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Trump Wins Debate By TKO, Mainstream Media Won’t Admit It, Instead Makes Fat Underachiever “Star” Of Debate!

Donald Trump won the second Presidential debate on Sunday night but the mainstream media refuses to give him credit for it and instead has decided to make Kenneth...

Attention Producers: Beware of Rene Foxx

To hear an agent, producer or director scammed a girl isn’t something new. So when I seen a tweet go out yesterday about an agent scamming girls, I...

Christy Canyon: I Bent Over and Something Made Its Way Down There

We had a nice chat with Christy Canyon Monday evening and featured some of that chat. Here’s more of what Christy had to say after she told us...


1. How long have you been in porn? I’ve been active for a year shooting content . 2. How many scenes have you done? 20 less 3. What...

Jasmine Byrne Revs Up Her Sexy Latina Engine

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INTERVIEW: Gina Starr making videos for 20 years and loves anal and big cocks!

This new sexy star just sent in her sexy interview for you all to enjoy! 1. How long have you been in porn? I have been making videos...

Eva Angelina Interviewed- final

I'm not a tranny but sometimes I wish I were"; Mike Moz: FAME will have lots of finger-pointing

INTERVIEW: About Bhala Sada

My first interview sent in through send in yours next and I will get it up you guys! 1. How long have you been in porn? I...

Katja Kassin on KSEX-final

Kimberly Kane: "Chico Wang is everything and nothing"