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1. How long have you been in porn? I think I started just after 2000 (but I am not too sure).

2. How many scenes have you done? Many. I shoot lots of content all the time.

3. What kinds of scenes have you done and what are your limits? All my stuff is basically home made stuff. Nothing pro. From nude to group sex.

4. Will your limits become more open do you think and if so to what? I find people are happy with my stuff as it is.

5. What is your most remembered scene and why? Shooting close friends. Some of this content is private (my friends do not want people to see it). But shooting people I have known for many years (in some cases from school) is very sexy.

6. What is your favorite scene and why? Shooting a friend of mine in her bathroom. We ended up having sex.

7. What is your fantasy scene? Something really amazing. I have no idea as yet.

8. What was the scene you hated the most and why? Shooting one ‘friend’ for a her own site. We did lots of shoots (but she was rubish to be honest). Then she decided after a lot of my work, not to bother with her site. She was too lazy to put any effort into it.

9. Who is your most remembered talent to work with and why? I have a good friend I shot many times. She was a great friend and lots of fun. We would have days out and shoot all over the UK. It seemed like summer never ended.

10.Who is your favorite talent to work with? Same as (9)

11. Which talent do you want to work with that you have not worked with? I just want to shoot as many British babes as I can.

12. Which talent do you want to work with again the most? I aim to try to get back in contact with my friend and see if she wants to start shooting again.

13. Which talent do you not want to work with again and why? Not fair to say. One model would phone me each day to do a shoot and expected me to drive to her house each day (50 miles away) just to take her to the shops.

14. Which talent would you least like to work with and why? Or if you don’t want to answer who then answer which kind of talent? Ones that just do it for the money.

15. What is your feeling on working with crossover talent? Not sure what that is to be honest.

16. What is your favorite porn news site? I find google news is the best to be honest. Most porn news sites tend to be promotions or adverts but Gene Ross has a long history and I like it.

17. What companies do you want to work with more and why? None. I like to do my thing.

18. What companies do you want to work with for the first time? Same as (17).

19. What’s your favorite position and why? To be honest I find sex far too much work. Once a girl is nude, I lose interest. The sex tends to be far too much effort and I often feel like I could be doing something else.

20. What’s your favorite hole? Gardening and walking the dogs. I find these two activities make me most happy. Doing the shoots I find is just nice and its a good excuse to drive around the UK.

21. What’s your twitter ID? or @BhalaSadaBabes

By the way my site is and its free.


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