Final: Attorneys to Rob Black: This Business is Going to be Regulated; Green Card Performers on Top of the Agenda

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If I were a performer with a sketchy green card, I’d be feeling a little uneasy right now. Rob Black spent four hours with attorneys Monday afternoon. Black reported that he talked to a team of litigators about the business.

“They’d say, ‘that’s a lawsuit. That’s a lawsuit. That’s a class action suit. That’s a steaming pile of lawsuit.’ It’s interesting to watch a law firm go, ‘how do they get away with that?’

Black described the meeting as one of connecting the dots with attorneys absolutey astounded that business practices of this ilk are carried out by the adult business companies.

“The entire business is dead man walking,” said Black. “Oh, the sex industry is never going to die. When we all say it’s on its death bed it’s the people that are controlling the game – they’re the ones on the death bed. The people that control the business suck. And the attorneys agreed they are bad for business, bad for the economy, and bad for health and safety of the workers.”

“John Stagliano you are a dead man walking. Steve Hirsch you are a dead man walking. Peter Acworth, dead man walking. Manwin, dead man walking, Diane Duke, Free Speech Coalition, Joanne Capistrano- dead women walking.”

“The porn business will never die, but it will adjust and change with the time,” Black continued.

“We will shift and adjust and adapt to whatever set of values and laws that are set in place. The adult industry has been an industry that had no rules and regulations – for the last five years, everybody’s been able to do what they want. When you speak up, everybody goes, ‘shhhhhh.’

“This is a problem,” said Black. “This is an issue in our business.”

The current porn regime will topple, predicted Black, getting a feeling from the lawyers that the industry is ripe for plucking.

“They asked me what about this aspect. They asked me what about that aspect. When I told them this is how the industry operated, the lawyers said ‘that’s against the law.’ When I told them this is how this works, they were, ‘that’s REALLY against the law.’

“They said to me, ‘You know that when this goes down, this is going to be rocky and will shake the foundations of the business?’ Black explained that the people he talked to were workers rights litigators.

“These attorneys asked why is nobody saying anything. I said you have two kinds of people in this business- lifers and then the chew em up, spit ‘em out people. You get a girl who gets into the business, and she will either have a good experience or a bad time getting her experience; but once she makes that decision to become a lifer she learns to deal with all the assholes.

“Kelly Holland’s been around for a gazillion years. Kylie Ireland- those girls that have been around for 20 or 15 years. People like that that are lifers.

“Then you have the girls that get in and are in and out in a year or two. For them, what’s the point of making waves, find a lifeline and get the fuck out.

“Once you make the decision that this will be your business, you deal with all the assholes. There’s nobody that walks the middle except maybe for me.

“Everything I’ve been saying for three months, I laid out yesterday for a team of lawyers with eyes as big as saucers. They said this [litigation] was too easy. These are not Laverne School of Law people.

“It’s pretty heavy, man, and the lawyers said to me, ‘are you prepared to be responsible for burning and tearing the business down? Are you prepared to move the business out of the state, out of the country? Lawyers are looking at multiple violations of the Mann Act. These lawyers told me, ‘get ready, this business is going to be regulated.’ Black was also told that condoms are only the tip of the iceberg.

Black said he was prepared to burn the business down.

“In order to build a new nation, a new Porn America you got to burn it down. From the ashes this new revolution will be born. You have to get rid of APHSS and The Free Speech Colaition. Of course you have to get rid of Manwin and piracy.

“You have to think about workers’ rights and workers’ safety and workers’ comp. You have to think about jobs, money, feeding your family. From the ashes rises these things. With the help of some really good people from this law firm- they’ll fight for the people that need that help. They will fight for the girls and guys who have the bullshit contracts.

“And if you’ve been hurt on a porn set or you’re in a green card marriage that has gone askew.

“No more threats from foreign scumbags,” promised Black noting that performers who testify that they’ve been trapped into green card marriages will have prosecutorial immunity.

“They’re saying we give a shit about you. You will be praised for coming forward and saying ‘I was coerced into marrying this porn actor because this agent told me to do that.’

“You broke the law and got fucked for breaking the law? Here’s the best part. If the girl doesn’t want to come forward when attorneys file paperwork, everyone will be questioned. The girl will get immunity. That’s it. Bye, bye.

“The attorneys are saying, fuck you, your day has come and you will be deported. We will burn, torch, and nuke the business that we know. You can be the the straightest shooter in the world, but if you house a criminal organization you’re fucked.

“If someone has a criminal organization inside their building, they’re fucked. Want Iraq? You’re going to get it. We as a people will have to take down the statues and hang the people in the square. Or it can be done with a nice transition, but no one seems to want to have that. That’s what we’re going to do. Fine.

“I am the drone. I am SEAL Team 6. We’re going to unleash the drones.

“Stagliano, you’re going to be the guy in the street who gets fucked in his ass with a stick. They’re going to sodomize you right up your ass. Just like you unlawfully touched women in this business, you fucking sonofabitch. I can’t wait until they stick sticks up your ass like they did with Khadafi.

“Vivid, Diane Duke, Joanne Capistrano you sonofabitches are going to be hung like Sadam. Frank Koretsky, you are Bin Laden you are the disease that controls the pipeline, the monopoly, the way the entire business gets their product in and out.

“You are the pipeline, my friend. You can actually stop terrorism by paying the people the money they’re owed. If you stop the business practices you do you can stop terrorism. But you are Osama Bin laden. You’re going to be stopped with a bullet right between your eyes while you sit in your cave with your harem and smoking a joint.

“This law firm has experience in our business all the way from the talent side to the strip clubs,” Black noted.

“When SEAL team 6 bounces through that door, you’ll be facing a lot of good attorneys- Erin Brokovich attorneys. This goes for Peter Acworth and everyone in the pipeline- they’ll tear your life apart, then, what they do, they start the depositions. ‘That’s wrong. This is wrong.’

“Oh God, it’s coming. SEAL Team 6 is busting through that door. Frank Koretsky, you think your lawsuit with John Cornetta was fun, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

“We’re talking about meetings and depos. You will have to answer for this stuff. Man, you should have seen these guys’ lips when they sat there and looked at your pictures- this guy, Koretsky? Attoneys are a beautiful thing.”


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