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Who Is Eddie Tour? Who Cares?!

(WORLD WIDE WEB) — editor, “Eddie Tour,” is driving industry folks nuts because [he/she/it] gets a lot of good dirt published about intimate things an obsessed fan would never know. Alisha Klass thinks Eddie Tour is me, Wankus. I put that rumor to rest by not only denying it, but professing my love for being an asshole in the spotlight, not in hiding. Stunning Curves thinks it’s a fucking cat, or at least the owner of a cat. Wanker Wang swears it’s some dude who used to drive around adult star Cherokee and has drug addiction problems (talk about the pot calling the kettle…yeah, well you know).

Want to know what I think? WHO FUCKIN’ CARES?

Tour came on the scene about two months ago and has revealed inside info about adult stars, activities on sets, who’s screwing who over, porn stars with diseases who work no condom and more. [He/She/It] posts e-mails from fans and industry folks who feel like talkin’ a little trash, as well as news stories and press releases, but usually with a very opinionated footnote that combines personal experiences with basic thoughts on the matters.

This person, whoever it may be, obviously has an inside to the industry because there are clear and concise descriptions of events and accounts, that could only come from someone who has either been there (wherever there may be in a given story) and/or knows the people personally that are getting trounced.

The big news isn’t Eddie’s sharp and chastising tongue or revealing dirt, but the aggravation around the industry as to who the hell this person is.

Adult news sites, performers and movie companies are chomping at the bit to find out who lives behind the alias, almost to the point where they’re ready to put out a bounty.

Insults are flying about Tour’s anonymity and it’s becoming a common post on competing web sites with guesses and assumptions of this person’s identity.

Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is. I honestly could care less and it doesn’t strike my curiosity. But, I really am enjoying watching everyone have a tizzy over it and I can’t wait until someone does find out who it is now, because it’s humorous watching people have a fuss about it.

As a reader of the site, I really don’t need to know. I feel if this person wants to protect [himself/herself/itself] and their work in the industry, by not announcing who they are, then they should be allowed to keep it on the low down. We all know too well, any person who says or does something the adult industry, as a whole, doesn’t agree with, gets black balled and turned on. (I’d like to say “hi” to Bella Donna at this time)

So, at Fucking Gossip, Eddie gives a forum for stars, directors and fans to beat the shit out of each other without having to cop to it.

I’m from New York. I like standing tall and making brazen comments, ready to accept the consequences. But there are times when Eddie Tour’s services can be a good release for those who don’t want to face the music. We could also learn helpful things about the industry that will guide those of us in it, in the right direction. Unfortunately, we also will be learning hurtful things.

Don Hollywood said to me, just the other day, “There are so many people outside of the adult industry, trying to tear us down. There’s nothing worse then people in our own industry doing it.”

I agree with Don on that. But only on the level of malicious acts against one another. Unjustified acts or comments. I also feel that fun fodder should be allowed, like I do on my show every night. If it’s stereotype humor or a little healthy ribbing on one another, who cares. If it’s vicious and uncalled for, I don’t support it.

I got so much heat from the Dave Pounder story I released the night he came into KSEX and couldn’t get wood. But, I feel that was a justified publication since he basically brought the spotlight on himself by sitting on the floor of the studio for 42 minutes, spanking his pud to a magazine.

The other side though on chastising or expressing negative experiences in regards to “our own” could be viewed as protection. Sometimes warning others of a company, person or production that has a bad reputation, may save them the trouble of getting screwed over or put in a position they might not want to be in.

Regardless, it’s not my call, since there will always be Eddie Tours out there, whether I’m for it, or against it.

So, I’m going to put my guesses in the hat now, so I can join all the others in the game.

My first guess was Skeeter Kerkove, someone who I like a lot and think is bringing fresh things to the business, as well as a passion for work that is addicting. But as I think harder on that, I will remove Skeeter from my guesses because he’s like me…he is happy to face the music when being controversial. Kerkove wouldn’t hide behind the alias, he’d sign his name to it.

Next I threw the name Hamilton Steele into the mix. He’s a whiny little trouble maker who has tried some pretty cheesy stunts in the past including press releasing his own funeral. [Boy, was I upset when I found out it was a stunt] Nah….can’t be him. I honestly don’t think he’s smart enough to pull it all off and he also has a bit of an ego and would’ve probably come clean by now. [BTW, I love Kelly Fire….just can’t stand the putz she shacked up with]

Then I started thinking it could be Steve Banan. But I quickly dropped that thought because there are no spelling errors, the site is easy to navigate and every story isn’t about Nicole Moore.

OK…Just to be different and start a little shit….Wankus says Fucking Gossip’s Eddie Tour is…..


Hey…ya never know….he hasn’t been around in a while and left bitter.

Thanks fuckerz! I’m done


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