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Will Chatters Ever Learn?

(SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA) — I was in my office Monday Night before my show working away, when the private message sounder on my chat program went off. Frequently, in the chat room, I sign in when I’m off the air under the name “YupYup” (My favorite gangstah expression), and most regular chatters know it’s me, because I don’t try to hide it.

The person soliciting me privately had the nick name “HotRod” and asked me if I was horny. Having no idea it was me, I thought I’d play along with this desperate soul and said, “oh yes, very much so.”

HotRod then wrote, “What are your stats?”

I replied, “four to six thousand listeners per hour,” and then went and did my show.

It was humorous and fun, but it didn’t end there.

Following my show, while working at my desk, still signed in as YupYup, the private message alarm went off again.

This time from someone named “StaticStreak.” The conversation began in a similar fashion and I was determined now to make this poor dude pay for his cyber-advances.

The following transcript is taken from the actual chat YupYup (Wankus) and StaticStreak had last night in private message, in the Chat Room:

hi there

Would you like to get to know each other?

I would love to

Lets start with the boring basics…hahaha

ok, your question first

Where you from? How old are you..blah blah

Los Angeles, 34

Singapore, 18, male, asian

wow, do you have that asian stigma? Small pee pee?

Oh, point of information…I have a huge dick

Do you like Shrim?

I cook some mean Shrim


Are you male or female?

I’m actually both

I have tits and a dick

Is that ok?

My real name is MelissTOM


wild shit

You interested in someone like me? Most people aren’t.

I’m alright

No problem

Would you ever consider being with someone like me?

So you were actually a guy?

Yeah I was a guy, but now I’m kind of both

a friend? okay. As a lover? I don’t think so.

I suck a mean dick….you sure after a few drinks, I couldn’t talk you into letting me ravish you?

Believe me, no one sucks a better dick then me

I’ll tell ya what…just tell me if I met you in Singapore, and no one knew about it, you let me suck your dick and I’ll go on with my night


I never said you can’t suck my dick

If I did it really well, and no one knew, would you return the favor?

I would love to play with you too….lick your boobs….

Return the favor? Maybe…

Would you jack me off or suck my dick, so I can get off too?

Jack, of course. Suck….depends on how comfortable you make me feel


At least I get off too

It’s gotta be fair ya know

Yeah yeah…alright…I would

Kewl Thanks….Now listen to the current radio show…I got a surprise for you

At that moment, I walked the transcript of our chat into the studio and had LorrAINIAC of the show “Temptation” read it on the air. It was hysterical. Mean? Nah! All in good fun, and again to set an example. I got a random guy [who claimed in chat earlier in the show that he was 100% straight] to admit he’d suck off a Tranny! LOL I love it!

You NEVER know who you are talking to in chat rooms. No matter what the person tells you, no matter what PICs of themselves they send you…most of the time, their identity and/or conversations are lies.

Chat rooms are fun, but use them cautiously and only as a means of having fun. If you’re lookin’ for love and sincere friendship, buy a dog and take a lot of walks in the park. You got better odds of finding a real person there.


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