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Year in Review Continues; Ray Pistol’s Talk of the Town Featured Prominently in The Hangover

Call me crazy but Zach Galifianakis [pictured left] is a dead ringer for the late Jim Holliday.

> If you were too busy laughing your ass off at the comedy of the year, The Hangover, you might not have realized some of the scenes were shot at Ray Pistol’s Strip Club “Talk of the Town”.

In the movie they used a building which is part of the Talk of the Town property as a wedding chapel that plays a major part in the movie. The story line is four guys go to Las Vegas for a wild night of drinking and shenanigans. This location was also featured in Deep Throat the Quest with the late Anna Malle doing a Deep Throat Gang bang. During the making of the Hangover movie the Warner Brothers cast and crew used the Arrow’s 30,000 square foot warehouse / studio as their Las Vegas headquarters. Most of the props from the wedding chapel scene came from Arrow’s prop house.

Heather Graham had to do research on her hooker / stripper part in the movie and found that the girls from Talk of The Town are the best dancers out of all of the Las Vegas strip clubs. In the end of the movie you get to see photos of Graham showing off her skills which she learned from the girls at Talk of The Town which is the only nude club on the Las Vegas Strip. The Club was also featured in the Deeper Throat Reality TV that aired on Showtime.

Talk of the Town is located at 1238 South Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas phone number (702) 385-1800

> Another strip club- The Cheetah Club in Corpus Christi Texas- also got some notoriety but of the unwanted variety. The Club got in a lot of hot baby oil when they hired an underage stripper. So what did they do? They sued the 14 year-old girl and her parents claiming they were tricked into giving her the job.

“She came (into the club) with 6-inch stiletto heels and a miniskirt and looked just like a model from a Miss America’s contest,” said one of the Cheetah Club reps. As part of the lawsuit, the Cheetah Club also wanted a judge to declare that the club didn’t intend to hire a minor.

Nonetheless, police arrested the club manager and charged him with employment harmful to a minor and sexual performance of a child. However, the club’s attorney, Alan Yaffe, said his client is not guilty because the girl looked “very mature.”

A Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission officer scoffed at that characterization. “I’ve seen this young lady’s picture, and I assure you she is a 14-year-old seventh-grader,” said the officer.

> Then we had the warm-your-cockles story of former Palomino strip club owner Luis Hidalgo Jr. and his son Luis Hidalgo III who were sentenced to life in prison for the 2005 slaying of a former employee.

During a sentencing hearing, Hidalgo Jr. maintained that he wasn’t involved in the plotting and killing of Timothy Hadland, 44, a former doorman at the Palomino Club in Las Vegas.

Authorities said the Hidalgos had Hadland killed because he was talking badly about the club to cabdrivers, which in turn cost the club thousands in lost revenue.

“I had nothing to do with his death,” Hidalgo Jr. insisted.

> No wonder the cops went after The Desert Divas escort service when they’ve got an accountant like Peter Shifman. Shifman was sentenced to three years in prison and ordered to pay a $100,000 after he pleaded guilty to money laundering and wire fraud in connection with the case.

While in jail Shifman said he believed Desert Divas was a “legitimate escort service.” Which is an oxymoron. Shifman also claimed he researched the company and discovered that it always renewed its business license on time and had no history of civil complaints. Shifman went on to say he initially had little contact with the ladies and when he did it was strictly for accounting questions. However, several women claimed that “you would have to be stupid to not know it was a prostitution business,” according to court records.

> Phoenix stripper Samantha Abernathy left her two children, aged 1 and 3, alone for several hours. Concerned neighbors contacted police who took the children back to their apartment. Once home, the 1-year-old decided to fix breakfast consisting of dog food. Don’t be alarmed, the refrigerator was well stocked…with the 20-year-old mother’s booze. The kid’s fathers came and picked up their children and the Abernathy was later arrested.

> Everyone got all excited, especially Steve Hirsch, probably, when a story went out on the Internet that there was a Rihanna sex tape. Wrong. A video clip from an alleged Rihanna sex tape made its way around the Internet showing a young woman with a short hair style cut much like R&B music singer Rihanna from a couple of years ago in a night vision scene similar to the famous Paris Hilton sex tape.

The 13 seconds clip was labeled with a message making claims that the full Rihanna sex tape would be released . However sources revealed that the sex tape was more than likely a fake and a hoax. reported that the person in the alleged sex video may possibly have been porn star actress Lavish Styles who can be somewhat confused with Rihanna on a video with night vision.

Rumors of an alleged Rihanna sex tape had been circulating the Internet for some months.

> In an interview with the LA Times, Darren James revealed that he tried to kill himself after testing positive for HIV. He later sued AIM. Read the story here:

> Remember 18 year-old Kimberly Vlaminck? She was the chick who claimed to have 56 stars tattooed on her face. Later she admitted the story was bogus. However that didn’t stop who offered Kimberly “top dollar” for an interview along with an unspecified contract offer that would feature her in a series of exclusive interviews.

> After a stint on Celebrity Rehab, Heidi Fleiss declared, “I’m proud to say that I’m clean and sober, and I’m finally ready to make a commitment to one man – and that’s Dennis [Hof].”

> Frank Lombard is a very giving man. So giving, he offered up his 5-year-old son to anyone for sex. Luckily, police caught wind of this creep’s game. An undercover cop contacted “perv dad for fun,” Frankie’s online ID, and began having conversations with this creep. Frankie invited the cop to North Carolina and even suggested a hotel in which the cop and his son could consummate their newfound friendship.

To top things off, Lombard also mentioned during his chats with the cop that, yes, he had sexually molested his son, whom he adopted as an infant. Lombard was charged with attempting to induce someone to cross state lines to engage in sex with a child. Surprisingly, the maximum penalty was only 20 years.

> The XPays copyright infringement case against Internet Commerce Group (ICG) over the Paris Hilton sex tape, “One Night in Paris,” was slated to go to a jury.

Filed almost three years ago, the case, according to an XBiz story, zeroed-in on allegations that ICG displayed an image from the Hilton sex tape on the front public landing page of an ICG-owned website, in addition to 5-6 other digital images and video clips on other pages, all in violation of XPays copyright. The case also focused on whether ICG engaged in unfair business practices.

XPays attorney Paul Berra told XBIZ that his client was seeking damages up to $150,000 per infringement.

According to Berra, ICG contended that exploitation of the images and clips constitutes “fair use,” and that it obtained permission from Red Light District or Rick Salomon — Paris’ sex mate in “One Night in Paris” — to use the clips and images to promote sales of the DVD.

> Kurt Lockwood came out the woodwork long enough to take a couple of good shots at Tyler Faith his former girlfriend/roommate/fuck buddy. Of Lockwood, Faith said things like: “That guy could take it, too. I could tell that there had been big things in his ass before. Real big things.”

Not wanting to let these allegations go unchallenged, Lockwood returned fire with all the ferociousness of a pit bull on a pork chop.

On her alleged use of steroids: “Let’s see some dirt on Tyler, well, she said that she and Jill Kelly used to take male steroids to get more ripped for stripping.”

Tyler the hooker?: “Tyler told me she turned tricks with Michael Bay, Marc Cuban, Rashard Leweis and a few other NBA stars.”

Tyler’s bathroom issues?: “The one time I roadied for her in this piece of shit place where this trash earns her “living” she had to pee so she pissed in the trashcan of her own dressing room which stunk up the place.”

And last, but not least, Beantown Bigots: “Let’s see what else, oh yeah, she LOVES the black cock (including several NBA stars) but is horrified of any of her racist Boston friends finding out or her family.”

> At the annual Cybernet Expo conference in San Francisco performers were quick to lend their two cents worth to the subject of the porn economy.

“A lot of companies have been bouncing checks,” performer Annie Cruz said. “Some people have quit the business. A lot of companies have cut back shooting. There are a lot of girls who have not worked in a month.”

Cruz has seen her work schedule drop from 25 days a month to as few as five. “You would think porn would do better in times like this,” the exasperated 24-year-old San Franciscan said.

“The Internet is both a help and a hindrance,” said longtime porn performer and producer Dave Cummings, who expected that his next movie, “Knee Pad Nymphos Volume 10,” would fall victim to online thieves. “I’m convinced the first day it’s out it will be a popular video to be stolen.”

Cruz, who has a thing for whips and ropes, admits to being an inner geek — she designs Web sites at night — and is a comic book fanatic. “I’m a dork,” said the performer in short shorts.

Cummings, who at 69 is the oldest active performer in the industry, said he is a retired Army lieutenant colonel and once taught at West Point. He has since performed in more than 600 scenes.

“That’s a lot of sex,” he said.

> A tearful Lizzy Borden told the judge at her sentencing, “I didn’t know making [horror] porn would destroy my life.”

> Marcus Washington, the “porn king” of Knoxville Tennessee was interviewed in the local Knoxville press and admitted that he runs an escort service and that he also produces and distributes porn. In further reading of the article it’s revealed that Marcus also served time for selling pot. Nothing like flying under the radar and telling the world your business, we always say.

> The It Takes Real Balls award went to Jaded Video who sent this message out industry wide:

“We are currently reorganizing in order to stay in business in the future and are not in a position to pay any old debt. We apologize for this however we have layed off all employees and are just paying rent and insurance and utilities. We are trying to negotiate a substantial decrease in our rent in order to remain here in Huntington Beach and should be successful. So far, everyone has been extremely understanding and cooperative which we so appreciate. We will come out of this strong and look forward to working with you in the future. Please accept our apolgies here at Jaded and we will keep all our vendors posted as to our progress.”

In other words, screw you, but artfully worded.


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