James Deen: “Hopefully this measure passing will help us get more organized in the future”: But Deen’s The One Sending Out Mixed Messages

The Huffington Post today quotes porn performer James Deen. Sez the Post: “Deen, a 26-year-old award-winning porn superstar, commented to The Huffington Post about the passage of Measure B. ‘I am disappointed. Not particularly about the law but about my community of adult entertainers being continually bullied and used by others,’ he wrote in an email.

“It will be interesting to see what happens next. People will most likely move production out of Los Angeles and take out tax money with us,” Deen wrote.

“Hopefully this measure passing will help us get more organized in the future and that, along with Los Angeles losing our business, will allow people in politics to start seeing us as an asset.”


Here’s the problem with what Deen’s saying. If you go the website www.getrubber.com there’s Deen, big as life, urging you to wear rubbers, an ad which is sponsored, incidentally, by Manwin.

But throughout the campaign Deen urged a vote of “NO on Measure B. Well which is it? Is it okay for performers to tell you to wear rubbers but not okay for you to tell them to? Frankly, we’re confused. We’re even more confused my Manwin’s donating $150,000 to defeat Measure B, when in fact they’re endorsing condoms.

Talk about organization. Chinese fire drills have a better idea of where they’re going.

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