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What About Bob?

(LOS ANGELES, CA) — In the event you didn’t read the story by Wankus of, found on on Thursday, read it here. Send your thoughts here.

BigBadOmega writes:

You know with myself being in the entertainment business. I come across a lot of people that “flake” or stiff you on money or just all together back out of promises. But NEVER have those people asked me to say I am sorry for their fuck up.

JKP and this Bob cat need to realize the world does not circle around them. The sooner they learn that the better. In any form of business you know that standing people up is a bad move. Not only have JKP girls no-showed for KSex shows but they have done this to other companies and other movie makers (like Filthy Frank). And what makes it worse is they show no remorse for it whatsoever! Don’t they realize that stuff like this only hurts them, not help them? People will start to know you cant rely on Jill Kelly and her girls for anything.
As for this deal, I can see how they could even form the world in their mouths to say such and thing. Even after that point they could have kissed you before they tried to fuck you.
But if JKP wants to play that game, they should tell every, Husband, Wife, Boyfriend, Girlfriends, Mother, Father, Aunt and Uncle of someone who sends all their free time watching porn they are sorry for detaching their family member from the world. When they do that then and only then would I say KSex should say we concede for JKP’s mistake.

So word of advice Bob and JKP, come down off your mountain to the rest of the world, and you will find out how business should be run.

Mike South writes:

Dude I fuckin’ love you! That’s the best shit I ever read….yer a fuckin’ genius!

Apologize for robbing a liquor store…yer a riot!

M the Doll writes:

It is obvious that a trend and pattern of breaking commitments has become standard in the practices of Jill Kelly’s “Girls.” Even the owner in his memo to his own employees highlights this.

Whether it is because he is not clearly communicating to his employees…or whatever the reasons may be…there has been a clear-cut problem with these people keeping their commitments.

It is easy enough to simply say “I’m sorry.” For some the feeling that they are “better” than others precludes them for accepting responsibility from us “little people.” That elitist attitude is not something that is an ascribed or earned position of importance. It is a pathology and a fucking personality trait that forgets thee importance of being a decent person and treating others with respect and kindness. In short its THEE problem!! I mean Christ!! How hard can it be to see that flaking out is a trend here?

You are completely reasonable and fair and have a wonderfully responsible attitude that is clearly conveyed in the entire paper trail of the stupid drama.

I hope you see clearly that you are no elitist and that masses of people love you for the right-on fair person you are. Like I said before, fuck em’!

They all end up swinging from their own ropes eventually anyways. What survives is what’s right.

Wanky and those in it for the long haul stay out here and continue to be loved cause they are reasonable and fair.

I don’t give a fuck how pretty a girl is…that shit fades anyways. What lasts is respect and friendships

As Bill and Ted would say, be excellent to each other!

Gregory6 writes:

I just don’t understand why these people won’t let it go. Every time they open their mouth they look more and more stupid. I thought jkp was a big company who had their shit together? In the last few months they are acting so unprofessional.

Don’t they see that if they come out and apologize for their girls, maybe even break the contract of one or two of the flakes for poorly representing the company, then people will say they are a reliable company.

Seems like everyone I talk to now says they are idiots.

YNOT Bob writes:

Don’t worry about it dude. 10 years from now, you’ll still be young looking and rich. They’ll just be rich.

MaxHardcore says:

M: I’m gonna piss up her fuckin’ ass

W: Huh? Who?

M: Jill Kelly, that saggy titted fuckin’ cunt…and you can quote me on that.

W: Ok Max, sleep it off now.

M: I’ll call ya later

W: Look forward to it.

BiSexual Britni writes:

I must say, I am surprised by Bob Friedland’s phone conversation, but at the same time, I am not surprised at all.

First, I think that his offer to “make a deal” or play ball, as I refer to it, was downright, fucking slimy. Did this guy really expect you would fall on your sword for him and an entire company of knuckle necks? He seriously expected you to apologize for making comments on and about negative situations that his contract girls were directly responsible for? His company fucks over your company, a company you are directly affiliated with, I should say, and he wants you to apologize, publicly, to him and his band of stoned, near useless, no show, whores? I am really hoping this was a joke to drum up business as I have a hard time picturing this conversation actually took place.

To me, a deal has to have something in it for all parties involved. What exactly do you get Wankus? You publicly apologize for, say, well, um, I have no fucking idea so I will just make something up.

You apologize for bad mouthing his girls and forget they really had it coming and you get what? JKP lifts its ban on there girls appearing on your show? So, instead of just being banned and not appearing, they can just no-show you, and not appear?

Is that how I understand this deal? If that was the offer, I am surprised you did not jump on it and take it. After all, any “good business man” could see the upside of this bargain, right? When I am in Cali to host “Porn Star Idol” with Jewel DeNyle, maybe I can drop by and you can teach me some of this high end business skill/tactics, because that deal is just not sticking in my head as a deal worth subscribing to.

Why don’t we try leadership basics 101, military style. Field Manual on Combat Leadership: A unit is a DIRECT reflection of it’s leader….. Need I say more? If Bob’s girls religiously fail to show for scheduled events, what does this action, or rather inaction, tell us boys and girls? That discipline at JKP sucks as aggressively as most as their girls suck cock. I only say “most of their girls” because some of them are so bad at it, it hurts my eyes to watch.

There you have, a mathematic certainty. If A=B and B=C, then A must equal C. If the girls are undisciplined, and they are Bob’s girls, then Bob must be undisciplined.

Keep up the good fight and don’t let the bastards get you down.


brainwashed4u writes:

Honestly Wankus, I don’t enjoy your radio program. I’m sure your a nice guy and the show is professionally put together but it’s not my cup of tea.

I will tell you however, I completely agree with your stance on people being responsible for their obligations. Jill Kelly and this Bob guy really fucked up by not taking your “deal” which would be to just make it all go away, shake hands and end it.


XXXaddict writes:

Porn Stars Flake?




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