AdultFYI Sneak Peek: The Fred Lincoln Memorial

This was one buffet Ron Jeremy wasn’t attending. Actually, it was a get together at The Sportsmen’s Lodge for friends and professional associates of the late porn director Fred Lincoln.

Lincoln was a thin man with a raspy voice and rock star hair who started out with the idea of being an actor on the legitimate stage.

Before he got into porn, Lincoln managed an iconic role in the horror film Last House on the Left, a Seventies drive-in flick which should serve as a warning to any young woman who’s thinking about buying marijuana from a stranger.

Lincoln’s one creep in a quartet of creeps who make a family’s life a living hell. In the end, Lincoln’s character “Weasel” Podowski gets his dick bit off. A moment which served as a starting point for a eulogy delivered by Bill Margold who shared a similar experience in a porn movie.

Margold went off on a discussion about chorizo sausages, so you had to be there to experience the full gist.

story in progress…

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