Diane Duke Earns Quote of The Week: “Republicans are going to save our asses at this point”

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I know it’s only Wednesday, but Free Speech Coalition’s Diane Duke gets the quote of the week for the sheer amusement value of her comments in Sacramento yesterday.

Duke was basically lamenting the fact that the adult industry isn’t getting a fair shake in the imminent passage of AB 332 which will mandate condoms in porn movies shot in California when she is quoted by AVN’s Mark Kernes:

“A lot of people disapprove of the fact that we’re having conversations with Republicans, but my experience of coming to the capital time and time again is that whether it’s a tax bill or AB 332, the Republicans are going to save our asses at this point.”

Yeah, Diane, handsome Jimmy Lee [pictured], your Republican hired gun did a great job on spearheading Measure B. By the way, how is that working out for ya? Rumor has it Handsome Jimmy took some of the Free Speech money you paid him and went to Hair Club for Men.

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