or later and you just have to keep going. You have to definitely not stop.”

Catalina said it helps for a woman to be vocal, in other words, give traffic directions. As far as she’s concerned, Catalina prefers men going down on her, suggesting that it helps to be compatible with your partner, to which Wankus advised the caller to visit the city zoo.

Wankus had his own question involving rough sex and how far you can go before receiving a cease and desist from the court system thus ruining the moment. “But it’s not fun to be rough if you have to tell me, stop,” he said. “I need to know. The guy has to assume when he’s going too far cause the girl’s going to be, like, stop. But that’s part of the game.”

“A man looks at a woman because he wants to kind of play with her,” Catalina ventured to say.

“You say play- are we speaking of, like, Legos?” Wankus asked.

“It’s basically like Legos,” Catalina said. “But you’re a man. You play with women nowadays. That’s the way men are and really we can’t do anything about it. They look at us like they want to play.” Catalina added that she’s learned to love it rough. “In the beginning I didn’t know what it was until I tried it. But not all women have that mentality that they want to be thrown around and stuff. I’m talking about girls who like it rough and like as in throwing bookcases everywhere and getting hot and heavy on the kitchen table.”

On the subject of choking, Catalina, unlike the more positive Boston Strangler philosophy, thinks it’s best not to choke out a woman unless she wants to be choked out. Wankus assumed that there’d be signals exchanged to stop, like a woman grabbing your balls. “That means stop.”

“You shake your finger back and forth telling him no more,” Catalina suggested.

“Ah, the finger-thing,” said Wankus.

“Yeah, you could do that,” said Catalina.

Wankus took the finger wag to mean, “I’m near death, naughty boy.”


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