Week #3 – NFL Pixxx

NFL NATIONWIDE – Week #3 baby and Gene is trailing me by a nose, a nose he has buried too deep inside his tarot cards with little attention to who really has it goin’ on out there. It’s been a strange start to the NFL, I’ll give ya that with Miami losing to Houston in week #1, Dallas beating the Giants last week and The Bungles almost taking out the Raiders, but there still is some logic left when picking these match ups so I’m stickin’ to that [of course, now that I say that watch me have a horrible week].

All out pixxx can be seen here, but as a preview, let me tell you a few unlikely winners I’m going after. First of all, they say never bet with your heart, but I’m calling a Miami victory over red hot Buffalo this Sunday night. As a long term Dolphin fan I’ve discovered, these are the games they win and the ones they’re expected to win, they lose. Another potential shocker I’m calling is Atlanta over the Superbowl champs, Tampa Bay. While Tampa has a solid defense, the Falcons’ D is pretty damn tough as well and I like Atlanta’s offense to be more dominant then the Bucs. I also like Washington over the NY Giants. This is going to be a back and forth game, but the Redskins have weapons that are hard to stop and I think as long as Tiki Barber doesn’t get started, the ‘Skins are going to take it.

Gene submitted his pixxx and the scary thing is, we were completely opposite on almost every single pic, except the Dolphins game. He also picked them to beat the Bills. That just makes me feel more and more that the Phins are destined to lose.

Recap on Monday!



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