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Porn Valley- X Con debuted Sunday, and as far as I could tell a good time was had by everyone I talked to. But the lingering suspicion is that X Con, which was held at the Entertanium in downtown L.A., might be biting off more than it can chew if it decides on a monthly venue. But we’ll see. As far as all the porn stars, as advertised, showing up? For the most part, yes, although there were some big names on the marquee that I failed to spot.

As it is, the organizers, specifically Layla Jade and her man, did a bang up job in assembling a show that had something of a spread out, relaxed fun house flavor to it with surprises lurking in and out of a maze of intriguing rooms all styled with different themes to them.

Almost like the Magic Castle, but with dildo tricks. Depending which corridor you chose, Kylie Ireland was likely the first porn star of the day that fans would run into. Ireland was manning a booth on behalf of Las Vegas Novelties. Kylie was telling me she heard a rumor that Jonathan Morgan just bought a Porche Boxster. I said the other rumor was that Morgan coughed up a $10,000 down payment.

And talking about getting a jump start, Maggie Knowles is already doing promo for the Film and Arts Festival which is being held in Hollywood next March.

Then, perhaps one of the surprises of the Jack-in-the-box afternoon was Pamela Peaks so sprayed with layers of tanning glop that she could pass for one of Tina Turner’s back-up singers. Another visual jolt was Tony Montana showing up hobbling with a cane and wearing his hair blond.

No, cable is not doing a movie about Kid Vegas. But Montana said he did the dye job for an HBO flick where he plays a killer and fucked up his knee during a fight sequence. How this will affect in the next couple of months is a matter of conjecture. Montana’s set to run a marathon in Alaska this June and is finding industry support outside of Steve Orenstein and Jeff Stryker, hard to come by. Montana, who has HIV, but has it under control, told me a story of how he went to John Stagliano and was told that Stagliano wasn’t going to pay for Montana to have a vacation. Montana also went to a certain three-lettered publication that promised him a story but delivered lip service instead. And, frankly, I find that really, really hard to believe.

Then, as I spoke to Mercedes, I reminded her of the time I interviewed her at Extreme Associates. She claims I never interviewed her. Okay, it was her stunt double. At which point Montana interjected and said he fucked her 7 times when Mercedes was 80 pounds and whacked out, but she doesn’t remember any of those times, either.Also got to chat with Kat Kleevage a bit and she told me that she was the first girl to get booted off the AEE convention floor for showing her tits. The following day some other girls followed suit and that’s when alcohol was banned from the show floor.

One room had a couple of girls putting on a foot show. In one of the hallways KSEX had a booth featuring Carmen Luvana, along with Alexis Amore, and from time to time I could see Olivia O’Lovely also signing autographs at the booth.

In another room, which kind of resembled a silken Arabian Nights boudoir, the adorable Victoria Givens,, was meeting her fans. Victoria’s husband Bill, who’s from Miami and the last man standing in the Lord Perious debacle, told me how he almost got the shit beaten out of him at an Eagles game one time by a bunch of goombahs from South Philly when they saw his license plates in the parking lot at the now razed Veterans Stadium.

I had a quick chat with Victoria.

Victoria: I’m having the very first release from Victoria Givens Productions- ATM Babes. There’s been a lot of talk about it. ATM Babes, which is on VHS and DVD will hit the streets April 7. It’s nasty, fun and all that good stuff rolled up in one.

Gene: What are you doing here. You have your own private little boudoir.

Victoria: I know. I know. Of course I have my movies, I’m doing Polaroids and meeting my fans. That’s important to me. I like to meet my fans. This is the first year for this so I’m hoping a few people come out.

Gene: How long have you been in the business.

Victoria: Two years.

Gene: What are some of your next projects.

Victoria: Well ATM Babes is a series. I plan on putting out continuous versions of that as well as some more lines planned. I also have another feature, Chasing Reality, which is in the works, but I’m not sure when that will be done. It’s in editing.

Gene: Are you working exclusively for yourself?

Victoria: No, I’m working for other companies as well. But I can’t do that forever. That’s why I wanted to get my company started and use my name. We don’t stay young forever.Gene: Now that you’ve been in the business two years here’s the stump Victoria question. Remember the first sex scene you ever did.

Victoria: I’ll never forget it! It was for Pleasure Productions. The name of the movie was Naughty Nights 4. It was fun but kind of a bad experience for the very first set. Because I was on the set for 8 hours just to do a boy-girl scene. Simply because the guy had a problem getting wood. I didn’t know all this stuff happened. It does. Now I know that.

Gene: And you were a brunette back then.

Victoria: I was.

Gene: Is life better as a blond or as a brunette?

Victoria: I don’t know. Some people like brunettes better. Some people like blonds.

Gene: Obviously you get the blond crowd.

Victoria: I like being blond better.

Gene: Remember who the guy was, having problems.

Victoria: No, I don’t remember his name. I don’t even think he had a stage name. He was somebody who wanted to have a chance.

Gene: Who have you enjoyed working with.

Victoria: I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dick Delaware recently on a Jill Kelly shoot. We worked really well together. He was fun and very professional. There’s another guy I’ve worked with on Roy Karch sets but I can’t remember his name.

I asked Selena and Kent Silver, who also have a show on KSEX, about their forthcoming attempt to sail around the world. They still have about two years of certification to go through before that happens they tell me. But what Selena would like to do, in the meantime, is arrange an all-gossip show featuring yours truly, Luke Ford and Scott Fayner.

Annie Body flits in and out of Los Angeles like the marine layer, and this is one of the times she was in town. Annie, from all reports, was out of control at the XCon party last Thursday where she was offering impromptu hand jobs. “If no one sees it, it’s not a crime,” says Annie who wasn’t admitting to anything. I told her she’d make a great First Amendment attorney. Annie says she’s been doing a lot of fetish-stuff and will be promoting a new website starting up, “There’s not much there yet but we’re working on it,” she says.

I have intermittent chats with Chef Jeff throughout the afternoon and he informs me that another one of my Tarot predictions is right on the nose- the one about his having a female business associate. Turns out that it’s the drop dead Nordic blond Carina. What Jeff particularly likes about the relationship is that Carina sucks his cock and buys him lunch.

Now I’m only reporting rumor, but one of the ones I heard at X Con was that Pason and her hubby Kris Slayer have broken up and that Pason is now seeing Dick Smothers Jr. who was one of the very few, if only, male performers to be found in the X Con mix. At one point in the afternoon, Smothers was on stage doing a comedy routine, lending if nothing else, the impression that The Smothers Brothers have little to worry about. Whereas Nina Hartley pretty much occupied center stage throughout the day as hostess of X Con.

Bill Margold who was passing out flyers for the Circus Maximus and Bowling for Scholars promotions in May, tells me that Jeff Coldwater’s film Reefer Madness 2001 opens this Friday for a week’s engagement at the Fairfax Theater in Los Angeles. It was Margold who gave Coldwater his name following a touch football game at Coldwater Canyon one afternoon in which Jeff caught six touchdown passes. Later on in the afternoon Margold auctioned off a Free Speech poster and teddy bear which was bid on successfully by Dahmer, the former KSEX intern.


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