• I would like to think personally whoever wrote this well I already know it is but I’m not going to give you any credit it warms my heart that someone has that much time on their hands and they spend so much time to think of me to write so little you truly must be a literary genius Bender Cain president CEO of explicitlistcom

      • Do you know what a ceo is Bender you make it so easy for me to pick you apart its like stealing candy from a retard a company must first have a board of directors then be traded publicly the ceo answers to them nice try Dan I mean Bender

  1. Bender Cain is simply an idiot He never graduated high school his spelling skills in his comment would make you think he did not graduate the 3rd grade He was once locked up for passing bad checks & fencing stolen property He lives in a half way house and yes the previous comment is true he is a homosexual Oh and he actually has a secret identity as an english gent named Dan Daily Whoops I let the secret out

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