Forget CPA “Lacey Blake” We’ve Got Accountant/Lawyer Harvard/Yale Grad Stu Lipschitz!

I gotta chime in with something here. This is too funny.

We talked about the other sites and their lack of information and that fact that most of them are posting nothing more than press releases and nobody’s doing anything. We read some press releases on AVN and some press releases on XBIZ.

Haven’t seen a lot lately from Mike South. He doesn’t really print that much stuff anymore, but every time he does we’re there to smack him in his hillbilly face because he can’t get away with lying about people anymore. He’s basically been cornered like a rat. He’s got about three regular message board posters left who post under the names of Lurking Reader, Lacey Blake and jilted aka Tim Tritch. There are a couple of others that post and I know who they are. One of them posts a lot of crazy stuff, but Mike South lets them post because they’re a friend of his. Remember, the board is moderated by him.

His site has become nothing more than one that puts up bullshit stories where he writes, “ I have a source that says this person got fired.” Who’s your source? “An anonymous source.” OK.

I have an anonymous source that says that Georgia OSHA inspectors went down to Mike South’s set and arrested him for not having proper permits and pretending he has a friend in OSHA who inspects his sets. His fine is they’re taking away his trailer. We’re gonna go print that.

Mike South has been lying low and flying under the radar because whenever he prints a story like his support of animal cruelty and him hunting squirrels in the 2nd grade so his hillbilly family could eat a guy who has a clinic in Texas who is in cahoots with Free Speech Coalition to split affiliate fees, we tell everybody he’s full of shit. We tell everybody it’s ludicrous to believe that all this talent is flooding this Texas clinic and they’re going back and forth to California to shoot. South’s basically jealous because this guy has a Lamborghini and he has a pickup truck. To the point of where he’s taking a picture from Facebook of a parking ticket this guy got.

That is Mike South. He sticks his head up and we whack him with a fucking stick. Nobody’s afraid of him anymore, his bullying tactics are over. He’s a punk bitch and once you smack him in the face he runs and fucking hides. He’s outed for shooting without tests, he’s outed for his lie about having a Georgia OSHA inspector on his sets.

Mike South has a new feature on his site. It doesn’t get any funnier than this. I’m just gonna read you the article. This is about Lacey Blake, one of his psychotic posters who posts about 200 times a month. Someone who’s not in the business, has no affiliation with the business, she’s just bored, lonely, desperate… and psychotic.

“Lacey Blake is not just a good writer (and funny too) she is also employed in the mainstream film industry as a stuntwoman.  Her day job though is a Certified Public Accountant.”

So Mike South has a woman, and if you read some of her earlier posts, her husband is a stuntman and her father in law is a stuntman. Her family is in the mainstream filmmaking business and she herself is a stuntman, yet she posts on a porn message board 10 times a day when she’s not being a Certified Public Accountant. Not just any accountant. A CPA. Which means after she went to college and got a degree in accounting, she went for the extra schooling to get a CPA license. This is actually more prestigious than just a regular H&R Block accountant. This is an anonymous poster. She has an anonymous Twitter also. This is a Certified Public Accountant.

“Lacey has been kind enough to agree to do an “Ask A CPA” Advice column for readers.”

“email me your questions and I will forward them to Lacey and you will get an answer.”

Wow. This is awesome.

There is legitimate accounting information that you need. You need your taxes done. You need real answers, man. You just forward that information to Mike South and he’ll just forward them to this anonymous message board poster who is a Hollywood stuntwoman and a Certified Public Accountant. No credentials listed, just what good ol’ Mike South tells ya. Yeehaw!

“Please confine your questions to her to that which you would ask a CPA.  With her experience in the mainstream entertainment industry and her thorough knowledge of OSHA regulations for the film industry as well as tax code this is a valuable service that you can take advantage of at no charge.”

Hey guys, guess what? Thanks to Mike South, you can have an anonymous poster with a fake name and a fake Twitter handle, somebody that no one knows who they are, yet she claims to be a Certified Public Accountant and stuntwoman along with her husband and father in law, do your taxes. Send your financial questions to Mike South so he can send them to an anonymous person. Is this the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard?

Let’s keep going:

“I’d like to personally thank Lacey for doing this and I encourage you to ask her questions….you do not have to to sign your real name or performer name unless you want to.”

So you can be a fake person asking another fake person accounting questions. Then the two of you can pretend you’re talking about a real business. It’s Fantasy Land on! Then afterwards, he’ll teach you how to cook up some squirrel meat.

“Lacey can save you money and save you problems whether you are a performer or owner of a large company.”

Holy shit! Somebody call Steve Hirsch and tell him to get rid of his accounting firm. You know, the ones that oversee his 100 million dollar empire. Just forward all those tax questions to good ol’ Mike South and Lacey Blake. She’s gonna solve all of Steve Hirsch’s tax problems!

Might as well call Peter Acworth at and tell him, “Drop all your accountants, my friend. You just need to send over your box of receipts to Mike South’s trailer so he can forward them to the fictional CPA who also happens to be a contributing author on”

Lacey Blake, the Hollywood stuntwoman/Certified Public Accountant will do your taxes. For free! For any performer or large company owner.

Mike South states at the end: “I am proud to offer this service to my readers and if you need a really good CPA…”

Mike South knows someone with a fake name who is a really good fake CPA.

“…to help you in your business you can’t go wrong with Lacey, she has the experience and the know how to save you on your taxes and make your business run better!”

Maybe if your business was hunting dirty squirrels Lacey could help.

So “Lacey Blake” from parts unknown, real name unknown, experience unknown, but Mike South says she’s a CPA. Send all of your financial information over to good ol’ Mike and he’ll get it to this mystery person who will do it all for free. Rather you’re a performer or the owner of a large company. Fucking large company, not a small company of 4 or 5 people, a large company. You know IVD, Hustler Video… You know what? We gotta call Larry Flynt and tell him he’s doing it all wrong. If he needs a really good free accountant he needs to get in touch with this person. Whoever she is.

I have a feeling that this is just more made up fantasies cooked up in the squirrel eating hillbilly brain of Mike South.

You know what? We also have an accountant on hand and he’s a CPA, too. His name is Stu Lipschitz. He’s also an attorney. He went to…Harvard. No, Yale. He went to Yale and he’s an accountant/attorney. Actually, he went to Harvard and Yale. And he will give you good sound legal advice and accounting. For free. Well, not free. You have to give him some gefilte fish and Matzoh ball soup. Maybe throw him a coupla shekels for the cab ride over. But that’s a small price to pay for such high quality legal advice and accounting services.

Just email me at [email protected] and send me all your legal and financial questions and I’ll forward them to Stuart Lipschitz. We call him Stu for short. From the law firm of Lipschitz, Lipschitz and Green.

There ya go, Mike South. We trumped you. You might have a CPA named Lacey Blake and you might’ve thought you had all the industry’s financial needs taken care of, but we cornered the market on not only tax advice, but all legal needs as well. From the Harvard/Yale graduate of the law firm of Lipschitz, Lipschitz and Green. And his name is Stu “The Jew” Lipschitz.

Fuck you, Mike South. Fuck you, Lacey Blake.

We got Stu.

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