Brandi Love on Stern

Porn Valley- > Porn star Brandi Love [pictured] was a guest on Howard Stern’s show Friday morning. Apparently the last time she was on the show, Stern savaged her about her looks but Love said Stern did her a favor and now she looks better than ever. Love, also talked about some swingers party that she had at her house. Her parents heard about it and tried to take her five year-old daughter away. Stern said she should have let her parents have the kid.

“Then you could have gone out and had more fun.”

Love hasn’t talked to her parents since the last time she was on the show. Stern was finding the conversation very boring. It was also noted that Sal the Stockbroker while checking out Love’s web site had to run to McDonald’s to whack off. Meanwhile Stern said he couldn’t get into the website because he got a password that didn’t work. Stern thought Sal’s actions were very odd and Sal said he’s never been that turned on.

“She was with her girlfriend and there was a guy in the middle. She was taking care of business and it ended up showering her. She was like a kid who won a prize. The friend was smoking hot. The whole video was hot.” Stern was willing to bet that Sal did it at the station, although Sal had been banned from whacking off there.

Love’s organization is called and Stern, telling her it was a terrible name, suspected she’s the only member of it. Love said it was in partnership with AVN and that there was an overwhelming response to it in the industry. “It goes across the board.”

Stern said she didn’t answer the question and Love admitted there were no members. “There’s sponsorship,” she says. “It’s to help keep families intact. It’s people who are in the adult industry.” Love said even store owners are put just as much at risk of losing their kids because of their occupations. When Sal mentioned that Love should lose her kid, Love said her daughter has no idea she’s in the industry, that she’s not exposed to it. Asked if she had porn in the house, Love said it was in an office.

“Our house is probably more porn-free than my neighbor’s house who has four and five children.” Love said some of the stories about kids being taken away from porn people are unbelievable.

“Someone can just walk right in and make a phone call,” she said. “I don’t like what you do- I can call DCFS and say he’s not a good dad. Boom. They’re in your house and can take your child. You have no recourse.” Stern said it’s a great idea to turn yourself in if your kids are annoying you.

Love said regardless of what you do for a living, your children are the number one thing in your life. “If you’re a good parents it shouldn’t matter what you do.” Stern said it wasn’t hot when porn stars come on the show and talk about subjects like that. “It’s really aggravating. I love when porno stars come on and start acting like business people.”

Love asked what about Jenna Jameson. Love was told that Jameson takes care of business on the show, not talk about it.

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