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Why Can’t a Hot BABE Hit on ME?

So, I’m workin’ from home, doing my thing and out of nowhere I get a strange instant message from a person requesting me to put them on my Instant MSGR list. I’m okay with that because many times it’s adult business people or fans who want to ask a question about something.

I finished working on something and then I went back to their nickname in my browser and did a profile search on them. Much to my surprise, it’s some dude sitting there naked with his hand on his hard-on. I was a little confused because I don’t recall sending out the message that I was looking for a stud in my life so I sent him a note and the following conversation ensued:

RadioWanker: Why did you add me to your list?

digitinme: because we could c2c

RadioWanker: c2c? Sorry, not up on the lingo. What does that mean?

digitinme: cam2cam

RadioWanker: Did my name get on a list of some sort? How did you pick me of all people?

digitinme: are u on the radio

RadioWanker: yes

digitinme: great are u the wanker

RadioWanker: Yes, I’m Wankus

RadioWanker: from The Wanker Show on

digitinme: great i love ur show

RadioWanker: kewl

RadioWanker: And if you listen to my show, does it give you an impression that I’m into guys or something?

digitinme: what Kewl

RadioWanker: Cool

digitinme: i don’t care u are cute

RadioWanker: LOL

digitinme: i which to see u live too

RadioWanker: Yeah…see, I don’t really play on the otherside of the fence. Have you seen Jason’s show? He’s cute and loves guys.

digitinme: o i loved u the most

digitinme: i feel horny when i see u

RadioWanker: Well, these things happen I guess, but I don’t think I can satisfy what you’re looking for. I tell ya what I’ll do. First…I’ll send you to an optometrist who can help you with your vision issues, then I’ll invite you to join Jason on The Young and the Curious, every Friday night at 6pm on You can see me in the hallways and say hello, but you’ll get to be yourself on his show.

RadioWanker: How does that sound?

digitinme: i am in Egypt

RadioWanker: Ah

RadioWanker: That is a problem

digitinme: i could see u by cam

RadioWanker: You mean to tell me that there aren’t that many good lookin’ guys in Egypt who play on yourside of the court?

digitinme: there is but u are a hunk

RadioWanker: LOL

RadioWanker: You mean “Chunk” don’t you

RadioWanker: lol

digitinme: ya

RadioWanker: Well, gotta get back to work now. Be on the lookout for our new DVD called KSEX 1: Sexual Frequency. If you really want to see me naked, I got a blow job from a hot babe in it. I came all over her face, you’ll love it.

digitinme: oh ya

RadioWanker: Thanks for the flattering advances. LOL

And there ya have it. Not only do I struggle to get laid with the numerous babes I see in my daily adult biz interaction, now I’m getting hit on by men. Isn’t life grand?!

If any ladies hot ladies would like to MSG me, I’ll be happy to c2c with you! LOL


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