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Weiss/Night Deny Dating Rumors

As if the rumors involved Ruth Buzzi, Harry Weiss has vehemently denied stories that he and Julie Night have a thing going, but if you listened closely to KSEX’s Dee and the Fatmen Thursday night you swear you could have heard the Night situation approached with extreme diplomacy.

The topic for the evening was dating/mating porn stars, though Weiss started the evening with a discourse on the recently cancelled Skin TV show from Fox.

Dee said she knew the show wouldn’t last as soon as she saw the previews for it. “How the hell can you build a show around a Romeo and Juliet theme and on top of it say it’s the porn business. It wasn’t right. I knew it was doomed to fail.” Porn Steve Seidman, the other third of the trio, said he was very opposed to the child porn plot that was thrown into the story. “That was the most disgusting part of the whole thing.” Referring to what he called “the legitimate adult industry,” Weiss said such activity is not sanctioned. Weiss said there was no improvement with the second episode. “The characters were thin and the plot was horrible.” Weiss said he would have bought the fact the pizza man was getting laid more than what Skin had to offer.

On the subject of dating, which she brought up, Dee said the topic’s been coming up a lot lately and she wanted to put it out there. Dee feels that misconceptions and illusions abound on the subject. Dee said when she came into the business she was with someone for five years (Rob Baker). “We came in together and then we separated.” Dee said she then started dating someone who wasn’t in the business. “That’s where I got my taste of what it’s like dating someone on the outside trying to cope with dealing with a porn star.” Dee related an instance where she came home from a set one time and her man wouldn’t touch her. “He would pretty much look at me in disgust. He wouldn’t talk to me. He wouldn’t touch me. He wouldn’t be affectionate for two days. He was grossed out by it all.” Dee asked Weiss if he would kiss a girl after she gave him a blowjob.

“It’s one thing if it’s my dick,” he said. “Someone else’s dick is a totally foreign country.” Presumably, to introduce the Night situation, Seidman interjected. “Har, you’re in the middle of dating…” Interrupting that thought, Weiss noted there was a call on the line. Someone named Scott from Weiss’ old turf was asked the question about kissing a girl after she’s sucked your dick. “You need to call yourself gay,” he said. “You don’t want to be doing that shit.” Dee took exception. Asked if he remembered his first blowjob, Scott said Harry gave it to him.

Scott went on to describe how he had shared the same bed with Weiss. “You snored, you smelled like alcohol,” Scott recalled. According to Scott, Weiss voiced pretty much the same complaint about Scott. Scott said Weiss did make a good pillow, however. Feeling the need to explain, Weiss said a bunch of the guys were bar hopping at the Jersey shore. “We crashed at his [Stu] parent’s condo and you slept anywhere you could.” Stuart from Jersey then called in. Seidman aked if Weiss slept with other guys. “He used to sleep with Scott,” Stuart replied. “I don’t know if they had sex but they slept in the same bed.” Weiss was of the opinion that Stu got someone’s Ritalin prescription by mistake.

Weiss posited the question about a porn star who’s just come home from a set where she’s been bukkaked by a dozen guys. “She comes home to you. What do you do? How do you deal with that?” Dee said from a woman’s point of view it takes a very strong person to deal with that and a person who’s very secure. “She’s coming home to you,” she pointed out. “She loves you and she’s only doing her job. She’s not out there messing around with that person or inviting them home or going to a bar and drinking after that. That’s where you have to distinguish the two.” Dee said a relationship isn’t about the credit cards and the money but what a man can give a woman when she comes home that another guy’s not going to give her. “But you need to make your own money, too; that’s just the way it goes.”

Weiss recalled the splooge-in-the-hair scene in There’s Something About Mary. “What if she cleans off, and you find some guy’s splooge that’s still stuck to her?” Dee said she wouldn’t know what to do in that situation. “I couldn’t give you an answer for that.” Seidman was of the opinion that if this is your lover, you have to grin and bear it sometimes. “You just have to learn how to clean better.”

Seidman began dancing again around the Night question. “What did you feel when your date…” Weiss cut him off once more. “Wait a minute. You’re going to try and avoid this,” said Seidman. Weiss told him he was getting awful personal.

“When your date on the Wankus show decided to sit on a cone and it went up her ass,” Seidman continued. “How did you feel?” Weiss let out a sigh. “First of all I was wondering what it would be like if I was there,” Weiss replied. “Secondly, I was like, oh God, please snap back. Like a rubber band, you stretch a rubber band so far, eventually it ain’t snapping back any more.” Dee asked Weiss if he were there when it happened. “We were going out after the show, yeah…we were going out to eat, like what’s the point of even eating?” Asked how he dealt with it, Weiss said when Night got down to a certain level on the cone, he turned away.

“I just want to know how’s your relationship with Julie now,” Seidman asked. “We’re not using any names,” said Weiss. “We’re supposed to go out tonight. I’m waiting for her call back.”

Julie Night, however, wrote in to, saying: I Am NOT dating Harry Weiss! He helped me get some work, I thought it was strictly business. We are not dating nor sleeping together. Your source was wrong. Please post this, thank you.




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