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With Very Good Reason: Lisa Ann Now Going After Mr. Syphilis, Mr. Marcus

This story’s definitely in progress, but Mr. Marcus was on RadioSex this past week and did a sex scene on-air with a new girl named Alexandra Smith [photo sent out by Lisa Ann].

That Mr. Marcus is doing any kind of sex scene is one issue. But that it involves Manwin and Playboy is a whole other kettle of smelly fish.

Lisa Ann‏@thereallisaann tweets: I have some news that is so absolutely shocking I have been just trying to accept it before I share it, this will blow Your Mind…

…So you all know that I have a Radio Show on Radio Sex, used to be Spice Radio, is Owned by Manwin and resides in the PlayBoy Building..

…Let me preface with.. I love doing my Radio Show, I love what it offers to the New Girls who want to Feature Dance etc….

…Last Tuesday night, the show after mine, with the same program director as mine, decided to “Play God” with the destiny of Radio Sex. We all know the Mr Marcus Situation…

…We also know the Playboy Building and Manwin have NO Permits for LIVE
sex and did not check tests. I have pulled some photos that I will send later, but no one will let me know who the girl was, as her head is removed from the images.

…So @jessica_bangkok are you saying you can handle the pressure of the business shutting down again? Losing Radio Sex? This is an absolute atrocity!!! I couldn’t be more beside myself, people still surprise me..

…That’s the amazing part.. Now Radio Sex will be thrown out of that building and everyone is losing their jobs.. OMG who is blowing up my phone! My bosses boss..

…From Playboy! Wow, they are shocked I’m pissed! As he is trying to talk me off the ledge I am expressing to him I am just protecting my peers Mr Marcus, yes I know everyone makes mistakes..

…But come on….

…You really have to do this to everyone? Now, after my “Bosses” “Boss” calls me to try to make nice, @Ray_Deo threatens me by text with a lawsuit for harassment..

…#BringItON All I have been asking for – for days now- is the name of the girl, is she tested, I don’t want her affecting other talent.. Seriously..

…Who does shit like this? We move into an amazing building, we have a killer studio, everything is amazing..

…Let’s bring in Mr Marcus to fuck a girl, live on the air, with no permits, tests, nothing..

…#SmartMove @jessica_bangkok From @Ray_Deo “Im sorry but this is
harassment now. I have spoken to a lawyer and yes you will be served with paper work” “This matter is now on the hands of the lawyers. I have nothing else to say to you. Yeah… If u already got yourself a lawyer YOU FUCKED UP and YOU know it, good work @Ray_Deo letting @jessica_bangkok be your BRAIN power! Since I asked nicely for the name of the girl so I could report it to out testing centers to protect my business, and no one would help me.! Game ON people…….. Game ON….


In her updates Lisa Ann tweets:

…If these types of things continue, I will be forced to stop shooting permanently, till then.. I will fight the fight… Love You All!

…All of you need to know this.. I love making Porn for you! I mean LOVE it, I’m just fighting to keep that a possibility..

…Thank you all for your support, I have cancelled my shoot tomorrow so I can have some meetings to resolve this situation.

…Companies are still dealing with fines and fees associated with shooting him during the time he was aware he was infected.

…When I just tried to Speak to Mr Marcus between him yelling at me- I suggested he get a job, out of the business…

…Shit is gettin real….

…I am NOT threatened by someone that Threatens others well being.. I am charged up to protect and serve my industry! #BringItOnSon

…Still fucking people with no test…. Interesting play when it ruined your career!!! And calling me yelling at me #NotSmart

…So when I get the phone call from @AkaMrMarcus I ask “Did u ask the girl for a test the other night” he was silent, this is what got us here

…My phone is blowing up…. Anyone especially you Mr Marcus who wants to call and yell at me, go for it.. I can’t take it!

…No one will tell us who the girl was.. So for all of us shooting this week, we are really nervous..


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