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When Your Vagina and Ego Are The Size of The Rose Bowl; Mainstream Now Ganging Up on Farrah Abraham

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from – In case there are still one or two human beings on the planet who don’t understand what goes into a celebrity sex tape, allow me to give you Cassy’s Cliff Notes: a D-List celebrity who is famous for no real reason other than family money (Kim Kardashian), their family name (Paris Hilton), a Playboy spread (Kendra Wilkinson), or giving birth on MTV at 16 (Farrah Abraham) has sex on camera, their sex partner or someone else relevant to the situation “leaks” it, the “star” signs off on the rights to the tape because they realize that getting banged on camera will probably make them lots of money, said “victim” plays the “victim card” for all it’s worth by publicly clutching their pearls in horror over the “violation” and both parties in conjunction with corporations like Vivid Entertainment make tons of money off of the perverts who download it.

Still with me? Good. Sorry about that. I just hate to think that anyone who clicked on this article (thank you, by the way) would still be uninformed about this kind of thing. Now that we’re all on the same page, can someone please get Farrah’s parents on here with us? In the words of Barbara Evans, what the friggin’ frig?!

Fresh off of a DUI that she took absolutely zero responsibility for, Farrah Abraham is now taking her new boobs and her new face and starting a new career as a porn star! For anyone who’s ever forced themselves to sit through any of Farrah’s segments on MTV’s Teen Mom, then you already know that they’re pretty meek, clueless idiots. Which explains a lot about Farrah’s delusional perceptions about her talents, but I digress. Well even hearing their daughter admit that she filmed a porno with a porn star in a porn studio for money and fame isn’t enough for Michael and Debra:

“I think there is no disregard for the individual, Farrah, or her family. I do not know the individual personally, but based on information I do know, he is exhibiting very abusive behavior,” said Michael Abraham. “If somebody wants to do something in private, in that it is not to be made public, it should be respected. Let’s be adults about this.”

Yeah, Michael, you’re right – some people do film themselves with their partners in private. And keep it private. To be privately viewed and enjoyed by them and only them. I guess I’ll go grab my self-righteous megaphone (I keep it right next to my soap box) to tell you IT’S NOT PRIVATE WHEN IT’S A PORNO. SHOT WITH A PORN STAR. IN A PORN STUDIO. TO MAKE LOTS OF PORN MONEY.

Ahem. Again, sorry about that. Thankfully the porn star Farrah filmed with, James Deen, likes calling out his famous co-stars for totally sucking at life (ahem, Lindsay Lohan), so he laid it all out for everyone to better understand.

“She signed a model release and she got paid. There was this whole scheme — you guys can go out on a date and we’ll take pictures and pretend you’re dating — and I said absolutely not. I have no desire to participate in any kind of that publicity. And I told them, someone is gonna see this and be like, ‘Oh, that’s James Deen, and someone’s gonna call me and say, ‘Hey man, what’s up with this chick,’ and I’m gonna say, ‘We shot a porno and that’s the end of it.’”

And for everyone except Farrah and her parents, that is the end of it.

from www.the – I

n 1997, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee unwittingly transformed celebrity pop culture when they filmed themselves having sex on a boat.

Of course, they didn’t expect that the tape would be stolen and distributed as Pamela and Tommy Lee: Hardcore and Uncensored. But undeniably, “the modern, mass-market celebrity sex tape” was born, writes Maureen O’Connor at New York. Since then, the celebrity sex tape has flourished, with contributions from public figures as far-ranging as former vice presidential nominee John Edwards and McSteamy Eric Dane and wife Rebecca Gayheart. For some celebrities, like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, sex tapes managed to enhance and arguably even launch their careers in the spotlight.

But over the last week, Teen Mom Farrah Abraham may have finally killed the star-making power of the celebrity sex tape.

After a confusing week of denials and retractions, Abraham, 21, finally admitted to making a professionally filmed sex tape with porn star and The Canyons actor James Deen. The two were photographed walking together hand-in-hand outside of porn distributor Vivid Entertainment’s headquarters. Deen, 27, straight-up said they purposefully shot a professionally-made pornographic film together. Abraham hemmed and hawed a bit, saying, “I wanted my own personal video made and photos taken for myself. When I am older I will have the best year to look back on.” Then she added that she’d sell it for $2 million. Then she tried to block Vivid from distributing the video.

Regardless of the back and forth, “there can be no doubt now that the ambitious 21-year-old was plotting to follow the lead of fellow reality starlets Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, who shot to fame following their own sex tape scandals,” says Cassie Carpenter at the Daily Mail. And in doing so, Abraham has effectively killed the celebrity sex tape craze, says Choire Sicha at The Awl. Once upon a time “it was all about the shock and scandal and delight” of leaked footage of celebrities who had intended, or at least seemed, to keep this material private. But with Abraham’s latest contribution, “we’ve finally flipped from covert ops to overt ops.” Now that it has become so abundantly clear that a sex tape is a path to fame, not shame, we have celebrities on the decline not only leaking but making pornography for the purpose of seeming like a sex tape. “And so we have come full circle.”

Indeed, “the value of the sex tape has diminished,” O’Connor says, “while the betrayal associated with selling one has gone up.”

Perhaps, though, the bigger issue is why people seem to care so much about the difference between a “sex tape” and “porn.” Why is it considered so much worse that a woman who made her fame off of an unplanned teenage pregnancy is attempting to extend it (and, for that matter, support her child) through another sex act? Is her intent really so important?


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