At Exxxotica: Amy Brooke Interviewed

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from – Exxxotica, the porno and adult entertainment convention that’s touted as the nation’s largest event dedicated to love and sex, moved North to Fort Lauderdale from South Beach this year. The convention, hall full of porn stars, dildos, swingers, kinky romance novels, how-to demos, and sexual enhancement products, gives the common porn fan a chance to interact with their favorite sultry starlets and hunks.

You, dear horndog, can ask the vixens and chiseled dudes, questions like, “Is your ass real?” No joke, that’s a genuine, seemingly popular question asked by fans, says 25-year-old blonde bombshell, Amy Brooke.

The adventurous adult industry upstart, who could pass as a younger Jenna Jameson with more junk-in-the-truck, doesn’t fret these matters when she interacts with fans.

She enjoys it, matter of fact. We imagine it takes much more than a straightforward anatomical question to make a girl who won AVN’s 2011 most outrageous sex scene and was nominated for best anal sex scene in the same year, blush. The gorgeous porno star is hosting an Exxxotica after-party herself, tonight and Saturday night at Fort Lauderdale shisha-and-bottle-service den, Off the Hookah.

County Grind had a chance to chat with the actress beforehand about what music gets her in the mood, and other adult matters. The personable Brooke proved to be a genuine, down home, sweetheart, of the variety that likes it up the butt.

New Times: Is this your first Floridian Exxxotica?

Amy Brooke: No, it’s my third one. I love it down here, being so close to the beach is great. I’ve been down to Florida quite a bit, I used to work for an agency that had an office down in Miami, so I used to come down every month for a while.

Q: How do the South Florida Exxxotica’s compare to the others?

Well, I’ve been to every Exxxotica location and can say each one is different in their own way. Like you can’t wear a sting bikini in Edison, New Jersey, in February you know? In Miami, since there is already some porn industry people there, people’s reaction is different too, a little different excitement. Everything starts later here. Which is great, you don’t have to worry about making it on time to your after-party. And all the venues are much closer too. The seminars are the same, but the hospitality is different in every city

Q: Since this is a music blog, we have to ask, what is your favorite band?

Depends on the kind of music, I listen to everything. I love Flo Rida, Atmosphere, Eminem, Kid Rock, Rhianna, but it really depends on my mood. I can even go back to Tom Petty if I’m in that kind of mood. I go through changes, I was really into Tool for example, but now I got over them. I say it depends on whatever will make me feel good at the moment.

Q: Since you brought it up, is there one song, or artist in particular that gets you in the mood, to, you know, work?

(giggling) I do have one inspirational number to get myself into the groove. “Beautiful,” by Akon. Have you heard it? Sometimes I get nervous and I turn that song up and dance in front of the mirror and make myself feel like a bad ass bitch.

Q: Hard to believe you still get nervous before shoots?

I do, I don’t know why. Once I have all the makeup in place and the cameras turn on I get into work mode though. I think there is something hot about it. If its not one of my fetishes, sometimes I do get nervous. When its new territory, I have to find something dirty about it to get into it.

Q: Has a director ever asked you to do something too dirty, and do you have anything that’s off limits?

I’ve never turned down anything. I like to try something once before I make the decision if I like it. How do I know if I’m going to like it, if I don’t try it? Even after first time, if I’m not thrilled that much, I figure I’ll give it a second chance, After the third time, if I don’t like it, I know it’s not good. Trying new things really sets me off. Makes me feel like that badass bitch again, that I can actually take it. It is empowering to see how far I can take the experimentation.

Q: I haven’t seen the movie Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic 8, where you won your AVN award. Can you explain a little about what makes the scene so outrageous? I see the clip is called “Enema Boot Camp,” sounds painful?

That actual scene, to me, is not even the most outrageous thing I’ve done. Nothing really phases me. I thought it was more humorous than anything else. You need to watch it and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Q: Does it involve acrobatics, a severe fetish, tells us a bit more details?

(laughing) Although it is a Belladonna movie, there is nothing acrobatic about the scene. I’m in the middle of the Mojave Deseret. It was 6 a.m, and I was wearing little shorts. It was a boot camp scene, and they were pouring ice cold water over me, I was shivering.

Q: In 2011, you were also nominated for Most Outrageous Sex Scene in another movie, Party of Feet 2, I once dated a girl who told me she was interested in getting into foot porn, can you really make a living by guys sucking on your toes?

I guess so, people pay for it. Always a fetish for somebody.

Q: You have been on Howard Stern before right? For an adult film star is that still like a rite of passage?

It was one of the most significant moments of my career, looking back. I had been waiting for years to be on the show and he did asked me three different times before I got on. One time they wanted me to be on this question and answer segment, but they asked me some questions beforehand and I was too smart to be on the show. I guess that wanted someone dumb. But i finally made it on, and it was honor.

Q: What’s an Exxxotica after party-like?

Well, half of them are strip club-based, but the one I’m hosting isn’t. Tonight I’ll be at Off the Hookah with Natalia and Natasha Starr sisters. The club parties are not as wild as the strip bars, but I get more time to chat with fans. I don’t just sit in the sectioned-off bottle service area, I always walk around,and end up meeting people and lots of great fans. I’m not one of those people that sits at bottle service area all night. I like to meet the fans. I enjoy that sort of thing.

Q: What’s the number one question you your get from fans?

I always get asked if my ass is real. I’m like, “I swear, it is” Some others are “How do you prep,” “How do you get into porn?” My fans are always polite though, and it is really nice to be able to meet them face-to-face.

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