Hot to Trot Teach Charged with Teaching Under-Age Lesbianism to 14 Year Old Student

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from – Phoenix officials on Monday were notified of an inappropriate relationship between a teacher and 14-year-old student that included messages and possible sexual contact.

The mother of the 14-year-old victim told Phoenix police that she found “sexting” type text messages on her daughter’s phone between her and Kimberly Ali, 28, a teacher at Sonoran Sky Elementary School.

As the Phoenix Police Crimes Against Children Unit became more involved in the investigation, they discovered Facebook messages and emails between the two as well, indicating that they may have been involved in a relationship.

According to Officer James Holmes, the teacher taught special education at Sonoran Sky Elementary School but was not the victim’s teacher.

The victim disclosed multiple acts of sexual contact with the suspect.

Although none of the acts appeared to be on school property, social media contact began as early as April 2012, according to police.

The relationship escalated to physical, sexual contact between July 14 and July 26.

The mother saved gifts the teacher had allegedly given to her daughter as evidence of the inappropriate relationship.

Ali was arrested at her home late Tuesday morning and was booked on nine counts of sex conduct with a minor and five counts of sex abuse, both felonies.

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