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When Summer Nyte Sucked Off 249 Guys

Nashville- You may not read about it in the Guinness book, but, on April 1, 2005, a new world record was set in Nashville when adult film actress Summer Nyte had oral sex with 249 men in a 14-hour period. The entire event, which was hosted by porn star Ron Jeremy, was filmed for a DVD. We couldn’t help but wonder what would drive someone to such an infamous feat, so Scene writer Jack Silverman spoke with Summer, who lives in East Tennessee, and got the lowdown.

Q: How long have you been doing films?

A: I’ve been doing films for about four years, and I’m loving it.

Q: Where was The World’s Largest Blow Bang made?

A: It was done in Nashville, at the Tennessee Social Club. Ron Jeremy hosted the video for me. It was a sexual world record: 249 blowjobs to completion in 14 hours. They asked me if I could do one more and make it 250, but I was so tired and just passed out, for real.

Q: How did the film, er, come about?

A: Well, we wanted to do something a little different, and this was it. Plus, blowjobs are my specialty (laughs).

Q: Was it your first film?

A: No, actually this was my eighth or ninth film, I think.

Q: Did you do any training for the film?

A: Oh, I always have a hard cock in my mouth as much as I can (laughs). Being a swinger helps a lot.

Q: How did you find guys to participate?

A: I found the guys from my Yahoo group,, and on my website,, and also on an adult job website called

Q: Do you know what the world record was before?

A: I think it was 80. I believe that’s what they said. Ron Jeremy said that he’s done everything that could possibly be imagined in the adult video world, even suck his own dick, and he said that he was blown away by this.

Q: So to speak. Were there any qualifications for the men in the film?

A: They had to be shaved. There were showers there, and I was like, “No, you need to go get a razor and take your ass in there.” Because during the Blow Bang I had gotten one hair stuck in the back of my throat and everybody thought I was just going to hurl all over the place. One little hair will take me down. I can swallow a 9-inch dick with no problem, but a little bitty pubic hair I can’t handle.

Q: How does your husband feel about the film?

A: He loves to show me off, and it is a turn on for him to see me with other guys and girls. He films my videos and does the editing.

Q: What made you want to do it?

A: Well, I started out at 18 being a stripper, then we went into swinging, and I’m an attention whore (laughs).

Q: Did you enjoy making the film?

A: Let’s put it this way-if I did not enjoy it, I wouldn’t do it.

Q: Do you have any kids? And would you be upset if they got into the business?

A: I have four kids and, whatever they decide to do, I will support them no matter what. If they’re 18, and they want to do it, and it’s legal, that’s fine. I have no problem with that. I cannot control them. I told my kids, “If you become a homosexual, bisexual, lesbian, whatever, that’s your choice, and don’t be ashamed of it.” Because when I was growing up, I was taught that sex was just for making babies and that’s it. Every time I would get caught masturbating, I’d get my ass whupped.

Q: Did you grow up in a religious family?

A: Pretty much. My mom is Catholic, and my grandparents were devout Southern Baptists.

Q: Does your mom know about what’s going on now?

A: No. My grandfather, who actually raised me, he knew I was bisexual. He would steal my dirty magazines. I’d bring girls home and he’d be like, “I wouldn’t touch her with my dick! God, what are you thinking?” It was pretty hysterical. My mom doesn’t know, but my nephew found out. So now all his little Army buddies are emailing me all the time. I mean, if I could do a USO tour, I’d do it in a heartbeat. But I don’t think they’ll allow that over there.

Q: Does the rest of your family know about it? And if so, how do they feel?

A: Some of my family knows and don’t really pay it no mind. They say it is a legal thing to make money, and most of all, I enjoy it.

Q: Do you get concerned about STDs?

A: Well, not really. I get tested, and it is always protected sex.

Q: Do you use condoms for the blowjobs?

A: No. Before we did this, we looked it up. It’s a one in a million shot that you’re going to get anything major from that. Now, I did get a bad case of strep throat. Somebody there either had just gotten over strep throat, or had it in their system, and when I took his cum, I got it, and my fluffer had gotten it bad also. [Editor’s note: if you don’t know what a “fluffer” is, do an Internet search.] She had to go have her tonsils out. And I couldn’t eat solid food for like three weeks.

Q: Did you swallow?

A: The majority of it I did. But I mean, you can only take so much (laughs). The rest of it kind of goes down your face.

Q: Have you gotten any hassles from the law at all?

A: There’s not really nothing illegal going on. The cops said that they were waiting for the video to actually come out, because there’s three lewd and lascivious laws that they want to make sure was not broken. But because now it has been a verified sexual world record, it has some artistic merit to it, so now they can’t do anything.

Q: Do you still enjoy plain old-fashioned sex ever?

A: Yes I do. Swinging is different from making love. I still love for my hubby to just give it to me in all the right ways.

Q: Any advice for someone wanting to get into the business?

A: Yes-do not be gullible, read the fine print, don’t be pushed into doing something sexually that you normally would not do.

Q: Do you think of yourself as a professional or an amateur porn star?

A: I consider myself amateur, but after I did the thing with Ron Jeremy and I got into several magazines, they took “amateur” off there-now it’s just “porn star.” I walk down the streets and there’s a lot of times, because it is a small town-and we do have a lot of perverts here (laughs)-I’ve been walking with my kids and they yell, “Hey, Summer Nyte!” And I’ll be like, “Huh? What? Not me.” If I wasn’t with my kids, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Q: Has the DVD been selling well?

A: The DVD is not released yet. I am still trying to find a distributor, so if anyone wants to distribute it, call me (laughs).

Q: What would you say to people who say that porn is degrading?

A: Opinions are like assholes-everyone has them and 99 percent of them stink (laughs). Everyone has a job to do. Most people want to be doing what I am. They just don’t have the guts to do it, so it is just jealousy.

Q: Do you have plans to do any more movies?

A: Yes, I plan on doing a sequel to The World’s Largest Blow Bang-two girls, 500 guys in 24 hours.

Q: What do you think about when you’ve got a line of 248 more guys ahead of you?

A: I think, “Give me strength to make it,” and I just go on.



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  1. Given how unattractive and unwashed-looking Summer Nyte was, I have to wonder whether any of the guys had trouble completing.

    1. Same here (I would pass, even if I was paid) also can this number be verified? I’ve heard of gang bangs (annabel chong & jasmine st claire with 100+ people) but in reality, that number is less than 20.

      1. Infact fraud in the Porn Industry is a very intesting topic. A very famous but obviously case of fraud is OG Mudbone a “Pornstar” who used a fake penis during sexual performances.

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