Attorney Matthew Peterson: Another Uninformed Dope; AFY’s The Only Place Where You Get The Unvarnished Truth

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Matthew Peterson, an attorney for Vivid at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, states the following in a Bloomberg article today, ‘‘No law-abiding adult-film producer would allow a performer to participate in the production of an adult film without a current negative-test confirmation, and no performer would agree to film without confirming his or her co-performers’ negative test status.’’

Mr. Peterson needs to check out the history of his client. In the Kira Kener wrongful termination case filed against Vivid in 2006, it was reported by CBS News:

“According to the lawsuit, Kener tested positive for a venereal disease after shooting a pornographic video in February 2004. The director ordered her to work first with a sex toy, then with an actor, the lawsuit stated.

Kener had concerns about working with the actor, but was told to do so by the director anyway, the lawsuit stated.

Kener came to work crying the next day and refused to work with anyone else until she was tested for venereal diseases, according to the lawsuit.

However, another director stepped in and yelled, ‘There’s no time or money in the budget for testing. I’ll just call someone else to come in and work with you. I’ll let that person know that you may have come in contact with something, but it’s up to them if they want to work with you,’ according to the suit.

Kener later tested positive for the disease, the lawsuit stated.


Wow. Just entirely opposite of the comment Peterson Makes to Bloomberg. Add attorney Peterson and Karen Tynan to the attorney dope list.


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