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When Marty Met Haley, Part 2

Porno love nests usually wind up littered with bird shit, and the story between Marty Del Toro [photo from XPT] and Haley Paige that culminated in a gypsy wedding in Santa Monica last October, is no different. Except this was a special porno marriage and it involved a green card, used car sales patter and ephemeral love oaths.

Back story- When director and former KSEX deejay Marty Del Toro, aka Csaba Marton, met porn actress Haley Paige, it was a beautiful thing.

It was on an adult movie shoot last year in May. The cooly assured Marty liked Haley, instantly, and started hiring her for more shoots. And after only three weeks of dating he talked to her about marriage. With flowery words and masterfully tantalizing pastel-painted pictures of bliss, Del Toro began putting on the full court press.

He would lend all the comments that romantically-inclined porn girls like to hear- that Haley’s job wouldn’t be an issue with him and that she could even do black guys and gangbangs if she wanted to. None of that would matter to him, and love positively beyond the norm was certainly being offered with those attractive assurances.

Then, again, Paige wasn’t aware of Del Toro’s illegal alien status. But what of she had known? Would she have fallen like she did into the arms of the dashing, Hungarian lothario whose past was littered with shady business dealings and a former wife- Sarolta Zalatnay- a famous Hungarian singer who is serving fraud for embezzlement?

In fact only recently had Paige come to learn of Del Toro’s murky activities when she read the following:

TOL News: “BUDAPEST, Hungary–She could never live behind bars, sang pop diva Sarolta Zalatnay but the 56-year-old singer-entrepreneur will soon start a three-year prison sentence for fraud. The story of the first Hungarian celebrity in recent memory sentenced to serve time in jail is also a cautionary tale of recent Hungarian capitalism. A Budapest city court has confirmed a December 2002 lower court verdict that found Zalatnay guilty of fraudulently borrowing 112 million forints (now $560,000) from private individuals, most of whom never got back even a forint of either principal or interest.

Zalatnay and several associates appealed to the Budapest court, but on 23 September Judge Akos Szekely not only confirmed the three-year term originally handed down, but made the sentence even stricter. The singer will have to spend at least 27 months in prison before she can be considered for release.

She moved into the infant commercial television business, but her private channel soon flopped, leaving many investors empty-handed. The failure of that venture led directly to Zalatnay’s fraud conviction. The dramatic fare featured many graduates of the country’s first private drama academy, one of whom, Csaba Marton, 25 years Zalatnay’s junior, she later married.

Marton, who later fled to Los Angeles and reportedly started working as a director for American porn company Red Light District Video, was also charged with fraud. In 2002, however, he informed the court that a medical condition prevented him from traveling by air to stand trial. During the trial, prosecutors outlined how the women raised money for Zalatnay’s television station. Through magazine and newspaper advertisements, A and M found private investors to loan money ranging from a few hundred thousand to several million forints, promising them monthly interest of 10 to 15 percent. A and M said it would put up collateral in the form of property and cars–which, it emerged, were either of low value or not even owned by Zalatnay’s company.

Some investors handed over their life savings, lured by the promised interest and, as some of them mentioned in their court testimony, the singer’s fame and the respect they had for her. Their possible qualms were also calmed by the fact that A and M’s lawyer had signed the loan agreements–they were not aware that Godla had by then been disbarred. The judge in the 2002 trial described how several families broke up and one investor committed suicide when it became clear they would never get their money back.”

Blinded by love and unaware that her man was a consummate Hungarian bullshit artist with a proven track record, Paige acted on good intentions of the heart. Even more so, Del Toro gave her every reason to believe that he was a member in good standing with the immigration department. And with model behavior, three more purchases of DVD’s at Fry’s and a get out of jail free card won in a Monopoly game, Del Toro could qualify for a green card.

With a voice as thick as Evan Seinfeld’s, Del Toro began pouring it on like Maple syrup on Zsa Zsa Gabor’s buttocks. He spoke in the language of love. And Paige listened, rapt, to every word even when Del Toro, curiously, advised against her telling anyone, except for a selected few, that they were seeing one other.

Del Toro eventually told Paige about Zalatnay but insisted they be married within a month because he couldn’t wait to be her husband. So spirited away by the prospects of life together was he, that Del Toro had Paige sign a prenup agreement.

It was in October, 2005, that Del Toro, on the spur, suggested to Paige that they get married, in sweats, on the beach in Santa Monica. His cousin Tibor served as witness and probably took the informal wedding pictures at half price. A clue of what rapture was in store came that evening when Del Toro, instead of making romantic Hungarian love with rhapsodic violins playing in the background, told Paige he had to go back to his studio and do some editing on a video.Â

The next day he moved in with his dog and never paid any of the bills.

Update: Ah, but this isn’t where the Del Toro-Paige love story ends. After Marty moved in with Haley, he did lend her some money which she promptly paid back because Haley, a sucker for his goulash-flavored love-rap, was concerned with the fact that Marty was struggling with his own finances including paying for his car. By the time November, 2005 rolled around, Paige was struggling with an addiction to painkillers, not helped by the fact that Marty was assisting her to obtain them. Irrespective of the fact that one of his friends had died from an overdose.

With Paige climbing the walls trying to kick the habit, Marty, the night before Thanksgiving, began moving most of his belongings out of their love pad. It was a little more than a month after they had been married. Left alone to fend for herself, Paige followed through with her plans to come down off the pills while Marty moved to his studio. Still of the belief that she could make a go of it with Marty, Paige made plans for Christmas day to celebrate it with him. She even bought presents for the occasion but Marty never showed, let alone call to explain why he didn’t. It was a week later that Paige heard from him again. Marty called to say that he was staying with his stepbrother Gabor who was going through a divorce. Marty explained that Gabor was depressed so they had gone to Vegas for a week.

In February, Marty, sucking up to Paige once more to further his selfish ends, now informed her that they had to go to the INS for “a little interview.” Taking advantage of Paige’s emotional state and vulnerability while at the same time hoping to square himself with the Feds, Del Toro made promises of reconciliation. And with that he got Paige to agree to accompany him to his INS interview. They met with an attorney a couple of weeks prior to the INS interview to be advised on what documents they needed.

The attorney told Paige that the immigration officials would not be asking her any questions. It was then that Marty told Haley that they need convincing wedding photos to make the scam work and she went along with the idea. The pictures were taken by Marty’s friend Kenny and Paige wore a wedding veil purchased from a costume shop. Other bogus shots were taken to complete a fraudulent wedding album. Meanwhile, Marty also convinced Haley that she needed to keep her trap shut or else she would face grave legal consequences if the interview didn’t go well. The interview with INS took place with Paige’s and Del Toro’s lawyer present.. Del Toro brought a marriage certificate, joint bank statements from Washington Mutual, phony wedding announcements and the fake photo album.

Once the interview was over, Paige didn’t hear from Del Toro. Then she took it upon herself to contact him in mid-April and put it to him directly: was the relationship all for the purposes of show to allow him permanent residence through marriage to a US citizen. It was then that he offered her money not to seek a divorce and to remain silent on his immigration situation. Paige refused his offer and since that time has had no contact with him.Â


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