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XXXJAY: Kenny got the last word and THE GAY MAFIA had banned me before I could respond!

It is not my intention to beat a dead horse. I have been banned from GFY because of the “XXXJay Is Dead” post. It’s the virtual equivalent of being banned from the porn industry, which I’m fine with. It’s been dead since 2008 anyways.

However, before “buying me out” my business partners spent an exorbitant amount of time sullying my name. In fact, when I finally learned that I was being kicked to the curb, everyone else was shocked that I didn’t know already! To make matters worse, to receive my severance I had to sign some bullshit “non-disparagement agreement”, which I gladly wipe my ass with.

I would like to point out that there are many trolls enjoying schadenfreude at my expense. Kenny got the last word and THE GAY MAFIA had banned me before I could respond!

XXXJay banned!


It is easy to call a person a drug addict, racist, or alcoholic. Especially when the people calling a drug addict, racist and alcoholics are exactly that. They need only to look in the mirror. It’s tougher to prove someone is a liar or a thief! If anyone has a GFY account and would like to post any of the screenshots in my defense, it would be more than appreciated. If you read the rest of this post, you will know that there is no way XXXJay is lying on GFY.

Here comes that big dose of truth soup, I spent some time going through my emails last night and found a few gems:

A screen shot of the occash crooked accounting practices
Kenny B states here:
Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 10.41.23 AM
If that were true, it would be easy for me to spot the fact that the company’s biggest traffic source, aside from myself, hadn’t been paid in five months! If I had ever been presented with a P&L I could’ve spotted it right away, let alone being notified by Freeones that we were THAT delinquent was an embarrassment and shock.

Unfortunately, I was kept in the dark the entire decade I was with that company and for good reason. If someone figured out the scam, it would all come back on me because I was the “face” of the program! Nobody else had any credibility, so they piggybacked mine. I think one of our subcontractors summed up the OC Cash and Pornstar Platinum accounting practices perfectly in this email:

An example of the phony answers given by pornstar platinum's crooked CPAAgain Kenny B says here (click to enlarge):

Kenny B tries to lie about his acquisition
IF what you are saying is true:

1. You were given falsified accounting statements, and if that is the truth that entire firm should lose their CPA license.

2. You simply glossed over the documents (if they ever existed, because I certainly never saw one).

3. You are full of bullshit. I am prone to believe #1.

It is worth noting that this isn’t just an isolated incident and I was never the person who deals with the payments. Sometimes people who knew me personally would come to me before they would go to our affiliate manager.

Meaning for every email I was getting about missing checks our affiliate manager was getting at least 10.

Case in point (click to enlarge)….

The crooked CPA method of scamming honest affiliates
And another, again from Freeones (click to enlarge):

Missing payments to accountsAnd another (click to enlarge):

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 12.08.49 PMAre you seeing a pattern yet? (click to enlarge)

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 12.21.17 PMFor all of your theoretical arguments about how I’ve hurt the business, here is actual business lost due to your greed and / or incompetence (click to enlarge):

Webmaster quits over missing fundsLastly, it wasn’t just our affiliates getting hosed, if I didn’t vigilantly check MY banking statements I wasn’t getting paid either.

liesA lot of people tell me I should just drop this. I am now living homeless in Atlanta and having to restart my entire life at 44 years of age due to the greed and a lack of moral turpitude my business partners possessed.

That’s a tough pill to swallow.

Meanwhile, JC and the rest of the crew is enjoying a relaxing weekend on Lake Havasu in his fancy cigarette boat with all of the money stolen from myself and my former affiliates.

That just makes me sick. I hope it makes you sick too.

If anyone would cares to contribute, I don’t make money writing this blog. At this stage it’s just a catharsis and you would have my eternal gratitude.

jason quinlan paypalDonations are appreciated ?

Likes and comments sorrow is appreciated:

Have a great Fourth of July and hopefully better times are on the horizon,


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