John Stagliano, Karen Stagliano And Rob Black : The REAL Story

Karma is a bitch.

In the past year and a half that The Rob Black Show has been on the air, we’ve had quite a bit to say about John Stagliano. Many have tried to paint him as a poor unfortunate victim of brutal attacks and have said that I have unfairly maligned him and his reputation. People who talk this way really have no idea of the history between myself and he and his wife Karen Stagliano, so today I’m gonna set the record straight. A history lesson, if you will.

John Stagliano started this war. For a long time I was unable to respond because my hands were tied and I was unable to speak for various reasons. I have since come back without the handcuffs, without the gag, so say whatever the fuck I want to say and the skeletons have been pouring out of John Stagliano’s closet.

The story starts many years ago. A lot of people aren’t aware on the timeline of events that occurred between myself and Karen Stagliano. People have only had one side of the story from the Evil Angel camp and there have been bloggers who have perpetuated their lies. So I feel it necessary to inform you all of the truth.

I started shooting movies in this business in early 1996. My first couple of movies were shot in Rochester, NY. They were epics where I used high end Beta cameras, we used jib arms and they had a lot of production value for the time. I booked most of my talent through Jim South of World Modeling, who is one of the best and most respected agents in the business. I would fly them in to New York, actors like Steve Hatcher and Rick Masters and actresses like former Wicked girl Missy. I distributed these movies through Plush Entertainment, which was a company run by Mark Gallagher and Eddie Martinez and was housed in the VCA building owned by Russ Hampshire.

One day Eddie called me up to tell me about a girl that they had recently shot. Her name was Tricia Devereaux. That was the stage name of who would later become Mrs. Karen Stagliano. I asked what she looked like and Eddie told me she was in a couple of movies for them and was on the cover of the most recent volume of Dirty Debutantes. I went to my warehouse to check it out and was very impressed by the girl I saw on the cover. Very cute. Moreover, Eddie told me she lived in Ohio, so it wouldn’t cost as much to fly her in. Intrigued, I got her number, called her up and we negotiated for her to appear in a movie I did called Cellar Dwellers.

Karen came out and I shot her in the movie. We hit it off. She was unhappily married at the time to a civilian named Patrick and I had just broken up with my high school sweetheart, a girl named Jennifer. Karen wanted to be a big star in the adult business and I was on the verge on moving out to California to become Rob Black. So these two potential stars converged and we had sex the first night we met.

From that point on, we called each other on a regular basis and our relationship grew to the point of me coming out to Los Angeles and we moved into a house together on Schoenborn Street in West Hills. Soon after, I became a top director and salesman at Elegant Angel and Karen was working for companies like Private and Anabolic.

Now, I’m leaving out sections of this story because we are only talking about the history of the Evil Angel, Elegant Angel, Karen Stagliano and Rob Black era. I’ve told these details before and they aren’t pertinent to the story I’m telling now.

At Elegant Angel, Karen appeared in just about every movie I put out. She was a de facto contract starlet for Elegant, in particular Rob Black, because she was with me. As time went on, largely because Karen Stagliano is a nut job, we broke up. Why did we break up? Because she was fucking my best friend at the time who worked for us at Elegant Angel, a fat guy by the name of Andy. His picture was used on the cover of the first volume of the Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio. It’s him with a wig on looking at the camera holding his thumb up.

This wasn’t just a one and done episode because she was mad at me, they had been carrying on a relationship for a couple of months. I was kept in the dark about this. Most everybody in the office knew of this relationship, but nobody told me because of the drama they feared would ensue. Somebody eventually told me and as a result, we broke up.

During this time, because of my success at Elegant Angel, we were living in a 1.2 million dollar house in Bell Canyon. Karen moved out and got an apartment. I was still at Elegant, we had not yet broken off to form Extreme Associates. I soon started dating the receptionist, a woman by the name of Nikki. Karen would call me from time to time and discuss trying to get back together. I would tell her no, it’s fucked up what you did and we can never be together again. We soon stopped communicating and she disappeared for a while. Nikki and I started a relationship. This was right around the time we were getting ready to leave Elegant and form Extreme.

A few months after Karen and I broke up, a press release came out from a man by the name of John T. Bone. He had a company called Fantastic Pictures which was distributed by Metro, who were a big player at the time. He did ultra hardcore double anal movies. He was the one who created The World’s Biggest Gang Bang with Annabel Chong and later with Jasmin St. Claire that were huge sellers and got big press. He also orchestrated the Kendra Jade/Jerry Springer sex tape scandal. He had an unsavory reputation in the business. He was known as a bottom feeder sideshow director. This is the man with whom Karen Stagliano announced her return to the adult business.

John T. Bone and Karen Stagliano put out a press release stating that she was going to be a huge star by performing acts of depravity like triple penetration, gang bangs, etc. that she wasn’t able to do before because, and I quote, “an abusive overbearing boyfriend.” Now that she was free of him, she would be able to become the star she was always meant to be. John T. Bone would make her that star.

During this time, she also did a movie for my cousin Matt Zane from Zane Entertainment. It was a huge house party movie where she was passed around and had sex with multiple civilians. Remember, months before this, her overbearing and abusive boyfriend had her on the cover of all of the Elegant Angel movies I did, including one which won her an award for Best Girl-Girl Sex Scene at the 1998 AVN Awards. She was also originally cast as the lead in Miscreants, which went on to win me Best Director, Stephanie Swift Best Actress and also Female Performer of the Year and won Jeanna Fine Best Supporting Actress. Stephanie Swift was cast in Miscreants after Karen and I broke up. It was a role written for Karen.

This overbearing abusive boyfriend put Karen Stagliano aka Tricia Devereaux on the covers of 9 or so Elegant Angel movies. She went from that to being a contract star for John T. Bone and being in a house party movie put out by Zane. When the house party movie was brought to AVN, there was a discussion as to whether it should be put out, because Karen looked completely fucked up and it would reflect badly on the business. She was letting anybody and everybody shoot loads into her.

A month or two later this big star came down with HIV/AIDS. Tricia Devereaux was part of the group of girls who were allegedly infected by Marc Wallice. There has since been speculation of whether it was Wallice who infected Tricia/Karen or was it the other way around because of Karen’s behavior at the Zane house party. The possibility that she was infected by one of the untested civilians at the party is very real. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. Tricia Deveraux aka Karen Stagliano got the bug.

I remember when I got the call about Karen being involved in the HIV outbreak of 1998. As horrific as it sounds, I thought at the time, “Wow, ain’t karma a bitch.” Think about it. This was a girl who was cheating on me with my best friend. She then gets together with one of the lowest scumbag directors and puts out a press release that I was abusive and held her back from being a star and now she was coming out and was going to being the biggest porn star in the business. And lo and behold, she gets infected with HIV. I guess she really showed me.

Like all of the talent who acquire HIV in the business, she quietly disappeared. Tricia Devereaux was now gone from the business. Many months later, I broke up with Nikki and started a relationship with Lizzy Borden. Extreme Associates by this time had exploded on to the scene and became very successful. I started a company called Xtreme Pro Wrestling. (XPW) This was about two years after the Marc Wallice/Tricia Devereaux HIV outbreak.

Legs McNeil was writing a book called The Other Hollywood. He interviewed me, Tom Byron and many others in the business. He also interviewed Karen because she was part of the HIV story. During her conversations with Legs McNeil, my name comes up. I was informed that Karen had said nice things about me and our time together being very meaningful and she regretted the things that happened and she hoped I didn’t hate her. I said that I absolutely didn’t hate her. This was a couple of years later. How could I be mad at her when she’s got HIV? I have a new life, I’m on top of the world, I have a girlfriend that I love and a successful wrestling company. Life couldn’t be much better. I said that I felt a bit responsible, because had I not broken up with Karen and would have taken her back like she wanted me to that she wouldn’t have gotten infected with HIV. The people I talked to said that was a big burden to take upon myself, but it was how I felt. Karen had reached out to me on more than one occasion and I had shunned her.

I blamed myself for Karen getting HIV. I gave my number to Legs and told him to give it to Karen so we could talk, maybe get together and have lunch. I wanted to discuss some of these feelings I had. A few days later, my phone rang and it was Karen. I invited her to come down to the office and we talked for about five hours. About our lives, what had transpired and would things have been different. I told her I blamed myself for her condition. Had I agreed to make amends that she would’ve never gotten with John T. Bone and done the things she did that got her infected.

This blossomed into a friendship. Lizzy Borden didn’t care that we were friends because she knew that I would never leave her for a woman with HIV. I would never be in a situation of having sex with her because I was too paranoid about getting AIDS and Lizzy knew that. As our platonic relationship grew, she would hang out at our office, go to XPW events. Talk to me about what she should do with her life. Things friends talk about.

During this time, Karen informed me that John Stagliano had been calling her and wanted to get together. I said, “Are you serious?” She said, “Yeah.” I said, “You’re in. You’re set.” She said, “What do you think? I said, “Karen you’ve got HIV. He’s got HIV. But here’s the most important thing. He’s worth millions. He can get you the medication you need. He can give you everything you need because you don’t have a job or health insurance. Plus, you can get a job at Evil Angel. This is your meal ticket, girl. You need to talk to him. You need to do whatever you need to do to get in with Evil Angel.” She said, “OK.”

So she starts hanging out with Stagliano. She gets into a relationship with John Stagliano. She’s in this relationship while she’s still hanging out with us. She’s going to our wrestling shows and to dinner with us while she’s with Stagliano. I would tell her that she needs to tell John to give her a job at Evil Angel, that she could do a better job than the other idiots working there. I would use Lizzy as an example. Lizzy ran our mail order and had about 11 employees working under her, as well as working as a director and on the wrestling shows. That was because she was with me. I told Karen to tell John that’s what a man does for his significant other.

So Karen would go back to Stagliano and tell him, “I want to do what Lizzy does with Rob over at Extreme. I want to be a part of the business operation of Evil Angel.” She would tell John that she should be doing all of these things and she would reference me in this dialogue. That made Stagliano pissed. Stagliano is getting upset with me because Karen is making all of these demands. Consequently, Karen eventually took charge of the DVD department, replacing David Lord. They got rid of David Lord to put Karen in that position. In essence, Karen Stagliano became the general manager of Evil Angel. That was all from Rob Black.

The entire time that this was going on, Karen would still talk to me and allude to us having a relationship. I said, “Karen, first off, I’m in a relationship already. Second, you’ve got AIDS.” She said, “I don’t have AIDS, I have HIV…” I said, “Karen, it’s just not gonna happen.”

These conversations got Karen incredibly upset. All of a sudden, she started having an attitude when she would come to the office. I started hearing rumors that she was telling Lizzy Borden that I would cheat on her. That I was fucking around and getting blowjobs. Lo and behold, one day Lizzy said, “Tricia just called me. She was on the phone with me telling me about all the women you’ve cheated on me with.”

I was dumbfounded. I had done nothing to Karen Stagliano except be her friend. I put her in contact with John Stagliano when she was questioning whether she should get involved with him and I said 100% she should. I basically brought Karen back into the business and because I would not have a relationship with her, she decided to tell my girlfriend at the time I cheated on her.

From that point forward, Karen Stagliano was hell bent on trashing me to whoever would listen. This part of the timeline is a little skewed when people say that my problem with Stagliano is because I was jealous of Karen. I brought them together! This happened years after she was infected with HIV. She was part of our gang at Extreme and XPW, and because I wouldn’t have a relationship with an HIV positive person, she dragged me through the mud. Every instance of where somebody could trash Rob Black, John and Karen jumped on the bandwagon. When I got indicted for obscenity, Karen and John Stagliano did interviews where they said that I deserved it. That my movies were the hardest of the hard, disgusting and indefensible. This is coming from the guy who today does movies with milk enemas and girls with their assholes falling out and Nacho Vidal punching women in the face.

Karen Stagliano would go on the internet and say all of these horrible things about me, that I was abusive and people would go, “Yep. He’s a horrible guy. He deserves to go to jail.” I couldn’t respond because I was under indictment. I was walking on eggshells. Anything I said in the press could be used against me in court.

Every day I had to let all of these people abuse me. When AVN gave me the Reuben Sturman Award for having my case overturned by the district judge, John Stagliano and Karen Stagliano stood up where everybody could see them and turned around and walked out of the ballroom in protest. They stood up and walked out in protest because I was such a horrible person and my movies were so bad that they couldn’t be a part of honoring me. Every instance where John Stagliano was asked about my case, he buried me. He would tell the media that my movies were so abhorrent and out of the realm of mainstream porn and that I deserved what I got.

Do you now see where my hostility about John and Karen Stagliano comes from? Do you keyboard warrior assholes get this?

John and Karen Stagliano started this war and now that I’m beating the fuck out of them and they’re calling uncle, everybody’s saying, “Rob Black is being mean! He’s jealous!” No, but when you fuck with me and punch me in the face, you better be prepared for me to come back with a baseball bat and cripple you. If you’re gonna play a game, motherfucker, you better know how to play it. Don’t cry when you start to get your ass kicked.

I never forget. If you people think it’s acceptable to be given an award and have two people stand up and where everybody can see them walk out in protest like I’m part of apartheid in South Africa, if you don’t think anything is wrong with that, you people are fucking delusional. I should have jumped off of the stage and put my foot up both their fucking asses. And this is coming off of two years of John and Karen Stagliano telling the world that I’m a deplorable evil person. They went out of their way to make me look like a bad guy. There was no Rob Black Show, there were no AdultFYI articles. It was just me trying to survive.

I let all of this go until a year and a half ago when I started The Rob Black Show. The minute I smelled blood in the John Stagliano water, I pounced.

When John Stagliano went on stage to accept his own Reuben Sturman Award, he talked about all of these people who had come before him. He even talked about how Max Hardcore was still sitting in jail and not to forget him. Stagliano didn’t mention that Max Hardcore was with me in the same fucking prison. Remember, Rob Black didn’t have the show. Rob Black didn’t speak out about any of this stuff.

What you have been seeing for the past year and a half is me finally speaking out against two people who have been fucking me over since 2000. For fourteen fucking years, two people have been hell bent on destroying me. I fought back and you have people actually feeling bad for these two individuals.

“Why are you being so mean to John Stagliano?” I’m being mean? No, it’s called karma. Karma. Karen got the karma by getting HIV. Now, in 2014, everything John Stagliano is going through is karma. Sheena Shaw, pregnancy rumors. Lawsuits and much more to come.

The person who is getting lost in all of this is Karen Stagliano. She’s sitting there with two kids listening to people talk about her husband going around fucking girls, getting sued, impregnating girls and possibly going them HIV/AIDS. She’s gotta sit there and try to defend it to the press. She goes on TMZ and talks about how her husband does all of these things, but the sexual contact he has with them doesn’t warrant him having to divulge his HIV positive status. Karen Stagliano has to sit there and deal with the fact that her husband is a piece of shit.

This is called karma. I’ve already repented of all my sins. I sat in prison for making a fuck movie. I lost everything that I fucking owned for making a fuck movie. When I got out of prison, I got fucked over by supposed friends. I got my karma. I started fresh a year and a half ago. Since then, my life has been pretty fucking good. All that is happening now is all of the karma coming back on people doing shit to me. From Mike South to John Stagliano and a few people in between.

My life is an open book. You can print my arrest records. I’ll tell you about every dastardly thing I’ve done. It doesn’t fucking matter.

The karma police is in full effect for your hero John Stagliano. In 2006, when those two pieces of shit walked out during my award speech, I had done nothing to them. Whether you love me or hate me, you have to admit that it was a bitch ass punk move. Now that I’m slapping the shit out of their fucking faces up and down the street, people are complaining? Fuck you.

John Stagliano, you don’t like the heat? Get out of the fucking kitchen. If you don’t like the game we’re playing, you never should have picked up the chess pieces. When you did what you did to me starting in 2003 after I was indicted to 2013, you had to know that unless you killed me, I was gonna get even. Eventually, I was gonna get ya. Because you are an evil nasty motherfucker, you had to know that the minute you fucked up I was gonna be there to pounce.

Karen Stagliano, you got exactly what you got coming. You wanna sit there and try to ruin my relationship because I wouldn’t be with your AIDS ridden fucking cunt? You wanted to try to humiliate my wife at the time? You’re getting humiliated now, you cuntbag. The day you picked up that phone back in 2000 is the day you’re gonna regret for the rest of your fucking life.

John Stagliano, the day you decided to bury me in the press is the day you brought the wrath of Rob Black. And it’s never gonna stop until you drive off a cliff like your fucking girlfriend Krysti Lynn. You’re a piece of shit animal. Karen Stagliano, you’re no better than your piece of shit husband. Fuck you. Both of you. And welcome to what you created.

Karma is a bitch.

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This is a just a piece of many stories from my new biography that’s coming out early next year. It’s going to be co-written by a very famous writer who I can’t divulge just yet. Details coming soon.


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  1. Great Post and greetings to Rob, mostly to have been calm and wait the right time to kick their asses, I know that feeling too and to be honest I made the mistake to fight back too early in my case. I’m even sure they’ve known you were tight on with your trial and they’ve certainly took advantage and played even more on this. Revenge is dish better served as a cold, and I also never forget, I can forgive though I never forget. To end this, fuck off to mainstream people, after all, ain’t they the ones who votes for Trump (I’m sure Karen & John did by the way), they just like to be lured as a hobby…
    PS: sorry if my English is not at the top, I am French man based in Paris.

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