From The Octomom Files: Bree Olson Also Hassled on a Plane

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from – Charlie Sheen’s former goddess Bree Olson just had a rough landing in Australia, RumorFix is reporting exclusively.

The porn star says she was harassed for having an electronic cigarette and nearly arrested.

“Like, not just a friendly warning — like they practically tackled me & harassed me for half an hr about it!” she said.

That’s definitely not the way a goddess is used to being treated. “If it was so bad why didn’t they even try to confiscate it? They just threatened me until I was crying and then went back to f’n around,” she added.

Bree says as long as she can remember she’s flown with the electronic cigarettes (that do not have tobacco) and never had a problem.

However last year, the US Department of Transportation issued an official ban.

“ANYWAYS… Virgin Australia is horrible but I love Australia the country & I’m gonna go hug koalas now,” Bree said.

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