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We Had a Contract: “Jerry Lee a no show! Knew about the scene and blew it off”

t1sol of Technology One Solutions posts on : I received an e-mail from Richard Moulton in December with pictures of his new model Jerry Lee.

I immeidately returned his e-mail booking her for the AVN show. She was evidently signing at some booth at the show. We had a contract for $1000 with Richard Moulton, which included a BJ to swallow scene and a B/G fuck scene. I bookoed Dick Chiibles directly , whom I agreed to pay $400 for the shoot.

Dick showed up on time, great guy. We waited for a few hours, trying to contact Jerry Lee, who never returned the calls. Called Richard Moulton a number of times who tried to get me to shoot Dawn Ivy instead. I declined,as everyone knows, Dawn has been i the business for a few years, and Jerry Lee is new to the business.

After numerous phone calls to Richard, (which were uneffective) and numerous phone calls to the cell phone of (Jerry Lee), I decided to cancel the shoot, after waiting 3 hours for her.

I paid Dick Chibbles his $400 fee and apologized for the wait.

I sent an e-mail to Richard requesting that he either send me $1000 for the no show scene, $400 for Dick and $600 for the flight, hotel room, time and expense of getting to Vegas. This is the e-mail I: receieved from him:

Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2008 2:33 PM
Subject: Re: Jerry Lee Booking

Brent. Are you kidding? First off, I am not responsible for a models decisions to show or not to show. So I will in no uncertain terms pay you for your fees. I have talked with both owners of L A Direct and Gold Star and they laughed at your request as well. They do feel however, that a discounted scene is in order for you as well as a wave of the agency fees. I might even be able to maybe get you a bj scene with swallow to make up all of this but that would be all.

If you are not aware, I am truly sure, you did not pay Dick Chibbles $400 for his scene that he did not do. Maybe $50-$100 for a kill fee. And to pay for your room is absurd or travel expenses.

Brent, I have been in the industry for almost 20 years and have shot over 5000 scenes and dealt with all the models and agencies. I have also had my fair share of disappointments on models not showing up but you do not get compensated back for all of the things you are requesting.

t1sol writes: Richard, Maybe I am asking for too much, maybe the blowjob scene should be adequate payment? But what about the lost revenue for my sites from Jerry Lee not showing up to do the Boy/Girl, scripted as I want it?

I will never work with Richard Moutlon again. I would not hire Jerry Lee at all, at least through Richard’s agency, as he cannot assure if his own models will show up for a shoot. I don’t care if he’s been in the industry for 50 years, a contract is a contract. He broke the contract, and therefore damages should be awarded.


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