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XPT Thread: Is Bree Olson Insane? (Charging $20,000 for a DP)

> Moxie posts on According to Gene Ross, Bree is looking for $10K for a blowbang and $20K for a DP. Is this a joke?

Quote: To make a comparison, Raven says Misha reminds you of Bree Olson who’s also with Foxx. Raven calls Chris at the agency to find out what Olson will charge to do the blow bang. He can’t believe what he hears.

“She wants $10,000,” Raven tells me, picking himself off the floor. “And she wants $20,000 to do a D.P.”

“But she’ll give you a scene,” Raven says, looking for the silver lining somewhere in that cloud. I figure for that price Olson should give you a baby.

> Willie D writes: No whore is worth $20M, not even Pamela Peaks, or her recipes.

> crispinglover1 writes: Hey if Brandon Iron was dumb enough to pay Amy Reid 6500 for a Baker’s Dozen, then Bree Olson is thinking maybe just one moron will pay her 10k or 20k. Remember, just because 99 people say you are fucking insane, doesn’t necessarily mean the 100th person won’t think it’s a great idea.

> King writes: So, Bree is the first nominee as gold digger of the year for 2007. The prize is a replica statue of Anna Nicole Smith with her hand in the pocket of the 90 year old dead guy.

> Monstar writes: that’s true. fuck it…get what she can. if nobody wants to pay it, then she don’t have to worry about it.

also, maybe her rationale is “i’m not fixin’ to do this quite yet, but if someone is gunna flip a few g’s my way….”

> Gia Jordan writes: Maybe it’s her way of not being available for blowbangs or DPs unless by the crazy off chance some director goes for it…touted on the boxcover as ‘bree olsen in the most expensive dp ever!’

Price yrself out of the market, ya know.

> Dan G writes: I just see it as her playing smart with the few cards she has got up her sleeve.

For what it’s worth, I believe both acts would be relative sexual cakewalks for a girl like Bree (so I don’t think she’s ‘putting them off’ or ‘afraid’ by any stretch of the imagination), but the reality is that if you want Bree’s first DP or Blowbang, then it’s gonna cost you…you also know that because of the cost that there is an increased likelihood that few of your competitors will have a similar scene of Bree to compete with yours.

Thus, like Stella Artois, a Bree Olsen level-upping exclusive is ‘reassuringly expensive’.

> Moxie comments: Bree did a blowbang for Billy Watson at spunkmouth right out the gate.

> Conky writes: Just how much return could you expect if you have to lay out that kind of bread on one performer?

Sales are down across the board, Bree. You do not have a gold vagina and a platinum anus.

Nice to see at least one performer chasing the Hillary Scott million dollar poophole dream.


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