Fans Weigh In and No One’s Happy About Mr. Marcus; He Has Committed a Felony, They Say

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It is against the law to knowingly pass on a hiv, this should be treated the same. Syphilis can lead to being deadly, he should be arrested. Besides that, no doctor told him he would be safe to have sex after 10 days.

– jam, USA, 24/8/2012 16:17

This guy should be prosecuted. It’s a terrible disease – look it up. The ignorance today, even given all the data freely available, is astonishing.

– Stan, Left, 24/8/2012 16:13

this is wrong…. everybody talkin about 18 year vet etc.. I mean that not the point. He’s got an infectious life threatening disease and does nothing at all. Willing to resume his job after a bout of illness, willing to go forth and infect others intentionally. Should be charged wit GBH..TBH!

– eli roth child, babylon, 24/8/2012 15:53

Im facinated, as a medic I have treated many syphilis cases, it presents normally as visible small round raised lesion on the penis, and progresses to “the drop” an advanced stage where the yellowish fluid leaks out the tip of the penis as the white blood cells fight the disease, so my facination is how did this mans penis with all these signs go unoticed in an industry that is busy filming close ups of it!!! sadly he will pass this onto his kids

– medixx, south africa, 24/8/2012 15:15

MrMarcus altered his syphilis diagnosis, he is a creep to put people at risk, after all this a disease that eats away at people’s brain, aka Alcapone. Was he so desperate?.

– mak2, New York, 24/8/2012 15:00

Surely this guy has commited a ‘felony’ – knowingly infecting someone is an offence in the US.

– John, Sunderland, 24/8/2012 14:59

I guess I have to start doing it with my old lady again since film production has come to a screeching halt

– Drizzle, Oklahoma City,USA, 24/8/2012 14:57

Can you read he’s not 18 years old, it’s say a 18 year veteran. Being 18 years in the business people read please.

– petey8557, Bensalem USA, 24/8/2012 14:44

How can an 18 year old be a veteran in anything?!?! – lauren, England, 24/8/2012 I think DM means that he’s been in the industry for 18 years, not that he’s 18 years old. Badly worded

– Steph, Here on earth, 24/8/2012 14:43

Is it not against the law to knowingly conceal and have sex with somebody unprotected…?

– jb, Glasgow, 24/8/2012 14:37

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