Is Shy Love facing 3 years in prison for tax fraud?

Shy Love

You would think that when Janine went to jail for not paying a rumored $300,000 in back taxes, everyone in the porn industry would have taken notice and been damn careful about filing their taxes. Janine served time in a real prison and when she got out of prison had to serve another 6 months in a half way house.

The IRS gives no fucks as to who you are. If you owe them money, they will come for you.

Shy Love however it seems didn’t learn that lesson. She is rumored to owe the federal government upwards of half a million dollars and an rumored $90k to the state of California.

Right now it looks like Shy Love faces three years in prison and that is just for the federal tax shit. That doesn’t include the state shit and her fraudulent attempt to evade detection by using her Israeli passport.

Will her VR production deal she signed with Mindgeek recently come into play in this whole ordeal? In light of their own tax problems, is this production deal with Shy Love to much risk for them to take on?

Will Shy Love’s association with Mindgeek through this deal she signed with them, shoot up additional red flags with the government, both US and abroad?



  1. The thing isn’t about her alleged tax evasion. The thing is being able to speak with her former talent at ATMLA. Her former talent at ATMLA doesn’t associate with her on social media, with the exception of Alexis Amore. This is a story that NO-ONE is pursuing and it could really hurt the shit out of Shy Love. What did Shy Love do over at ATMLA that her former girls aren’t communicating with her? Did Shy Love pimp out or even attempt to pimp out her girls at ATMLA for private shoots? Did Shy Love cheat her girls at ATMLA out of money?

    There’s really not much more to discuss about her alleged tax evasion until someone brings up her tax documents.

  2. That is an interesting question. I wonder why nobody she worked with previously at ATMLA associates with her on social media? I mean if they were such great friends, as she used to claim, wouldn’t they at least say hi to her every now and then?

  3. I read about a case like this only the person didn’t owe as much as this chick apparently does. It was a husband and wife and they owed like $100k. The husband got 48 months, the wife got 16 months. They ended up letting the wife out of prison early. I think she only served 10 of the 16 month sentence but they husband is still in prison.

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