Frank Koretsky Yanks Unflattering You Tube Clip; Rob Black Vows to Keep Putting it Back Up

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Rob Black posted a YouTube clip several weeks ago about Frank Koretsky and his need to be seen with celebrities and fly in private jets.

Obviously someone in New Jersey didn’t see the humor and had the clip yanked. Black commented on his show Monday afternoon and explained how Koretsky’s people hang you up for your money and then put you into a corner where you have to make deals..

“But you’re so glad to pay for your gas and electric. So you do it. That scumbag I’m talking about? Frank Koretsky? We feel bad about it [the clip].

“But why? Michael Moore made his career of exposing the government, gun lobbies, car industry. That’s what Michael Moore did. So I sat there and thought, well, Michael Moore did it.

“At the end of the day, all these issues are real issues,” Black continued.

“Michael Moore in Bowling for Columbine, was fighting for gun legislation. Take a look where we are now. From Sandy Hook all the way down to our backyard [Santa Monica] over here with that lunatic shooting up the place.

“These issues that Michael Moore exposed- the auto industry, 9/11, all of these things were perpetrated by people that are Frank Koretsky. So do we regret making fun of that douchebag? Absolutely not.

“Ask Michael Moore if he regrets making ‘fun’ of Republicans, making ‘fun’ of gun activists? Nah. I think Michael Moore will tell you for every person that can be informed from watching Bowling for Columbine- for anybody, anywhere to actually think twice about guns, and about the fact that we do need legislation, then he did his job.

“So I do my job by telling people what a piece of human garbage people like Frank Koretsky are,” Black continued.

“They’re destroying our business and if I can expose him, that’s what I can do. So tomorrow the video will be back up. Every day we are going to put the video back up. And we have banners going up of Frank Koretsky in his Lear jet: ‘Frank Koretsky is on his Lear jet; have you been paid today?’

“‘Rob Black owes you $300? Frank Koretsky owes me $500,000.'”

“We are going to torture you, Frank Koretsky just like Michael Moore did. You, my friend, are going down.”

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