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“Wesley Pipes ain’t all that great a fuck”

> Jay Moyes posts: Skye Blue [pictured], Aradia, and the ladies of Platinum Blue Productions are going on the air, live on this Thursday, August 24, 5-7pm Pacific Time, on “BaadMaster’s Dungeon” with Mistress Genevieve.

They’ll be talking about the upcoming sky diving adult feature, ‘Airgazmic’ starring Aradia, Naudia Nyce, Lexi Love, Vanessa Lynn, Nicole Sheridan and Brittaney Starr, and bringing the new ‘Airgazmic’ trailer to show on the air.

Check out the show for free by going to and click “listen”. The audio feed is free. To see the action, just sign up for a membership. You can see us right there, along with the ‘Airgazmic’ trailer, and other clips we’ll be bringing for the show.

Listeners are encouraged to call in. Platinum Blue will be giving away a Platinum Blue Productions t-shirt with Naudia Nyce and Ariel X.

For more of what we have to offer, check out and don’t forget to check out Platinum Blue titles right here on

scottbizla writes: Adult starlet Veronica Jett will be the guest on Playboy’s Night Calls this Friday, August 25th. Miss Jett is scheduled to go live at 4pm Pacific Time on Playboy Radio’s signature show, the provocative call-in program Night Calls Radio, Channel 198.

Jett will be on to discuss her featured appearance in the new Papa Roach video, “To Be Loved”, and will also be promoting her new clothing line available exclusively at

> Nickey Milo posts on After my post NO FREE LUNCH, about a month ago I got quite a few messages from producers and photographers that said thanks for my posting that they where booking girls cause their agents said it wasn’t enough for them and when they contacted the talent directly they where happy about what they got, You see here in Los Angeles, Real Estate is down, Mortgages are up , Gas Prices are way up, it is time people rethink the prices and give it an adjustment. My dad taught me a real good lesson, he said “It is better to make $700 then NO Hundred…. hmm it has taken me a few years but I think he is right….

> Dust of Lethal Harcore posts on Morgan- we could not fit a whole cock in either of her holes. We weren”t even using that big of a guy. Difficult scene, because she was in pain and guy couldn’t really fuck her.

Amber Peach- could not be reached a day before the scene, so we had to book replacement because she had done a no call no show before on us.

Crysal Clear could not be reached the morning of the scene, and wasted our location time.

Oddessa, came quikly as a replacment one morning, but was in a crappy mood. I don’t know if she is always like this, but she seemed a little rude to the male performer.

> Fayner posts on Male sex performer Dez was not pleased when I outed him as a model for gay phone chat line ads. Apparently everyone from his Jr. High shop teacher to his jailed cousin to the guy who works at the car wash Dez goes to called up the teen heartthrob in anger.

So Dez quit the job and signed up to model for straight phone chat ads instead with girlfriend Alaura Eden.

> Fayner also writes:I spoke to Jonni today. If you didn’t already know, Darkko was stabbed the other night.

I will keep it brief. Jonni saw some guy throw a water bottle at a chick, he stood up for the chick and ended up getting knifed but not badly.

“That will teach me to stand up for people!” Darkko joked.

He is doing fine.

>BSD writes on ADT: Seen a million [Wesley] Pipes’ scenes, and I agree that he has SOME MOMENTS when he is entertaining and even funny. But most of the time it’s just fuckin’ annoying.

I’ve found his glass thug act most entertaining in scenes where there is some setup prior to the actual sex. He’s got a good look and style and has some good comedic timing. But once the sex starts, more often than not that non-stop jabber just gets irritating. Especially when he’s tellin’ other people what to do. And when it’s really a problem is when his constant jaw jackin’ knocks the girl he’s fuckin’ off her vibe. I’ve watched plenty of scenes where you can tell the girl is not into, or just gettin’ fed up with, his shit, and it’s killin’ her vibe. Seen some chicks look disgusted, saw one girl tell him to shut up.

The other problem with it, is that I think it masks the fact that Pipes ain’t all that great a fuck. Whenever he’s in a scene with other dawgs, he’s generally the weakest dawg, and while he spends a lot of time positioning people and telling girls and other people what to do, other boys is hittin’ it harder. And I noticed that since he ain’t all that big a guy, he has problems with girls who move or fuck back.

Like I said, he does have his moments, and I got no problem with real ghetto vibe in my porn, but it’s pretty funny when he’s thuggin’ up on some little white girl, and you can see her giggling, or he’s tryin’ to muscle up on some strong black girl and she turns his monkey ass out.

>realtip writes on ADT: I now completely avoid all scenes starring Wesley Pipes, regardless of who else is performing in the scene with him. It doesn’t matter how cute the girls is, his incessant talking will just ruin the scene anyway. This is not to say that I don’t like it when guys talking during the scene. In fact, I do like it when the guys talk to the girls. I don’t like it when the guy is completely silent all throughout the scene as if he’s dead and the girl is fucking a corpse. However, I like a certain amount of moderation when it comes to hearing the guys talk. There is just a point before it starts to get damn annoying, and Wesley always crosses that point.

Another thing that makes it irritating to hear guys talk too much during a scene is if he also has an annoying voice. Some guys have really annoying voices which makes the fact that they talk too much even worse. Tony T. is another guy guilty of ruining a whole scene because he can’t shut the fuck up. I’m getting to the point where I can’t watch scenes with him either for that reason. I have no problem at all with guys who like to talk during scenes. It just gets nerve-wrecking to a point when the guy does it too much and doesn’t know when it’s time to shut up already, especially if his voice is already irritating.

>picman writes: I think of Wesley as the Huggy Bear of porn. I wonder if anybody realizes how relentlessly positive his chatter is. He’s always complimenting the girls on their bodies, and yes, he’s always telling them how to position themselves and what to do. But Mark Davis does that also, and it usually works to everybody’s benefit. Where Wesley trips up, and BSD touched on it, is his weak performances. Wesley has more erection problems than most, and some of his so called ejaculations are as non existent as the emperor’s new clothes. If you’re going to talk the talk, you better be able to walk the walk.

>walter writes: He talks way too much. He also doesn’t get a good groove going – he stops and starts too frequently from what little I’ve seen of him.

Cuntree Pipes is pretty similar from what little I’ve seen.

Both of them are somewhat amusing for the 1st minute or two, but after that are just a distraction.

In general, a lot of guys talk too much or act too bossy and overbearing. Or even if they are not talking, guys can make too much noise, or shout “Oh Jesus! Oh Jesus!”.

It’s one of my porno pet peeves, along with quacking women.

An occasional comment, encouragement, or appreciation from the guy is tolerable; anything more can be potentially annoying. It makes the scene unrealistic. I am perhaps getting a little bit off topic here.

I wonder if other guys make that much noise in real life. Am I unusual for staying relatively quiet during sex, even when the woman I am with is really loud? This may be why I find noisy guys distracting; they take me out of the situation mentally since I am not all that noisy.

Of course I have nothing against any of these guys personally; I don’t know any of them. I don’t like to bust on guys or be too negative, but they sometimes drown out the sound of the girl and make the scene less enjoyable.

>Alexander DeVoe writes: I have shot Wesley a lot. I do ask him to tone down the talking when I shoot him. My main reasons are the fact that he gives “direction” when he is talking to the girl.and it is really difficult to edit with all of the talking. I can’t relate to the wood problems some have spoken of because 99.9 percent of the time Wesley is on point.

He has not always been so talkative. I think because he has worked with so many dead female performers he feels like he has to compensate for the lack of energy on her part.

Can he kill some of the chatter? Yes. But the ultimate responsbility lies with the director.


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