Brandon Iron Writing Gig With Mike South Never Materialized?

Mike South

Straight Porn God and Famous Trannyfucker Warning Poster signee Brandon Iron was said to be going aboard with Mike South as a blogger but he has yet to write anything for that site. Could Brandon have changed his mind?


South is still begging for cash and has brought aboard new bloggers. One of his new guys told it like it is about Donald Trump and how he was elected because America is sick of having disgusting trannies and gays shoved down their throat and watching illegals loot and riot the businesses of hard working LEGAL American citizens while being told to find big fat sloppy chicks and women that look like linebackers attractive. Of course South’s queer fan base jumped down the blogger’s throat as most visitors to that site and porn fans in general are becoming gayer and more tolerant of these sick lifestyles. The blogger seems to have balls and hit back but we won’t post a link to South’s site or to the blogger’s official site but it is always glorious watching self-righteous liberals take it on the chin. People are SICK of you!

The offer to blog here still stands for Brandon.

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  1. It’s great that Brandon Iron is a supporter of Donald Trump. That in itself speaks volumes about the “porn god’s” character. Brandon Iron is one of the good guys.

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